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May 24th 2012

AOL Government Research Finds Potential For Government Savings Using Mobile Technology

AOL Government
is excited to release new research findings about the impact mobile technology is having on the productivity and operations of federal government agencies. The findings confirm a widespread belief that provisioning mobile technology to federal employees would significantly improve productivity and result in cost savings over the long term.

Among the findings:
  • About half (49%) of federal managers surveyed said "government employees like themselves could redeploy at least 7 hours per week toward more productive work if fully enabled to work mobily; 19% said they could redeploy more than 12 hours per week.
  • Three out of four respondents (75%) said "productivity" and "cost savings" will result from mobile technology by making it easier to complete work from the field; 82% said mobile technology would make it easier to telework; 67% said by providing immediate access to agency data through mobile devices, it would facilitate decision making.

Read more about the research findings here and learn about the latest news in the public sector by visiting AOL Government.

Apr 18th 2012

AOL Video Research To Be Presented at 2012 ARF Conference

AOL's groundbreaking original video research has been selected to be presented at the 2012 Advertising Research Foundation's conference in New York, June 12. And it's quite the feat, considering over 120 entries were submitted for consideration!

This past December, AOL Video conducted research to figure out just how online video viewers watch, share and complete original video. You may remember our webinar titled "People Like Cheese" that discussed the research results in depth.

The study was conducted to help make sense of the mad science-like original video space, with marketers, agencies and content creators all looking for the secret formula for engaging audiences.

If you can't make it to the conference, or can't wait to see the results, this groundbreaking study that gives marketers, agencies and content creators the secret formula for engaging audiences can be downloaded here!

Dec 8th 2011

Looking to Increase Your Advertising Engagement? It's All About Trust

Our UK team recently conducted a new research study that found a direct correlation between engagement in advertising and the authenticity of the online environment. Advertising that is featured on premium sites is more trusted by users, resulting in almost one third of respondents (29%) feeling more positive about a brand.

The study also found that once a user feels they can trust a site, they are much more likely to click on a link and buy a product.

The research, which was conducted in collaboration with GfK NOP Media, sampled almost 1,200 consumers (695 AOL users and 495 non-AOL users) as they interacted with the site to examine engagement levels.

New Media Age.com takes a deep dive into the study and how its results can impact your advertising strategy:

"AOL identified good-quality information, emotional attachment, prominent involvement and modernity as the four factors of website attributes, which it measured alongside two factors of advertising attributes – relevancy and trust and call to action.

Good-quality information is directly related to how trustworthy a user finds the advertising on a website, according to the report, and if users think a site is authoritative and passionate, it drives the best advertising response."

Click here to read the complete article. To find out more about the study, please reach out to Phil Bird at philip.bird@teamaol.com.

Nov 15th 2011

Put Yourself First and Get Healthy!

Today, The Huffington Post has expanded its Healthy Living content, which now includes more news, information and tools to help you take control of your health. Learn how to put your best foot forward from bloggers that include doctors, lifestyle coaches, psychotherapists, authors and teachers all dedicated to deliver the health resources you need.

Blogging for the site, David Katz, M.D., Director of Yale's Prevention Research Center, discusses why healthy living requires such voluminous and on-going information exchange:

"Living as we now do generally means stressing more than we should, while sleeping less -- exercising less than we should, while eating more. We are still subject to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, of course, in the form of perils we don't control, although generally better shielded from them. But the fact that living itself -- our daily routine -- is unhealthy, that's new.

The cause? Just about every aspect of the modern world that makes it modern. Planes, trains and automobiles. Electronic devices and global commercial markets. Tax forms and Times Square. The World Wide Web and suburban sprawl. We are out of our element. Way out."

Click here to read David Katz's entire blog.

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