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Sep 5th 2014

Disrupt San Francisco 2014: A Preview

TechCrunch Disrupt is the venue to debut tech starups, and next week the hotly anticipated, world-class hackathon and conference – Disrupt San Francisco – will kick off at a new venue, Pier 48.

The Hackathon will take place September 6th and 7th and the Conference will run September 8th through 10th. The entire event will be captured online, with 24/7 coverage and a livestream on the TechCrunch homepage.

Last year's record-breaking Disrupt San Francisco hosted 3,700+ attendees and 800+ hackers. Taking it to the next level, this year's Disrupt will feature some of the hottest speakers in the industry, including:
  • Peter Thiel, iconic investor and cofounder of PayPal and many other companies-will join TechCrunch Co-Editor Alexia Tsotsis to discuss his book "Zero to One: Notes on Startups or, How to Build the Future"
  • Billionaire investor, serial entrepreneur, and owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban will speak for at Disrupt for the first time
  • CEO/Co-Founder and COO of Twitch, Emmett Shear and Kevin Lin respectively, will discuss what it's like to run a gaming media monster that was just acquired by Amazon for $970 million
  • Founders of Eventbrite, and married dynamic duo, Julia and Kevin Hartz, will chat about the future of events and what the company's plans are for 2015 and beyond
  • Founder and CEO of Airbnb, Brian Chesky will share his insight into running a $10 billion startup, and how difficult it was to get it off the ground
  • Disrupt veteran Marissa Mayer and CEO of Yahoo will once again judge the Startup Battlefield finals
  • Michael Arrington will interview Marc Benioff (Founder/Chairman/CEO, Salesforce), and legendary Bay Area investor Vinod Khosla (Founder, Khosla Ventures) will offer his infinite investment wisdom
  • Three new TechCrunch writers will have their Disrupt debut - Kyle Russell will interview the CEO/Co-Founder and COO of Twitch, Sarah Buhr and a panel of tech experts will discuss whether or not "digital medicine is the new Rx", and Ron Miller will chat with Scott Dietzen (Pure Storage) and Mike Speiser (Sutter Hill Ventures)
For the full agenda on this year's anticipated Disrupt, click here.

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Oct 8th 2013

AOL Launches New Series, 'ACTING DISRUPTIVE'

Today, AOL is very excited to announce the premiere of the new original web series "ACTING DISRUPTIVE." We're committed to providing the most entertaining content in video - and our efforts have been on a roll. We're the number two video property on the Internet, reaching more than 71 million unique visitors and attracting 992M streams per month through the AOL On Network. As 'Acting Disruptive' joins our group of premium quality original programming, we're bridging the gap between what people see on TV and what the view online.

The series follows co-creator and host Max Lugavere as he sits down with Jessica Alba, Rainn Wilson, Olivia Wilde, Jared Leto and several other A-listers.
Each episode in the 12-part series will follow Max as he gets an inside look into these businesses and creative projects, giving fans an all-access view into these innovative ventures and the famous faces behind them. Throughout the series, viewers will witness how these celebrities are acting disruptive and leveraging their star power in an effort to better the world through their innovative businesses – offering a new perspective on some of viewers' favorite celebrities, and provides exclusive access and insight into businesses born out of personal passion.

The first six episodes of the series are now available at actingdisruptive.com featuring Jessica Alba at The Honest Company, Jared Leto at VyRT, Rainn Wilson at SoulPancake, Felicity Huffman at WhatTheFlicka, Adam Goldberg on his creative Vine videos, and Adrian Grenier at SHFT.com. Future episodes include: Seth Green and Shodogg, Moby's platform mobygratis, Olivia Wilde with RYOT and more.

Aug 7th 2012

AOLer Fletcher Jones Inspires Incubator Lab

As Senior Director of AOL's Strategic Partnerships, Fletcher "Fletch" Jones knows how to bring together powerful parties to collaborate on a greater vision. Working with a number of AOL's larger relationships that power websites like DailyFinance, AOL Jobs, and AOL Real Estate, Jones and his team focuses on deal performance. "Business Development does the deals and then someone has to work with the partners and the AOL GMs to make sure the potential of the deal is realized for both parties," said Jones. "I'm an advocate for the partner within AOL and for AOL when dealing with the partner. It's an enjoyable role because of the relationships required both inside and outside the company as well as the real, measurable business metrics involved."

Jones utilized his relationship management skills when collaborating with fellow AOLers, Bud Rosenthal and Brian McMahon, to found Fishbowl Labs, a startup incubator for the D.C. tech community that lives on AOL's Dulles campus. How did Fishbowl Labs begin? "The idea itself – to provide free space on campus to local startups – was not a new one," said Jones. "It is something we'd proven out in Palo Alto and New York. Many in Dulles had asked the question – why not here? I think the reality is that you just need someone or a small group of someones to take the initiative and see it through. Bud Rosenthal, Brian McMahon and I worked on the idea and pitched it to local VC and startup community for probably nine months before the first company moved in."

"The Fishbowl," named for its glass walls, is a perfect space to showcase the startup community. When looking for startups to join the lab, Jones and team look for a strong cultural fit within AOL and the other startups already in the portfolio. Jones explains that "they also look at the problem the startups are solving for and the technology and ideas they employ. What we don't worry too much about is whether their business is going to scale into the next LivingSocial. Since we aren't investing, we can put an emphasis on the culture fit and knowledge transfer and still win big."

When discussing the Dulles tech scene, Jones shares that "people would be surprised by the number of technical folks working in basements and garages in northern Virginia. We got our first six companies in through word of mouth alone. Recent stories by Washington Business Journal and TechCocktail have also created a real surge in interest. A 'Build it and they will come' mentality is really how it's playing out for Fishbowl Labs right now."

Jones joined AOL through the acquisition of Netscape Communications in 1999 and has worked in product management, marketing and business operations roles over the years. A former rower at the University of Michigan, Jones still enjoys exercising as well as coaching and home improvement. His favorite AOL product is AOL Mail and "like many, has had the address for a long time and it's part of my identity." Jones is also addicted to caffeine "and can't operate without coffee first thing in the morning."

Learn more about Fishbowl Labs by reading these articles by BizJournals and TechCocktail or follow them on Twitter at @FishbowlLabs.

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