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Jun 24th 2013

TechCrunch Disrupt 2013

TechCrunch Disrupt SF is fast approaching! Be sure to register for our seventh annual conference to witness the launch of a new group of remarkable startups and hear fresh insights from innovative entrepreneurs within the technology world.

Disrupt is widely known for its influential speaking lineup, and this year is no different. Our first set of confirmed speakers includes:
Disrupt will kick off with the ever-popular Hackathon, an international hackers and developers event that hacks a product within 24 hours. Selected winners have the opportunity to present their product on the Disrupt stage (don't forget your energy drinks and nerf guns).

At the core of the Disrupt conference is Startup Battlefield, where select companies launch live before a panel of expert judges. Six companies advance to the final round, hoping to travel home with an extra $50,000 in their pockets as well as the highly prized Disrupt Cup.

With previous years' winners and finalists including Mint.com, Yammer and Dropbox, Battlefield candidates have high-profile competitions waiting for them in store. Don't wait any longer, jump into the battle and apply now!

Interested in participating in other ways at Disrupt? Check out Startup Alley, where early-stage companies show off their groundbreaking talent and technology. Attendees select an "Audience Choice Winner" to compete on stage as part of Battlefield. E-mail startupalley@techcrunch.com with any questions.

We hope to see you there! Stay tuned for more updates.

Jun 5th 2013

Find AOL Tech Around the World

(Engadget Expand in San Francisco)

AOL's Tech properties, Engadget and TechCrunch, are headed offline and going global. We are excited to announce that Engadget Expand is going to New York City and TechCrunch Disrupt is heading overseas to Beijing, China, as we continue to bring engaging experiences both online and off.

Engadget Expand, which debuted this past March in San Francisco, is coming to New York City's Javits Center on November 9th and 10th. This event will bring together tech luminaries and Engadget editors for two days of exciting conversation, new inventors and gadget fans -- for the ultimate immersive technology experience.

(TechNode team at their annual China Bang event in Beijing)

While Engadget takes over NYC, TechCrunch will be making waves in Beijing this fall, bringing Disrupt back to China. TechCrunch is partnering with one of the top tech blogs and event groups in China, TechNode, and will launch the official Chinese-language version of TechCrunch later this year. The Chinese edition will carry translations of posts from the U.S. site.

Click here to purchase tickets to Engadget Expand and for more information on TechCrunch Disrupt visit this site.

Sep 6th 2012

Introducing the Mandatory App for Aspiring VC's (Practicing VCs Need it Too)

In Silicon Valley, being a "know it all" isn't an insult, it's just a good start. You have to stay on top of every minute of the latest news and, more than that, you need to know the companies and personalities behind the next big thing in tech. You have a feed reader on your iPad? That's cute. Here's a cookie. To quote Back to the Future II, if you want to hoverboard on water, "you gotta have power!" That's why we've built the Pit Bull of tech news apps: TechCrunch 2.0 for iPad and Android tablets.

What we've built with TechCrunch isn't a feed reader, and it isn't just TechCrunch content either. Thanks to TC's full CrunchBase integration you can, at a glance, get every bit of information on the companies, key players, investors, and technologies that are making waves in tech, and it highlights relevant stories from all kinds of news sites across the Web. Long story short, it's an all-in-one tech research tool available anytime, online and offline, on any iOS or Android tablet.

Yeah, we know "all in one" is as overused as "pivot" or (dare we say) "disruptive," but when we say that TechCrunch is an all-in-one tech research tool, here's what we're talking about:
  • Trending around the Web – TechCrunch follows what tech influencers are sharing to measure the "velocity" of the hottest stories of the day from all kinds of websites. That means you stay ahead of the game, letting you know not only what's hot in the moment, but also what will be hot 5 minutes from now.
  • Full CrunchBase integration – CrunchBase is the essential reference guide for key technology companies, people, and investors in the news. The CrunchBase database is seamlessly layered on top of every news story in the new TechCrunch apps, giving you the ability to do a "deep dive" on any story.
  • Real-time tech event tracking – whether it's TechCrunch Disrupt, Google I/O, or WWDC, so much of the hottest news in tech comes out during big events. TechCrunch 2.0 lets you know what events are coming up and gives you all of the latest news, liveblogs, and more in real-time while it's going down on the ground.
  • Offline reading – For the jet-set among us, TC lets you save all the latest TC news to your iPad or Android tablet so you're never out of the loop, even if you're out of Wi-Fi. If you just want to save a single story for some Wi-Fi free reading, we also built in support for InstaPaper, Evernote, and Pocket (formerly ReadItLater).

Download the apps today for free in the iOS App Store and will be coming to the Android Marketplace this weekend.

May 23rd 2012

AOL Mobile Launches New TechCrunch iPad App at Disrupt NYC 2012

Preparing for post-Disrupt letdown once TechCrunch's conference closes tonight after the awarding of the Disrupt cup? Don't fret, the TechCrunch team has got you covered! Today, on stage, the team unveiled the new TechCrunch iPad app which is now available to download from the iTunes store.

We understand that news is most valuable to readers when they can explore differing perspectives and then put it into broader context. Keeping this idea at front of mind, the team designed the app to be the ultimate research tool – not just a TechCrunch newsfeed.

Integrating TechCrunch articles, Crunchbase profiles and even content from other publishers, the app encapsulate everything going on in the nonstop tech world right in one place. A sidebar built from Crunchbase profiles of the key players mentioned in stories gives readers a better understanding of the relationships at play within a given piece. Meanwhile, content from other authoritative publishers helps provide a holistic view of the story and what it means for the industry as a whole.

Another key feature of the app is our trending news section. Instead of just pulling what's most popular, the feature filters stories by comments, page views and social shares to determine an article's "heat and velocity," giving readers an idea of a topic's potential impact across various social platforms.

Download the app today by clicking here.

May 15th 2012

AOL's Cambio Inspires the Next Generation of Teen Entrepreneurs

As teen unemployment rates continue to rise,* we are proud to announce a new partnership with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) to help teens reach their entrepreneurial dreams. NFTE, an international non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring young people from low-income communities to stay in school and recognize business opportunities has launched MakeYourJob.org , an interactive new web resource that gives teens the basic tools and knowledge needed to help turn their interests and hobbies into real businesses. We have partnered with MakeYourJob.org for the launch of a new content hub focused on helping teens create businesses and learn to make smart financial choices throughout their lives that will live on Cambio.com.

Cambio and the NFTE will collaborate to allow teens access to MakeYourJob.org, along with inspiring videos of fellow teen entrepreneurs on Cambio.com. We will also give a select number of teen entrepreneurs competing in NFTE's National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge the opportunity to present their business ideas on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt-NY, our three day conference and startup-competition, in September 2012.

To learn more about this new partnership click here. To get more details about TechCrunch Disrupt-NY click here.

*Employment Policies Institute and Bureau of Labor Statistics

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