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Sep 21st 2012

When Will 'Online Video' Just Be Called 'Video?': A recap from the Ad Age Digital Conference

The second annual Ad Age Digital Conference took place in San Francisco yesterday, and I was lucky enough to deliver a presentation during the video track. Entitled When Will 'Online Video' Just Be Called 'Video?', my presentation discussed the growing shift of television advertising dollars to online video and the progress that the industry has made in recent months.

With more than 200 people in the audience, I shared how new technologies and a more pronounced focus on quality content has really helped the industry to make significant strides of late. Technologies like the tablet and connected TVs have certainly made time-shifted video more accessible and media buyers are taking notice as these devices become more ubiquitous. I noted that a "new set of pipes" are being developed that allow for a better viewing experience than consumers have seen in the past. At the same time, the industry as a whole has done a much better job of investing in original web series, with "made for web" shows like our own Little Women Big Cars. In a nutshell, I highlighted how online video has matured tremendously from the days where only user-generated content was available and that, combined with new technology, have driven increased viewership.

Finally, the presentation addressed how new forms of measurement are also helping to make more of an apples to apples comparison between online video and traditional television. In the past, online video ads were often measured only in terms of clickthrough rates and completion rates with neither measure translating well to TV marketing. Newer forms of measurements, such as the partnership AOL made with Nielsen earlier this year, help media buyers to take a closer look and have a better understanding of metrics.

To read more about the Ad Age Digital Conference, check out adage.com.

Apr 24th 2012

AOL Unveils The AOL On Network

At AOL, we want to bring people closer to the things that matter, while helping them discover and share stories and information that color their lives, especially when it comes to video. Today we announced the launch of The AOL On Network – a new video platform that offers premium content across 14 content channels including food, business, entertainment, style, tech, travel, health and others, and reaches nearly 57 million U.S. consumers.*

At the center of the Network is the AOL On video hub (http://on.aol.com), a premier destination for consumers to discover all the videos they should be watching now. The AOL On hub offers a true point of view. Curated by a team of programmers, the hub features original shows, partner content from a library ofover 320,000 high quality, short-form videos created by more than 1,000 premier publishers, and curated video playlists hand-selected by industry thought leaders. High profile celebrities like Nina Garcia, Rachel Roy, Heidi Klum, Adrian Grenier, Erin Fetherston, Marc Forgione, Sam Talbot and Christine Vachon have already signed on to curate AOL On playlists and share their passions and unique perspectives with viewers.

You can experience AOL On content across the desktop, mobile and tablet optimized sites and apps, and in the living room through AOL On HD via Samsung, Sony, Roku, Google TV, Boxee and Yahoo! Connected TV devices.

The launch of The AOL On Network was announced at AOL's 2012 Digital Content NewFront, where more than 450 brand advertisers, marketers, agencies and digital and TV media buyers came together to see AOL's new slate of video programming, meet original programming producers and casts, and experience the power and reach of the AOL brand.

* comScore March 2012; total U.S. viewers

See the full press release here.

Feb 23rd 2012

AOL Video Views Climb in January comScore Rankings

On the strength of the incredible original video produced in-house and in partnership with marquee production companies, AOL Video climbed to #5 in the overall video views chart in comScore's January rankings. Consumers are spending more time watching thanks to the breadth and volume across key categories like tech, fashion, food, home and autos.

January was also a big month in traffic for HuffPost Politics, HuffPost Green and HuffPost Black Voices*, which all earned number one comScore rankings. We had a total of sixteen properties that ranked in the top three for their respective comScore categories.

* AOL custom-built category for unique visitors, according to January 2012 comScore Media Metrix data

Jan 11th 2012

AOL Teams Up with Videology

Audience-based targeting has been second nature to advertisers for quite some time now, but publishers haven't been as diligent about providing audience data. As a result, publishers may be losing ad dollars, or at the very least, not fully capitalizing on the value of their brand.

Today, AOL Video has signed on as Videology's inaugural publisher platform to expand the potential scope of addressable audience ad market with unprecedented analytic and measurement capabilities. Videology, Inc., formerly known as TidalTV, Inc., today announced the launch of its sell-side platform that complements and mimics the platform capabilities currently offered to media agencies, solving the growing disconnect between video advertisers' buying preferences and digital publishers' audience data.

The VideologyAddressable Audience Platform (videologygroup.com) is a screen-agnostic video advertising technology that works to connect brands with consumers. Videology achieves this through mathematically-driven data analyses that allow them to target precise consumer segments-at scale-by demographics, psychographics, and behavioral segments. This precise targeting permits advertisers to extract increased value from every media impression, and allows our content partners to monetize their audience more effectively.

Working with Videology will vastly increase the audience data available, and AOL Video will gain insight into our total audience, as opposed to the small portion identifiable through a panel-based sampling. More granular audience data would not only allow more scalable audience analysis and targeting, but also greater insight into the consumer purchase cycle, or the ability to track ad exposure to online or offline sales which is so important to brand advertisers.

Read the official press release here.

Oct 11th 2011

Editors Room

AOL Video launched Editors Room, a new platform for the embed video market, which gives editors the opportunity to add premium, brand safe video to every page and digital publishers to generate additional revenue on those videos.

The platform offers Web editors and publishers access to over 250,000 curated premium videos from top media companies and independent producers including BBC News, Hearst, Meredith, Bonnier, blip.tv and GigaOM.

The Huffington Post Media Group tested the new product for a few months and appreciates the ease and speed - as the video platform was designed with editorial staff in mind. Nicholas Graham, Senior News Editor at the Huffington Post said, "Editors Room is a really great tool that keeps getting better. It has an easy-to-use interface and allows me to create multiple playlists that are easily updated. It saves me a lot of time since I'm not recreating the wheel when I need to add a new video to a playlist, plus I don't have to watch ads while I'm building them. I'm really glad I've been able to get a sneak peek at the product and I can't wait to see what comes next."

From current events and breaking news, to seasonal content, the Editors Room streamlines searching for relevant video content and offers publishers the ability to immediately monetize their video embeds with pre-roll and overlay ads.

In a comparison of two versions of the same content page – one with video and one without - readers spent 86% more time on the page with embedded video**.

This announcement follows a number of pivotal announcements for AOL Video – the recent launch of its premium video slate appealing to multiple audiences and advertising categories and our partnership with VivaKi to create a whole new video format. The AOL Video platform is growing 86% in unique views year-over-year* and ranks first in key industry categories, including Tech, Autos, Travel, Fashion, Food and Home.*

Check out the demo video below and for more information visit http://editorsroom.5minmedia.com.

*August 2011 comScore Video Metrix
**Internal testing averaging of content pages for one hour

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