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Oct 2nd 2012

AOL Announces Devil Award Winners At Advertising Week 2012

Now that Advertising Week 2012 is officially underway, Project Devil moved into its third year, and Project Devil 2 has launched, it's time to recognize some of the best Devil executions we've seen since launching Project Devil at Advertising Week in 2010.

Last night at AOL's inaugural Devil Awards we celebrated the best of the best ad executions, proving that brands can achieve a variety of objectives using Devil ad units and applications.

The semifinalists were chosen by a cross-disciplinary team from both the Pictela technology team and AOL Sales team who came together to choose the best ads in each category based on criteria including user engagement, creativity, original use of the Pictela suite of apps and the integration of Devil within a larger, more diverse campaign.

After thousands of votes from the public and industry leaders, the best brands were awarded in various categories to highlight the many capabilities and strengths of Project Devil ads. The five categories included: Best Pages to Parking Lots, Best Supporting Devil, Most Beautiful, Most Engaging and Smartest Devil.

The final winners were chosen by an AOL expert panel of judges and were announced at the event last night. Click on the image below to see the winners' ads, and scroll down to read about each ad:

Pages to Parking Lots Winner: Sprint
This Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE Devil ad takes the user on a journey from App 1 to App 3. App 1 features a product showcase that highlight the phone's features and selling points. In App 2, users can get to know the phone a little better with multiple images. Users are then shown retail locations in their area and are sent directions to the store in App 3.

Best Supporting Devil Winner: Bank of America
The Bank of America Devil ad unit integrated content in App 1 from their sponsorship of Daily Finance's Savings Experiment program. The ad unit took the content a little bit further by creating a custom application that allowed users to calculate the amount of money they were spending on gas every month.

Most Beautiful Winner: Target
The Target Spring Style 2012 Devil ad unit highlights the beauty of their collection while keeping the background clean and simple, much like the rest of their advertisement aesthetic. The bold colors of their spring collections pop in comparison to the white background of their images and the video in App 2.

Most Engaging Winner: P&G Covergirl
P&G's Covergirl ad unit uses beautiful photos of the product and spokesperson, Drew Barrymore, in App 1. The fast-paced video of the commercial in App 2 grabs the users attention on-spot and the hotspots in App 3 allow users to determine what "TRU" product works best for them.

Smartest Devil: Philadelphia Tourism
The Philadelphia Tourism Devil ad unit uses Smart Apps technology by synching the content displayed in App 1 and App 2. For example, the image in App 1 highlights a specific attraction while App 2 syndicates a piece of art or other picture associated with that site.

Overall Winner: Lionsgate for The Hunger Games
The judges also chose an overall winner who demonstrated criteria from all of the categories. Lionsgate and Initiative were awarded for their Hunger Games Devil ad that ran across Patch sites to drive attendance in theaters across the country. This campaign featured a holistic media plan that drove offline activations, impressive video views and an incredible amount of ticket sales. The work from Lionsgate is also up for a Location Based Advertising and an IAB Standard Rich Media Display Ad award at the IAB MIXX Awards which will be announced tonight, October 2, 2012.

Check out the photos below from the event that was held at Arena NYC, located in the heart of Times Square.

Oct 1st 2012

AOL Launches Project Devil 2 As We Continue To Innovate In Premium Branded Display

Today AOL kicked off Advertising Week 2012 with the launch of Project Devil 2, the next phase of AOL's continued focus on innovation in premium branded display.

Project Devil, launched in September 2010 at Advertising Week, was AOL's foray into revolutionizing premium display on the Web. Since then, the Devil unit has continued to deliver outstanding metrics for marketers, including an average Interaction Rate (ITR) of 5.18% and an average Interaction Time of 24 seconds.*

After two years of working with advertisers across categories including Entertainment, Retail, CPG, Finance, and Travel, we realized that each industry has very unique needs in branded display. We have been working with the various verticals to create real solutions for their needs.

One new format in Project Devil 2 has two applications within the unit, allowing brand marketers to utilize a larger high-definition brand asset in the top module to drive a more enhanced experience for consumers. For example, in Entertainment, we heard how important the video functionality was for them. So we now have the 2 app solution that allows for about 66 percent of the real estate to run a high def video.

A second new unit in Project Devil 2 is smaller 300x600 unit that features one large application. With Project Devil 2, our product strategy continues to be focused on the transformation from ad formats to vertical ad solutions.

We are also continuing to scale Project Devil across the Web. AOL also recently signed a partnership with Time Inc. around premium branded display. As part of the agreement, Time Inc. will use AOL's Pictela technology to power premium formats on their Time Amplify platform. Time Inc. will also certify Pictela for standard IAB ad units. In addition, Pictela will build a proprietary 300x600 premium ad format for Time Inc. with enhanced functionality specific to the publisher, expected later this year.

Across AOL's Owned & Operated sites, the Devil Network and 30 certified publishers, Pictela technology powers all the ad units in the IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio named at the IAB Annual Leadership Conference in February 2012, including Billboard, Filmstrip, Portrait, and Pushdown.

*Source: Devil benchmarks from 1H12 Performance Benchmark Report, AOL Internal Data

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