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Feb 8th 2012

Bienvenue Le Huffington Post Québec

Bonjour! As we celebrate the one-year anniversary of our acquisition of The Huffington Post, we are excited to continue our global expansion with the roll out of Le Huffington Post Quebec. Following the successful launch of Huffington Post Canada in May, the new site will be run by a strong locally-based editorial team with deep personal and professional roots in the province. Led by the site's managing editor, Patrick White, this French-language edition will encompass all things Québec and its staff will include Jean-Philippe Cipriani, as news editor and Tamy-Emma Pepin, as managing blog editor. Bloggers who will be contributing to the site include: Michel Martelly, Yves-François Blanchet, Michel Kelly Gagnon, Julius Grey, Anne Marie Withenshaw, and more. This is also the first time we'll have two HuffPost editions in the same country!

Find out more about the site from Arianna Huffington's blog post, and make sure you check out our other global sites, France's Le Huffington Post and The Huffington Post UK.

Jan 12th 2012

Get the Latest CES 2012 News with Engadget Distro

Couldn't make it to CES? Don't worry, Engadget has you covered. Distro, a distilled version of the best feature content each week at Engadget, is launching a special edition covering everything you need to know about the Consumer Electronics Show.

Find out more here.

Nov 28th 2011

Get Connected with The Huffington Post Social Reader

We're excited to team up with Facebook to bring you the latest in HuffPost Social News: The Huffington Post Social Reader.

The HuffPost Social Reader is a one-stop-shop on Facebook that lets you and your friends easily see and share all of your HuffPost activities, from your favorite stories to the slideshows you're voting on. It's an amazing real-time app that keeps you updated how your community of friends is enjoying HuffPost. And it all happens without ever having to leave Facebook.

The HuffPost Social Reader is the online version of the communal "living room," where sharing and commenting on stories is not only encouraged, but essential to the reading experience. Only now, instead of couches and a fireplace, we're making it possible to share from wherever you are -- and on whatever device. It's never been so easy to debate the news of the day or be the first person in your circle to discover and share those funny, viral articles, videos, songs, pix and more.

For the first time, friends will be able to see what you're doing on HuffPost and engage with you as you're doing it. And don't worry, if you're not comfortable sharing, you can continue experiencing HuffPost without your activities being broadcast on Facebook, since HuffPost Social Reader includes privacy controls that you can set to your own comfort level. After all, it's your living room.

We hope you'll have as much fun experiencing the HuffPost Social Reader as we did making it.

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