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Mar 8th 2012

AOL's UnUniversity Named Best HR Idea for 2012

AOL's peer-to-peer learning program, UnUniversity was named one of the winners of the Best HR Ideas for 2012 contest by HR Executive Magazine. Rewarding straightforward solutions that address real needs in both organizations and communities, HR Executive Magazine recognized UnUniversity for its unique and original approach to internal knowledge-sharing/training.

Led by Melissa Frescholtz, senior program designer for people development, UnUniversity is unique because it gives all AOLers the opportunity to teach or take a class. All topics are welcome and cover a range of subjects from UnUBusiness which provides the inside scoop on AOL's business and skills for success to UnUTalents, where AOLers share interests and talents -- work-related or not.

The program not only enriches students with new knowledge, but also allows teachers to share personal interests and passions while honing their presentation and communication skills. We're proud to continue to invest in our employees by providing meaningful opportunities for growth while taking fun seriously.

Feb 16th 2012

Patch Heads to School to Find Next Generation of Journalists

At Patch we believe that many of the ideas that will shape the future of digital media and journalism will come (not surprisingly) from the next generation who are now in business and j-schools. Those passionate students will challenge established models and help us constantly reinvent the world of media. For that reason, we love to work with these schools as much as possible. We offer real-world experience and coaching to students at over 100 institutions through our PatchU program. And as often as possible we get to meet with classes and talk about what we're doing. Last night I spoke at the Iona College Mass Communications Department and had a great conversation with students, a couple Patch editors, and Professor Thomas Callahan. My message was basically this: Here's what we're doing at Patch and why; Here's my take on what we can expect in the near future; You will be a big part of how this industry develops; And finally, contrary to popular opinion, the future of local media is incredibly bright and exciting! Thanks to Iona for having me, and I'm off to Stanford's Graduate School of Business next week to talk about the future of media.

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