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Jan 22nd 2013

Nina Garcia's Original Web Series 'Decoding Style' Launches on AOL On Style!

Nina Garcia is a woman of many titles, Marie Claire Fashion Director, Project Runway judge and New York Times best-selling author. Now she can add host of the AOL On original series, "Decoding Style" to that list.

Starting today, Nina will help transform very deserving women by 'decoding' what her style is communicating to the world. The fashion maven will then update her look to embody what she hopes to express from the inside out. The entire 10-episode series will be available exclusively on the AOL On's Style channel as well as StyleList, HuffPost Style and HuffPost Women.

Get a sneak peek at "Decoding Style" with the video below and visit AOL On to watch the full episode.

Dec 5th 2012

Barb Dybwad Returns to Lead New Business Development for Engadget, Joystiq and TUAW

We are excited to welcome back Barb Dybwad, a former editor at Engadget, Joystiq and TUAW, who is rejoining AOL as director of new business development for all three properties.

Barb returns after a 4-year absence, during which time she held a number of roles at start-ups on both the editorial and business side. Her previous roles include vice president of content at Tecca, a news and information site about consumer electronics, director of production at Crowd Fusion, the collaborative Web and mobile publishing platform, and senior editor at Mashable.

AOL's technology media brands are at the forefront of the industry, aggressively covering news and reviews while offering in-depth analysis and expertise both online and off. Barb's experience is expected to help the new business team to elevate these brands even further.

Welcome back, Barb!

To learn more about AOL's technology and other content brands click here.

Nov 20th 2012

Check Out The New Engadget!

Have you taken a close look at Engadget today? Notice anything different? That's right, Engadget got a makeover!

Starting today, the site known for obsessive daily coverage of everything new in gadgets and consumer electronics will switch over to a responsive Web design, meaning the site looks just as good on tablets and smartphones as it does on the traditional desktop.

Why the change? Editor in chief Tim Stevens explains, "More than half of our traffic comes from tablets and smartphones, and our old site simply wasn't doing those platforms justice."

So whether you're reading Engadget from your desk at work, your phone on the bus ride home or on a tablet from the comfort of your couch, the site recognizes your device and tailors your experience accordingly. It can even rearrange the layout based on portrait or landscape mode to give you the best look possible.
More than just a treat for the eyes, though, the Engadget redesign serves an additional purpose – better performance.

The Engadget team approached the redesign with the goal of making the site cleaner, simpler and leaner, bringing you the same authoritative gadget news and in-depth product reviews without any wait time. Plus, replacing data-heavy graphics with a simpler HTML5 and text coding means Engadget's pages load faster than before and show up much cleaner on high-resolution displays, like Apple's retina line of products.

To see Engadget's redesign for yourself click here.

Nov 13th 2012

MapQuest Launches New Travel Tool: MapQuest Discover

Today, MapQuest launched MapQuest Discover, one of several upcoming tools focused on the complete travel experience: discovering, planning, exploring and documenting the places where the map meets life.
This beta release of MapQuest Discover focuses on places, encourages destination discovery, and allows users to create and share collections and photos of favorite places from trips they've taken or planned.

Right now, MapQuest Discover has the following features with more to come:

  • Collections: allows users to create and share their favorite places ("favorite bars" or "cool hikes"), trips they've taken, or their travel bucket list. Collections has a leaderboard that shows who's been to the most places in that collection, encouraging some good-natured bragging.
  • Newsfeed: an infinite scroll of interesting places, popular collections and professional travel guides aimed to inspire. Users can quickly Like a place, mark that they have Been to a place, or add a place to one of their own Collections. Popular collections are influenced by user's favorites and are featured higher in the newsfeed.
  • Passport: serves as a user's profile page and shows all the places they've been, collections created and more.
  • Travel Content: access hundreds of travel guides written by travel experts and inspiring articles about top travel destinations to help make planning even easier.
In addition to launching MapQuest Discover, the team is adding reviews, deals, travel guides and related collections from MapQuest Discover to MapQuest Local pages about states, cities, places, and neighborhoods for more convenient trip planning.

For 16 years, MapQuest has played a big role in helping people navigate the world. Now with MapQuest Discover, MapQuest is not only getting users where they want to go with directions and planning, but also inspiring them to go there in the first place.

To explore MapQuest Discover for yourself check it out here!

Oct 26th 2012

TechCrunch Launches CrunchGov, a New Political Project

The TechCrunch team has been hard at work on the debut of CrunchGov, a new digital resource that provides free access to technology policy data coupled with TechCrunch's signature analysis and insight in time for the 2012 election and beyond.

Filling a void of information at the intersection of technology and government, TechCrunch writer Greg Ferenstein designed this powerful tool to help bring more interaction to the democratic process. In addition, CrunchGov's analytical component provides a new, definitive metric that Ferensteincalls "endorsement 2.0," giving this long-standing media transition a much-needed push into the digital era.

The site is composed of three parts:
  • Report card: CrunchGov classifies members of Congress as advocates (Tech Titans) or opponents (Tech Threats) of tech policy according to how closely their voting record matches the tech industry's opinions on issues as determined by verified tech lobby organizations. Each representative receives a grade, A – F.
  • Crowdsourcing: CrunchGov's public markup utility harnesses the knowledge and expertise of the public, letting them comment on and propose amendments to drafted bill language. In providing a space to solicit public feedback on actual topics facing Congress, CrunchGov hopes to avoid poorly crafted laws and encourage major companies to post their own suggested edits.
  • Legislative database: Readers can access a comprehensive database of bills currently under review in Congress that provides details, related news stories and a list of supporting and opposing politicians for a holistic view of what's at stake when it comes to tech legislation.

Head over to CrunchGov to see how your representative stacks up. You may just reconsider how you cast your vote on the 6th...

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