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Jan 31st 2014

Actress Signs National Anthem for AOL.com

While many viewers will be listening to Renee Fleming and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra perform the national anthem at Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium, not everyone will be able to hear it. To truly make this event inclusive for ALL who are watching and playing, the National Association of the Deaf and PepsiCo have selected actress Amber Zion to perform the anthem in American Sign Language.

Just yesterday, we had the honor of having Amber record The National Anthem with us in advance of her upcoming performance at one of the most-watched events of the year. Posted this morning to AOL.com, we're thrilled to share this sneak peak with our audience.

Check out the video to learn the song and sign along with Amber as she performs in front of millions on Sunday:

Dec 20th 2013

AOL NY Hosts "Women in Tech" Initiative

AOL is excited to be one of the first companies to partner with the NY Department of Education for the "Women in Tech" initiative, a new program for female software engineering students. Spearheaded by Rachel Haot, the city's Chief Digital Officer, the program aims to connect female leaders at New York tech companies with middle school and high school girls from the city's 22 pilot computer science schools.

We kicked-off the initiative yesterday, as the AOL NY office hosted a group of 30 from the High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology in Brooklyn. The field trip included an in-depth tour of the AOL studio and HuffPost Live set, followed by an interactive panel moderated by Susan Lyne, where the girls had an opportunity to hear from several women working across different business sectors of AOL.

We believe that events like the "Women in Tech" program help girls recognize the myriad pathways available in the technology field. Students enjoyed hearing from the panel of strong, trailblazing female tech leaders here at AOL including Huffington Post, while the school reiterated that it's valuable for girls to be able to see themselves in engineering and business roles of the speakers.

Panelists included:

Emily Glatzer- General Manager, Lifestyle Brands

Sammi Leibovitz- Creative Director, AOL.com and Lifestyle

Regina Bienstock- Head of Business Operations, Marketplace by ADTECH

Rebecca Searles- Social Media, HuffPost

Anna Dickson- Photography Director, HuffPost

Alexandra Berke- Engineer, HuffPost

Whiteboarding (topic: tech/coding):

Jennifer Wenner, Sr. Tech Manager, Software Engineering

Piya Ghosh, Software Engineer, Huffington Post Media Group

Studio Tour

Lead by Sylvia Nasiadko- Production Manager, AOL studios/HP Live

Dec 3rd 2013

AOL's Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts Raise A Quarter of a Million Dollars

Helping others is in our core DNA – so when typhoon Haiyan recently hit the Philippines, AOLers worldwide sprung into action. Coming up with a plan that involved both consumers and employees, we raised a quarter of a million dollars for typhoon Haiyan relief.

In the wake of the devastation, AOLers jumped in quickly from all sides of the company: leveraging our unique AOL.com Cause of the Day module, we rallied our AOL users to donate; leveraging the AOL UK homepage, we put a call out to all AOL UK users that for every pound they donated to relief efforts, we would match up to 10,000 pounds; and, utilizing our Community Relations site, employees raised money and AOL matched the amount through our Matching Grants program.

AOL is also providing support for the relief effort via content, and we're working with our partner, Network for Good, to provide opportunities for consumers to easily donate.

We've made great progress and are committed to continuing relief efforts. Thank you to all the AOLers who have supported this important cause. Click here to find out how you can help.

Oct 10th 2013

AOL Shows Support for World Sight Day

Yesterday, AOL teamed up with TOMS to support World Sight Day. Held annually on the second Thursday of October, WSD strives to raise awareness around blindness and vision impairment.

Over two hundred million people around the world are visually impaired or blind – forcing many to give up jobs, independence and education – and 80% of those cases could have been prevented, or can still be corrected.

To gain a better sense of the true value of sight – while simultaneously increasing public awareness around this important cause – AOLers joined millions across the globe and wore sunglasses indoors to imagine what it would be like to have limited vision.

Everyone from employees to the AOL Blue Monster took photographs, using hashtag #BeShady to spread the word.

Apr 9th 2013

Join AOL's One Day Without Shoes Barefoot Challenge

Millions around the world grow up without owning a pair of shoes and are subjected to life-threatening diseases and infections. For the third year in a row, AOL is proud to support TOMS One Day Without Shoes, a day to raise awareness of the impact a pair of shoes can have on a child's life by taking off our own.

On Tuesday April 16th, AOLers will join people across the globe by taking off their shoes and going barefoot to help initiate conversations on this issue. Founder and Chief Shoe-Giver of TOMS, Blake Mycoskie, truly believes that the curiosity of going barefoot leads to conversation, which leads to action, which ultimately leads to change.

We've helped spread the One Day Without Shoes message to millions – and now you can also take action by pledging to go barefoot on April 16th and you could even win a $500 TOMS gift card! Enter to win on our Facebook Page. The more bare feet there are, the bigger the footprint so join the movement.

Tweet your support: Click here to tweet now!

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