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Jun 25th 2012

Winamp Announces New Updates and Album Washer Feature

Winamp unveiled the release of Album Washer, powered by Gracenote®, a new feature in Winamp for Android that allows users to clean-up and organize audio files creating a more seamless user experience for passionate music fans. Album Washer is available as an in-app purchase from the new in-app Store and for a limited time you can get the Album Washer for only $.99.

Winamp also plans to unveil updated offerings for both Mac and PC platforms demonstrating Winamp's continued commitment to innovation as it celebrates its 15th anniversary. To learn more about Album Washer check out the Winamp Blog. To learn more about Winamp's updates for Android, Mac and PC click here.

Jun 19th 2012

AOL Radio Featured on About.com List of Top Free Music Sites

About.com just released a list of "The Top-10 Places to Listen to Free Music Online," and AOL Radio made the list at No. 10. The review calls it "incredibly easy to use and hassle-free" and notes that users can "choose from thousands of their free online radio stations in all kinds of genres and you'll be up and listening to music you love in just a matter of seconds."

AOL Radio features more than 200 free music stations across all genres, including pop, rock, indie, electronic, classical, jazz, urban, country and more. Listen now by visiting http://www.aolradio.com.

Jun 14th 2012

Introducing Huffington

We're proud to announce the launch of our new iPad magazine, Huffington. With nearly 500 editors and reporters who produce between 70 and 80 original reported stories each day, Huffington is our way of putting the best content together in a new, weekly magazine app for a slower, more in-depth Huffington Post experience.

Available in the App Store Newsstand today, Huffington incorporates Huffington Post's unmatched live commenting and other social engagement tools to allow for greater reader participation in richly detailed and probing narratives -- while also showcasing HuffPost's brand of Pulitzer Prize-winning feature writing. Huffington's elegant design takes full advantage of the iPad's signature Retina display, offering our audience a crisp reading experience, vibrant photography, and stunning graphics.

Each week, Huffington will lead off with a primer on the news of the week, enticing Q&As, powerful photo essays, sophisticated data visualizations, top-tier commentary, and notable quotes from the HuffPost community. Long-form journalism anchors the core of the magazine, with carefully-crafted features exploring a broad range of topics including politics, business, entertainment, technology, foreign affairs, the environment, sports, religion, and relationships.

To learn more about Huffington, read the full press release here or check out Arianna Huffington's blog post. Download Huffington now at the App Store. Follow @huffington on Twitter for the latest product news.

Jun 6th 2012

Celebrating Summer with fun.

In honor of the culmination of our original video series and traveling music program, Signature Sounds, we partnered with the series' sponsor, T-Mobile, for a free Summer Kickoff concert featuring indie pop band fun. Signature Sounds with Allison Hagendorf Presented by T-Mobile highlights the unique culture of great American music destinations and features 12 original video episodes that take users on a tour through legendary music capitols, including Seattle, Atlanta, Nashville, Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles.

The concert took place in Los Angeles on June 4th at The House of Blues Sunset. Check out our Storify of the event below:

Jun 4th 2012

AOLer Ting Wang Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Monster Help Day

How do you put together a day of service that involves thousands of employees working with local charities all around the world? It takes lots of planning and teamwork! Ting Wang, Manager of Corporate Events and Employee Programs at AOL, knows firsthand about the intricate details involved in organizing such an event. Ting, along with the events team, began planning Monster Help Day, a global service day where AOLers around the world come together as a company to help support the communities we live and work in, way back in January.

Involving nearly 3,000 employees in 21 offices helping 38+ charities around the world, the most challenging aspect of the event is the sheer scale. "It's a logistical beast of a project," said Ting, "but that's what makes it so rewarding. Seeing AOLers from all different facets of the business come together from social media and corporate communications doing promotion to our facilities team setting up on-site activities to our cause marketing team creating a cause module on the AOL mail sign-in page, we all come together. And at the end of the day, it's all about how we're helping and the impact we are making on others."

With different locations and time zones, the team also relied on site leads to organize the charge on the ground. The site leads were AOLers who volunteered to go above and beyond their normal job descriptions which include advertising execs and office managers, to help rally people and get them involved.

How does AOL pick the charities they will partner with on Monster Help Day? Ting and team incorporate employee feedback from past events as well as looking for causes that employees are already committed to. "What makes Monster Help Day so powerful is when employees personally connect with the community and the cause, leaving the day feeling like they've really made a direct impact," said Ting. "We want to work with causes AOLers are passionate about. For instance, the Denver office is all about sustainability and going green. They worked with Grow Local Colorado to plant a vegetable garden that will in turn help feed the homeless and hungry. The Dublin office created a unique opportunity for developers, graphic designers, photographers, etc. to utilize their skills to help local charities revamp their websites."

Ting executes a number of different events at AOL, from brand activations to global company meetings to community projects. "One of my favorite projects was when we donated a mobile computer lab to St. Jude Children's Hospital. As a digital media company, it was amazing to be able to utilize our resources to help these children and their families connect with one another while going through such a difficult time in their lives." Ting thrives at working on consumer and industry events and the challenge of creating an event from scratch where she can build innovative, fresh, strategic events that achieve the business goals while being original with out-of-the-box ideas. When Ting is not traveling around the globe creating world-class events she enjoys watching her summer TV guilty pleasure "So You Think You Can Dance," reading Game of Thrones, and attempting to survive the Insanity workout.

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