Today StudioNow announced a new partnership with SundaySky that will offer our clients yet another innovative way to streamline their video production and distribution.

SundaySky provides clients with a scalable, personalized and effective way of using video to communicate with prospects and customers by taking existing website content and automatically turning it into dynamic video in real time. The SaaS-based platform makes it easy for any brand to plan, generate and seamlessly integrate video into their website so they have consistently refreshed content to attract and engage consumers and ultimately drive their business.

StudioNow is built upon the concept of bringing emerging video technologies together into one unified platform so clients can easily ideate, produce and distribute video that's hyper local, high quality and scaled to their needs. Their clients receive broad access to proprietary content research, a nationwide network of digital creative talent, a sophisticated workflow management platform that simplifies edits and approvals, and asuite of digital distribution products that deliver content to the most desirable online audiences.

By incorporating new technologies like SundaySky into our platform, StudioNow will be primed to meet the demands of an even larger client base in need of customized video solutions, and we'll continue to lead the way in making video production bigger, faster and easier.

Check out the SundaySky website for more information on their smart video solution.

(This post was originally posted on the AOL Advertising Blog)