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Dec 16th 2011

AOL at the Digiday Target Conference

Over 150 media insiders gathered together on December 15th for the DigiDay Target Conference in LA. Speakers and panelists discussed issues around current targeting solutions and measurement capabilities. Brand marketers spoke to challenges with managing messaging across platforms and efforts to improve communication between all players involved. There was also a new focus on utilizing data across mobile and video platforms with exciting new developments such as addressable TV creeping further into the digital conversation.

AOL's Willis Duran sat on the Targeting for Brands panel with leaders from Saaatchi & Saatchi, Ignited, and BatesHook to debate how brand marketers can strike a balance between identifying specific audiences while delivering messages at scale. AOL is leading the charge with leveraging data for brand marketers, not solely to drive incremental sales lift, but also to drive branding metrics such as brand awareness and market share shifts.

With offerings like Super Channels and Devil Ad units, advertisers can utilize data in a brand-friendly environment. In addition, through AOL's capability to leverage an eAddressable audience, it provides digital marketers with an edge to reach consumers on a household level while alleviating certain concerns around cookie degradation.

"The digital ecosystem continues to be packed with intermediaries and new data providers. While most would agree key players may get acquired or consolidate, growing ad budgets and evolving technologies provides ample opportunity for niche businesses to continually enter into the space so the shakeout, if any – will likely be cyclical. Still, amidst the complexity, there are few companies such as AOL who have made it easy to buy media at scale across platforms – complete with self-service implementation and reporting tools. The panel allowed us to affirm our position in leveraging data to provide additional value in insights and in satisfying multi-pronged marketing objectives that extend far beyond a CTR metric. Our ability to leverage data within brand-safe environments is also an incredible differentiator in the data space," said Duran, Director of Targeting Strategy.

Advertising.com's Doug Boccia, VP of Platform Solutions, also participated in a Q&A chat on accelerating performance solutions. In the session, he announced that Advertising.com is creating a new platform for sophisticated marketers to control all aspects of their media buy. Leveraging Advertising.com's technology and algorithm, AdLearn Open Platform will provide strategic partners with access to real-time bidded Advertising.com and AOL's non-reserved inventory.

"I was excited to finally announce and discuss AdLearn Open Platform by Advertising.com. Based on the multiple conversations that occurred throughout the day, I believe we are well positioned to create a valuable new solution for the marketplace," said Boccia.

With the new product set to launch in early 2012, keep your eyes on www.AdLearnOP.com.

(This post originally ran on the AOL Advertising Blog.)

Nov 14th 2011

Advertising.com Group Delivers a Suite Solution to Tech Start-Ups at DCWeek

Advertising.com Group
connected with over 1,500 digital innovators at Digital Capital Week (affectionately known as DCWeek) who gathered for the weeklong festival in Washington, DC this week. David Shing delivered a keynote session on The Future of Media and dared festival-goers to rethink how brands live in the digital environment. He challenged them to immerse their brands into the consumer experience through tactics such as gaming, augmented relationships and cause marketing. He encouraged marketers to develop digital that were not just repurposed from other channels but were "authentically digital".

In addition to David's inspirational talk, the AG group showcased how brands could win big and engage consumers through Premium Formats, Video and the innovative Ad.com and ASL platforms. The combined AOL and Advertising.com Group execution showed attendees the benefits of being able to work with multiple industry leading brands at just one company.

(This post originally ran on the AOL Advertising Blog.)

Nov 10th 2011

Setting New Standards in Display

AOL kicked off this busy week of conferences by focusing on setting new standards in the online advertising industry.

During OMMA Display, a MediaPost conference focusing on THE rapid market growth of display advertising, we challenged the notion of having to settle for a tradeoff between performance and Quality.

Advertising.com Group, one of the sponsors of the New York conference, kicked off the day with a hosted breakfast session that challenged the conference's theme around the tradeoff between performance and premium quality. Advertising.com's Mike Treon treated attendees to an exciting chat on quality, results and scale and how to have it all. Mike said settling for just two out of three factors will not drive the scalable results advertisers desire: "Technology and audiences won't scale alone. Quality is needed to drive meaningful results." He showed how solutions such as AOL Premium Formats leveraged on the Advertising.com network can produce big results.
Also, ADTECH was named a winner of the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Impression Exchange Solution Implementation Challenge at the IAB's Ad Ops Summit in New York. Read the full release here.

According to the IAB, "IES streamlines the digital advertising industry's business practices by helping publishers and advertisers detect and resolve differences, such as discrepancies in systems used to count impressions and clicks, early in the life cycle of a digital campaign-and avoid the lengthy and costly manual reconciliation and remediation processes that have bedeviled the industry."

An Impression Exchange Solution will create a huge opportunity for ADTECH to help the industry, both the advertiser/agency and publisher sides. Our proprietary analysis indicates that observing an accurate discrepancy rate – as we expect will improve with IES – will dramatically lower the number of campaigns that end in discrepancies, satisfying everyone.

(This post originally ran on the AOL Advertising Blog.)

Oct 23rd 2011

AOL 'Checks Out' Shopper Marketing Expo 2011

AOL unveiled the refresh of its shopper marketing solution - Shortcuts.com (which will be relaunching later this year) - at the Shopper Marketing Expo in Chicago last week.

The expo is dedicated to integrating the wide variety of solutions, tools and expertise needed to influence decision-making along the entire path to purchase. No other show brings together all the major industry players, including Kraft, P&G and Walmart, in one place and AOL was chosen to be placed front and center as a featured exhibitor.

This year's theme focused on grasping the path to purchase,and we saw great examples of what the biggest names in the market are doing with integrated marketing programs, cause marketing, new technology, ways to build shopper loyalty and, you guessed it, video.

Speakers in the seminar 'What is the Role of Video, Display and Rich-Media Advertising on the Path to Purchase?' described how consumers are watching video, display and rich-media advertising before they get to the shelf – and how these media are playing a key role in their purchase decisions. They sharedthe importance of video for the CPG category, highlighting that video was even used for low consideration purchases – 25% of advertisers used video for research on feminine care and hygiene products. They also provided examples of well-done campaigns including L'Oreal's "Destination Beauty"and Garnier Fructis' "Live Green".

The CPG and Shortcuts teams were on-site to walk marketers – who included Kraft, ConAgra, Coke, McNeil, Hanes Brands, Anheuser Busch, Kimberly-Clark, 3M, DraftFCB, Walgreen's, E and J Gallo Winery and Saatchi and Saatchi - through various interactive stations such as previewing the new Shortcuts.com, utilizing the AOL Premium Formats app to build Project Devil units and showcasing AOL's Innovid partnership via sample videos on an iPad wall.

In a prime location at the center of the show floor, AOL produced a modern and high-tech booth to promote the future of online shopping. A 10-ft tall column in the space with a glowing Shortcuts logo at the top was prominently seen from the entrance of the show. The multi-functional booth gave attendees the at-home experience with Shortcuts in a living room setting, while the other side featured a mock in-store experience with an abstract grocery store display and checkout counter.

(This post was originally posted on the AOL Advertising Blog)

Sep 21st 2011

AOL Launches Ecommerce App within Premium Format Ad Units

Picture this: you're sitting at your computer and see a display ad to your right for an outfit that you must have. You click on it, get caught up in the shopping experience and totally forget what you were reading in the first place. Do you try to jog your memory by clicking the back button? Or would you prefer to experience something a little more seamless...

Today, Pictela launched a new product enhancement we've made to AOL's Premium Formats - the "window shopper", an ecommerce experience within the ad unit.

It has been AOL's mission to clean up the Web from the beginning of Project Devil. To start, you may recall that one of the most unique features of our ad units is that users don't need to leave the page when they want to engage with an ad – all of the content is viewable within the unit. The new "window shopper" feature allows a retailer's ecommerce experience to take center stage, on the same page, over the content a user is currently engaging with. (The user can choose to open this page in a new window at any time.)

Results from our recent IPG Media Labs research study showed that purchase intent grew 263% after viewing an IAB Portrait ad. This shows that consumers are focused on the final step of the purchase funnel, so we're making it as easy as possible to go from awareness to purchase without affecting their online experience.

Most importantly, this application still drives brand awareness. Marketers are the experts when it comes to the look and feel of their pages, and no publisher can recreate that on their own. We are bringing advertisers the ability to take their technology and time spent creating a beautiful web experience as they've imagined them, into functional display units across our properties.
Important to note, AOL does not track what happens inside the window; the data from the user's ecommerce experience is not shared with AOL.

This new feature is also available for auto manufacturers who wish to showcase their car builder experiences in the Premium Format executions, and is called the "car customizer".
Stay tuned for even more updates from the Premium Formats team.

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