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May 21st 2012

HuffPost UK Names Political Director

Mehdi Hasan, Senior Editor (Politics) for Britian's award-winning weekly magazine New Statesman and a leading political commentator in the UK, is joining HuffPost UK as its first Political Director. Just last week, Mehdi was named second most influential British journalist on Twitter and was listed as the UK's No. 2 blogger in 2011 by Total Politics magazine's in its list of the top-50 media bloggers. Starting in July 2012, he will host the AlJazeera talk show series, The Café.

Before joining New Statesman in 2009, Mehdi served as editor for news and current affairs for UK public broadcaster Channel 4. He also worked on Sky's breakfast show "Sunrise," the BBC's "Politics Show" and ITV's "The Jonathan Dimbleby Programme." He has also written for The Guardian, The Times and The Independent newspapers as a guest columnist and co-authored "Ed: The Milibands and the Making of a Labour Leader."

Mehdi is a talented and passionate writer and will make a fantastic director for our political team. Politics drills down into the minutia of everyone's day-to-day lives and with so much happening at both a national and global level, it couldn't be a better time to expand our team and the breadth of reports, news and blogs we offer to our growing audience. He joins the team in July.

HuffPost UK has grown nearly 50% since its launch last July and recently reached 5 million global UVs, according to comScore.

Mar 15th 2012

Introducing HuffPost UK Sport

Today I'm delighted to announce the launch of HuffPost Sport, the latest channel on our ever-expanding site.

With London gearing up for The Olympics, and Euro 2012 only a few months away, it couldn't be a better time for us to add Sport into the mix of topics we cover.

While our latest recruit, reporter Samuel Luckhurst, will be updating the site with all the latest sporting news, thesection's whole raison d'être will be those who play, love and follow sport, inviting debate, comment and opinion from the UK's most passionate fans, whether it's the premiership or Six Nations that gets your heart beating faster.

Being British, we fully expect there to be plenty of footie written about in our blogs, however, we're also aiming to be a destination for niche sports, where everyone from synchronized swimmers to curling champions can debate the merits of their favorite pastime with other dedicated fans.

In keeping with this wide range of sports, we have a real mix of voices from different walks of life blogging for us today, including Lord Coe on the Olympics, Gary Kemp from Spandau Ballet on cycling, WWE's Zack Ryder on wrestling and Kevin Cahill, founder of Sport Relief, alongside Will Carling and Andy Murray.

Nov 18th 2011

HuffPost UK Launches Impact

The Huffington Post UK launched The Huffington Post Impact bringing together all the charity and issues-based stories on the site, as well as lots of blogs from well-known names in the charity sector.

On the Impact page in the UK today you can find a whole host of blogs from leading voices: Dr Miriam Stoppard talks about how she's enabling "girl power" through her support for the international children's charity Plan UK, Caroline Davey, Director of Policy at Gingerbread urges us to remember single parents in need, and Anne Marie Carrie, CEO at Barnado's reminds us of the help that we should be offering to disadvantaged children, all very apt as the UK is in the midst of the annual Children in Need campaign.

Other blogs launching on the site today from representatives of major charities include John Nuttall from Unicef, Ayoub Koussar on behalf of the British Council and Aurelie Walker from the Fairtrade Foundation.Going forward, we're looking forward to hosting regular blogs from UK charities of all shapes and sizes and enabling them to get their message out to a large audience.

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