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Dec 3rd 2013

AOL's Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts Raise A Quarter of a Million Dollars

Helping others is in our core DNA – so when typhoon Haiyan recently hit the Philippines, AOLers worldwide sprung into action. Coming up with a plan that involved both consumers and employees, we raised a quarter of a million dollars for typhoon Haiyan relief.

In the wake of the devastation, AOLers jumped in quickly from all sides of the company: leveraging our unique AOL.com Cause of the Day module, we rallied our AOL users to donate; leveraging the AOL UK homepage, we put a call out to all AOL UK users that for every pound they donated to relief efforts, we would match up to 10,000 pounds; and, utilizing our Community Relations site, employees raised money and AOL matched the amount through our Matching Grants program.

AOL is also providing support for the relief effort via content, and we're working with our partner, Network for Good, to provide opportunities for consumers to easily donate.

We've made great progress and are committed to continuing relief efforts. Thank you to all the AOLers who have supported this important cause. Click here to find out how you can help.

Oct 8th 2013

AOL Women in Technology: Spotlight On Piya Ghosh

Growing numbers of women are choosing careers in technology, science, math and related areas, but these fields are still heavily populated by men. And while AOL's technology division includes accomplished women at many levels – including a female Chief Architect, relatively rare in the industry – the Company aims to attract even more women and is working to do so. In this special series, get to know AOL's own tech trailblazers, what they're working on and what they've learned along the way. Today, we chat with HuffPost developer Piya Ghosh.

What's your role at AOL?
I'm a software engineer with the Huffington Post Tech team. I develop and maintain front-end components of our very high traffic and ever-growing website. I also work on building new tools, platforms and tech solutions using the latest technologies to optimize the site, reduce page load time and overall make HuffPost more and more awesome every day.

What technical skills do you bring to the table?
My technical skill includes front-end technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery and SASS and languages such as PHP, Ruby and Java. I also have extensive knowledge of SEO, cross-browser compatibility and site optimization.

One of the cool things about working here is that you learn new things every day -- new languages, new tools and new ways to make the web more appealing. I've recently started coding in Scala and learning about functional programming for one of my new projects, and I'm loving every bit of it.

What was your path to your current position?
After earning my bachelor's degree in software engineering, I started my career with AOL Member Services at our Bangalore office before moving to a team where I was responsible for supporting publishing tools. Later, I worked on different and exciting projects, such as multi-authentication testing, implementation of a web analytics tool, page optimization and the redesign and building of several AOL Lifestyle sites.

I moved on to work as one of the main developers for Stylelist.com, beginning with migrating the site from one platform to another and then redesigning it. I also worked on another redesign of the site to accommodate our Devil premium format ads. I became a part of the Huffington Post tech team in 2011. I'm also one of AOL's cultural ambassadors and proud to be a part of that team.
AOL has played a big role in making me who I am today, and I'm grateful for that. I've worked with the most amazing people in an all-inclusive and fun environment. The managers I've worked with have given me freedom and encouragement, which has made me a more responsible person and willing to take risks. They've also helped me gain confidence to become a lead on different projects. I could keep talking about the awesomeness I experience every day, but I'll conclude by saying that AOL is an inseparable part of me, and that makes me happy and proud.

What or who motivated you to go into technology?
After high school I spent about a year trying to figure out what I really wanted to do. During this period I took a computer class and started learning C. The day I saw one of my first program's logic work beautifully, I knew what I wanted to study and went to college to study software engineering. I was also influenced and encouraged by my dad who's an engineer himself.

What's one lesson you've learned that you think other women could benefit from?
I think half the battle is won when you overcome preconceived notions about becoming a woman engineer, and you have complete self-confidence. One thing I've learned is that you need to be visible, proactive and take the lead when required. Also, being a geek is awesome!

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Sep 17th 2013

AOL is a Working Mother 'Top 100' Company for 2013

What do you get when you combine parenting programs, fitness centers, and the AOL Get Fit program? A place on Working Mother's Top 100 Companies for 2013!

The "100 Best Companies" list – which AOL has been a part of for five years in a row – highlights the top companies in the U.S. offering family-friendly benefits.

But, don't just take our word for why AOL is a great place to work – here's what Working Mother had to say:

"Pregnancy regimens, school volunteering issues, college tuition worries...the Parents Group meetings at this Web services company sure cover a lot of ground-and with 300+ babies born to employees every year, they're a big hit. Videoconferences and webinars led by parenting coach Hazel Osborn further plumb complex subjects, from bullying and gifted children to picking the right summer camp and proper scheduling of afterschool activities. Moms are grateful for the company's ubiquitous lactation rooms, backup dependent care and expansive parenting programs and leaves (used by 15% of the population annually). In 2012, more than 26% of employees worked from home full-time."

As part of the application process, we requested nominations for a Working Mother of the Year. The response was fantastic, and we ultimately selected Kacinda Belk. Kacinda – who's described as "extremely detail-oriented, relentless and sharp" – is an outstanding mom and mentor alike, and her contribution and dedication to AOL is recognition-worthy. We're so proud to have her represent us as Working Mother of the Year 2013!

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Mar 8th 2013

AOL Ireland: Best Workplaces in Ireland 2013

Marie Goggins, Aengus McClean, Roslynn Williams and Curtis Brown accepting the Best Workplaces in Ireland award for AOL Ireland last night in Dublin

AOL Ireland has been named one of the Best Workplaces in Ireland, coming in fourth in the medium-sized category and is the top tech company on the list at the annual Great Place to Work Awards. This prestigious accolade was presented to the AOL Ireland team in Dublin's Burlington Hotel last night.

AOL CTO Curtis Brown attended the event, along with Aengus McClean, who heads the AOL Ireland team; Marie Goggins, who's responsible for HR across Europe for AOL, and Roslynn Williams, business adviser to the CTO and the Technologies organization.

There are two elements of the Best Workplace ranking: a culture audit and a trust audit in which employee perception of the quality of their workplace relationships is measured with a focus on trust, pride and camaraderie, considered key drivers of all high-performing workplaces.

Dublin AOLers were keen to get involved and share their views, with 92% of the site completing the Trust Audit.

Commenting on the wonderful achievement by 49 organizations, CEO of the Great Place to Work Institute John Ryan said competition for places on the list was at its highest in 10 years as more organizations had chosen to go through the assessment process, clearly appreciating the business benefits of having a high-performing workplace where employees are seen as having a critical impact. "This is a fantastic achievement particularly given the difficult economic backdrop, proving that if you invest time and effort in developing the right culture in your organization, your people will be your best asset and will be key to your business success."

AOL has had an office in Dublin for 16 years and employs more than 160 AOLers. It's located in Heuston South Quarter and focuses on developing global products for AOL Networks, AOL Services and the AOL Brand Group. To see what opportunities are available in Dublin, head to their career site.

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