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Nov 12th 2012

AOL Artists Honors Veteran's Day With a Special Canvas by Jorge Colombo

Honor Veteran's Day this year with "Bugle," a canvas created by new AOL Artist Jorge Colombo. The piece debuted Friday afternoon on AOL.com, and a video of "Bugle" coming to life will play on Taxi TV in 7 cities through the weekend.

Jorge Colombo's work is created by finger painting with the iPhone and iPad. In 2009, the New Yorker featured one of his illustrations on their cover, making Jorge the first illustrator using iPhone as a medium to be featured in a major magazine. Two years later, the book "New York: Finger Paintings by Jorge Colombo," containing one hundred landscapes created on an iPhone, plus essays by Jen Bekman, Christoph Niemann, and JC, was published.

Jorge Colombo has been on our radar for a long time and we are thrilled to have him join the AOL Artists community! Want to make Bugle your background on AOL.com? Click here.

Oct 26th 2012

New Halloween AOL Artist Canvases By Nathan Fox

It's almost Halloween! Before you pick out your spookiest costume, celebrate with these two new canvases, Black Cat and Haunted House, by AOL Artist Nathan Fox.

Recognize the name? Nathan has been an AOL Artist since 2010 when he created "Green Astronaut" for the 2nd collection of canvases for AOL. His work has appeared in numerous publications and comics, including the New York Times, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Wired, Entertainment Weekly, Spin, MAD, DC Comics, Vertigo, Dark Horse comics, Marvel, and more.

Want to make one of the new canvases your background on AOL.com? Click for Black Cat or Haunted House. Check out the AOL Artists site and many more AOL-commissioned artists here.

Oct 12th 2012

AOL Artists Launches Six New Canvases

Immerse yourself in creativity with six new canvases by our two AOL Artists Aakash Nihalani and Paola Andrea Ochoa! Although the canvases are new to AOL.com, Paola and Aakash have been long time friends of the AOL Artists program. Since June 2012, their work has been exhibited in our New York office as part of AOL's collection of original artworks.

New York-based artist Aakash Nihalani is known for his ephemeral street art, using neon tape to alter our perception of the urban landscape. His work has been featured across the globe, most recently at the Lisa de Kooing Artist in Residence Program. Aakash Nihalani is currently represented by Jonathan LeVine Gallery.

Paola Andrea Ochoa, born in Colombia, is based in Brooklyn, NY. Her abstract drawings combine whimsical strokes and sharp prolific mark-making. Paola has exhibited in a number of galleries, most recently at A.I.R. Gallery.

We are thrilled to add these incredible canvases to our collection. Want to make one of them your background on AOL.com? Click for Asterix, Neon Ice, Windmill, Key, Photon, or Aurora.

Sep 28th 2012

Three Fantastic Artists Join the AOL Artists Community with Five New Canvases

Painting, sculpture, design, and more! Join us in welcoming three incredible artists into the AOL Artists program. David Ellis, Jen Stark, and Tomokazu Matsuyama have created five new canvases which debuted today on AOL.com.

David Ellis, a New York-based artist, is known for his kinetic installations that draw inspiration from his background in music. Most recently, his motion painting, Paint on Trucks in a World in Need of Love, was exhibited at the MoMA in New York. Jen Stark, based in Los Angeles, creates complex and colorful sculptures out of precisely cut paper. Her work is in the permanent collection at the Miami MoCA. Jen has also had solo exhibitions at renowned art spaces such as LMAK Projects in New York and Martha Otero Gallery in Los Angeles. Tomokazu Matsuyama, born in Tokyo and currently based in New York, is known for his mystical paintings and installations. He has exhibited across the world, from Dubai to Los Angeles. His most recent solo exhibition was at Mark Moore Gallery in Los Angeles, CA.

We are ecstatic to have these three artists join our community! Make one of their canvases your background on AOL.com today. Click for Beams, Fire, Hole, Stratum or Pink Rain.

Sep 24th 2012

AOL Artists is Featured on Tumblr's Blog Spotlight

After the recent relaunch of AOLArtists.com, the Tumblr community invited the site to become a featured blog in the Art section of its new Blog Spotlight. Other featured blogs include The Whitney Museum of American Art, Creative Time, SFMoMA, and more. So far, we've made a lot of new friends with a 375 percent boost in new followers.

AOLArtists.com relaunched this past Wednesday with a new design, offering increased interactivity and a more intuitive user experience. The new site prominently displays posts from the AOL Artists Twitter and Tumblr directly on the homepage, enticing visitors to engage with AOL Artists socially.

What is "AOL Artists"? The AOL Artists program collaborates with creatives from around the world to create original works of art for AOL. Aimed at making art accessible to a wide audience, the program's involvement in the creative community extends beyond traditional commissioning. Public art installations, charitable murals, grants, conferences, and media coverage for local artists and art communities have been powerful extensions of the program and AOL's support of the arts.

Interested in learning more? Check out AOLArtist.com's Tumblr, visit AOLArtists.com, or follow @AOLArtists on Twitter. We'd love to hear from you!

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