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Mar 13th 2012

mqVibe Adds Contextual Search, Local Influence and Expertise

Late last year, theMapQuest Labs team launched mqVibe, which positioned the neighborhood as the foundational context for local discovery on a national level. By converting MapQuest's 15 years of data including where people are, what they are looking for, and where they are going, theycreated a baseline for a ranking system, which would get further refined in real-time as users voted and interacted with the system.

Given the scale of MapQuest, the team wasable to provide profiles of more than 50,000 neighborhoods, 27,000 cities, and 50,000 hotspots, essentially covering the entire U.S. Each neighborhood page showcases local restaurants, stores and businesses in ranked order by the most popular, which saves you from having to comb through thousands of not-helpful reviews to find the best.

Over the weekend, the teamadded a new batch of functionality to mqVibe including a new contextual search function and local influence and expertise-based algorithms making it more useful for giving you the local expert opinion of where to go and what to do.

As you may have seen, mqVibe is at SXSW showcasing all of these great new functionalities. If you are, too, download the mqVibe iPhone app to find the details on our flash mobs, street-corner giveaways and other cool stuff we're doing in Austin or follow #mqvibe on Twitter! Learn more about the latest mqVibe updates by reading the MapQuest Blog.

Nov 10th 2011

Hey Neighbors! MapQuest Vibe is Now Available on Your iPhone

Become a local, anywhere, with the help of the MapQuest Vibe iPhone app. Available today on iTunes, the free new iPhone app includes the Vibe Score rankings that profile 50,000 neighborhoods, 27,000 cities and 50,000 hotspots across the country so you can find the best of what's in your local surroundings. Making it easier than ever to vote up or down places of interests, hotspots and neighborhoods, the new app expedites and enhances exploration of new and familiar places.

Originally launched as a desktop experience in October 2011, the new MapQuest Vibe iPhone app mirrors the desktop and mobile platforms so users can access and enjoy neighborhood insights regardless of device.

Visit iTunes or mqvibe.com to download the free app. To learn more about the app's features and functionalities,read the official press release here.

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