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Jul 18th 2012

AOLer Phil Campbell's Life Hits the Big Screen

AOLer Phil Campbell has a lot to celebrate these days. He loves his job as an AOL Senior Collections Representative on our finance team, and he's celebrating his new movie which just hit the big screen at a theater near you. "Grassroots", a film directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal (father of Maggie and Jake, pictured above), recently opened in limited release in theaters across America and to glowing reviews from outlets like The New York Times. Campbell's book, Zioncheck for President, a memoir published in 2005 about an eccentric local political campaign Phil once managed in Seattle for a friend, was the basis for the movie, and as a result, Campbell is now experiencing new fame from the movie's release.

The book chronicles the period from Campbell's sudden firing to how he was able to regain a balance in life and figure out who he was. "I wrote the book because I had a strange experience in 2001 where I was fired from my job at an alternative weekly in Seattle and I was trying to figure out what to do with my life next. I had an identity crisis and ended up jumping on my friend's political campaign for local office."

Zioncheck was adapted into a movie after Gyllenhaal was taken in by a copy of the book provided by Campbell's publisher in 2007. The movie took years to come into focus, but both Campbell and Gyllenhaal wanted to see it through. The process wasn't without some challenges: "You can pack a lot more into a book, but for a movie everything gets boiled down and condensed," said Campbell. "Parts are tossed out wholesale, which was quite a challenge, but suddenly in 2010 it was really happening."

When discussing Jason Biggs, who plays him in the movie, Campbell admits that he didn't know who he was. "I didn't see American Pie, so I didn't really know him," said Campbell. "Everyone told me he was a great choice and when I met him he seemed intent on widening his range as an actor and show that he could do more than just pie jokes. After being on set for four days I was very impressed. He played the role the way it should have been played."

Last year, Phil was featured on You've Got... on AOL.com when he shared the story of the Phil Campbell relief effort in Phil Campbell, Alabama. An off-beat convention of Phil Campbells from around the world, organized by Campbell, was scheduled to take place in that Alabama town when it was devastated by an EF-5 tornado. The convention turned into a volunteer effort that attracted heavy media attention; the Phil Campbells worked together to raise $42,000 in 6 weeks. AOL's Phil Campbell is now working on a documentary about the project called I'm With Phil and credits the event as "one of the most profound experiences I've ever had. Connecting with total strangers to help out a place that we didn't really know very well was incredible."

An AOLer since 2007, Campbell's favorite part about working at AOL is the people. "I love my team and supervisors and I just really love coming into this office because people here are really friendly. Compared to other places I've worked, this is a place you actually want to work at."

On top of the documentary, Campbell is working on a second book, and can't live without the time needed to "think and create and use my mind to try apply creatively to any kind of problem, whether inside or outside of the office." As his list of accomplishments continues to grow, Phil still cites the birth of his son as his single proudest moment. "He's four years old now and he's really smart and just incredibly gregarious. Watching him grow up has been an incredible experience."

Find out where you can see Phil's new film, "Grassroots", by visiting Moviefone. (Bookstore Photo by Robin Hellmold.)

Jul 17th 2012

Jolie Hunt Joins AOL as Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

We're excited to announce that Jolie Hunt has joined AOL as Chief Marketing and Communications Officer. In this newly created role, Hunt will oversee our global communications strategy; social media; corporate social responsibility and cause related initiatives; and corporate events. She will also be responsible for AOL's global brand development, partnerships and consumer marketing initiatives.

Hunt was previously Senior Vice President, Global Head of Brand and Public Relations at Thomson Reuters, responsible for brand, advertising, PR and digital social media for the company's news and financial services businesses. Prior to joining Thomson Reuters, Hunt was the Global Director of Corporate and Business Affairs at IBM, and from 2002 to 2006, she served as Director of Public Relations for the Financial Times.

Earlier this year, Hunt won an honorable mention for the PRWeek award 'PR Professional of the Year', and in 2011, Hunt was named 'In-House Professional of the Year' by the Public Relations Consultants Association. She joined the board of PopTech in 2010, and was appointed to the Civilian Public Affairs Council for West Point Military Academy in 2008. Hunt is active in the industry, and holds committee and board positions for The Wisemen, Arthur W Page Society and The Seminar. Hunt has penned the 'Gal With a Suitcase' column for The Daily Beast, which is also syndicated by Reuters, since 2009.

Hunt earned a B.S. from Boston University's College of Communication, and completed a Global Leadership Program from Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business and Spain's IE Business School in 2010.

Learn more about Jolie by reading the full press release here.

Jul 12th 2012

Joe Hughes Joins ComicsAlliance as Editor-in-Chief

Just in time for Comic-Con, we're excited to announce that Joe Hughes has joined AOL as the Editor-in-Chief of ComicsAlliance. At a time when the popularity of comics and comic book culture is at an all-time high, Hughes comes to our team with over 10 years of experience in the industry, having sold, reviewed, and edited comics over his career.

Hughes most recently served in an editorial role at the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics, where he worked with and recruited several well-known writers, including Anthony Bourdain, China Miéville, Nnedi Okorafor, and Douglas Rushkoff. In his new role as Editor-in-Chief, Hughes will be supervising a small but talented and dedicated staff, covering conventions and other big events and recruiting new writers and artists to join the ComicsAlliance team as they continue to expand their coverage of movies, television, video games and other media related to the comic book industry.

Check out ComicsAlliance, where comics and things that are awesome team up and crossover to your FACE, for the latest comic industry news and for an extensive guide of San Diego Comic-Con 2012.

Jul 10th 2012

HuffPost Live Announces Launch Date

We're excited to announce that HuffPost Live, our new live streaming network, will be coming to a screen near you on August 13. One of our goals is to create the most social video experience possible, so we're inviting our HuffPost community of readers to now join us live on the air to become an integral part of the dynamic, ongoing conversation that is the heart and soul of HuffPost Live.

HuffPost Live is built on a platform that includes many innovative features that we would like you to learn about before we go live so you'll be as prepared as our hosts and producers. Read a full list of FAQ's about HuffPost Live here.The HuffPost community is growing exponentially and HuffPost Live will take it to the next level.

HuffPost Live aims to be as disruptive and groundbreaking in video as HuffPost has been in the way news is delivered, consumed, and engaged with. But we need your help, so check out "HuffPost Live 3, 2, 1...," sign up, and join the conversation. To learn more about our launch read Arianna Huffington's blog post here.

Jul 9th 2012

Tim Armstrong Tops Adweek "The Givers" List

At AOL, we're in the business of helping people, period. We live by this value every day, and we're proud that our CEO, Tim Armstrong, has been recognized for leading our company's commitment to making a difference in the world. Today, Adweek posted their portfolio of people doing good entitled "The Givers" which highlights individuals who have committed their "companies' capital and human resources, gave their own time and money, and lent their influential voices to causes as diverse as climate change, access to clean drinking water, the arts and the support of military families, these powerful people are making a colossal difference." Joining Tim on this list are other "Givers" including New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg; global CEO of Havas, David Jones and A+E Networks president and CEO, Abbe Raven.

From Adweek's profile of Tim:

"Even as he leads the biggest reboot in the history of digital media, the CEO of AOL has kept serving others top of mind, orchestrating huge efforts to inspire giving on the part of employees, partners and consumers. Since instituting the annual Monster Help Day two years ago, employees in 22 offices worldwide have volunteered 60,000 hours to more than 60 charities. Other initiatives include Citizen Schools, in which more than 100 AOL employees serve as teachers. Armstrong formed Action America upon the 10th anniversary of 9/11 to inspire community involvement and giving. And the redesign of the AOL homepage mandated that a permanent space be dedicated to a different nonprofit daily, driving over 19 billion impressions to 380 groups."

Check out the full list of "Givers" here and learn more about AOL's Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives here.

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