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Nov 14th 2013

AOL On to Power Roku's Home News Channel

Where do you go to get the latest news? When you need to know what's happening in the world today, do you pick up a newspaper, turn on the TV, check a website, or see what's trending on social media? No matter which one is your preferred modus operandi, you've likely chosen it for two reasons: 1) it's convenient, and 2) it's a source that you trust.
As our news consumption habits evolve with the times, AOL is proud to provide today's connected consumers with yet another option that meets both of these criteria. Beginning today, Roku's home screen will feature a stream of continuously refreshed news videos powered by AOL On. With hundreds of videos from our partners – The Associated Press, BBC, CNET, E!, ET, Engadget, HuffPost Live, Reuters, and The Wall Street Journal, to name a few – Roku users will now be able to access news from the most trusted sources in the industry simply by turning on their device.

AOL On's library of 700,000 curated videos and original series is still available through the Roku Channel Store. But now, with the addition of the "News Channel on Roku powered by AOL On", users will also have instant, on-demand access to a dedicated news channel directly on their home screen for the very first time.
We're proud to partner with Roku on the launch of our news channel. But most importantly, we're excited to provide viewers with a convenient way to watch the news they need from the sources they respect the most.

Sep 24th 2012

A Sneak Peek of the New Patch

Today, Patch debuted the new version of its site with a friendly new design in five Long Island, NY test towns. Patch's Chief Content Officer Rachel Feddersen shared the news on the Patch blog:

Along with its vibrant, friendly new design, the site has had an overhaul in how it works, enabling users to customize their interface, share and follow stories with their neighbors.

We want Patch to fit in with the everyday life of the community, and all the people, places, and groups that make it thrive. It's a more neighborly hub of common interests and activities - where learning, sharing, and doing things together is easy. Plus, it's just plain fun to use.

Read more about the new design over on the Patch blog, or check out one of these sites for yourself:

May 10th 2012

Huffington Post Media Group News Now #2 in comScore's General News Category

The Huffington Post Media Group announces today that HPMG News has topped the CNN Network to become the #2 site in the General News category according to the latest April 2012 comScore data.

HPMG News had 59.4 million unique visitors in April, topping CNN Network by 2 million unique visitors. This is the first month that HPMG News has claimed the #2 spot. HuffPost readers made more than 6 million comments in April alone, as well as over 150 million comments to date.*

The comScore metrics showing that HPMG News became the #2 General News site for April 2012 were released on the 7-year anniversary of The Huffington Post's initial launch. The Huffington Post went live on May 9, 2005.

Sources: comScore Media Metrix, April 2012; *AOL Internal Data

Feb 22nd 2012

What's Driving AOL.com: An Interview with Executive News Editor, Neil Katz

"People react to amazing stories," says Neil Katz, executive news editor, AOL.com, and "our job is to entertain, to educate, to make people laugh, to cry, and to enrich their lives."

Katz joined the company nine months ago from CBSNews.com, where he was the executive editor. Since joining, Katz and his team have doubled the volume of content on AOL.com and are now updating the page on a minute-by-minute basis.

We recently sat down with Katz to learn more about the editorial approach to AOL.com, which-according to comScore -- reaches 13 million daily and is one of the main properties of AOL. Neil describes AOL.com's goal as "continuing to develop our relationship with the American public by making our stories even more engaging."

So, what's the key to AOL.com's approach? "We're driving the social conversation. The audience is the twelfth man on the field," says Katz. "People are no longer content to be passive recipients of information and news. They're active contributors, and our level of social engagement is off the charts. We're a social media rocket ship."

When he first joined AOL, Katz's immediate task was to re-energize his staff of 17 editors, which Katz describes as a group of the most professional team players in online news.

AOL.com's readership peak is lunchtime to five p.m. as people logon to catch-up on news and check on their AOL email. The editorial team starts each day early by researching what's going on around the nation and the world, to connect people to the "amazing stories that are really happening." Katz describes their approach as great storytelling "from the mom who's fighting to keep her family safe to the superstar that's fighting to keep her name out of the news." The Huffington Post is now fully integrated into AOL.com and according to Katz, "provides readers with around a thousand pieces of content a day."

What drives Neil Katz? His favorite stories are ones that say something about America. His personal favorite is the original ten-part text and video series about severely wounded soldiers and their struggle to make their lives whole again after war. The videos were viewed more than a million times. One of AOL.com's most popular stories was a recent feature honoring the 17 American Navy Seals who were killed when their Chinook helicopter was shot down during a night raid in Afghanistan. The tragedy happened just two months after the Seal's successful bin Laden mission.

"I love telling amazing stories," says Katz. At CBSNews.com, he helped make the site one of the fastest growing digital news destinations through the development of new sections and blogs, from health to entertainment. Katz also played a role in the creation and successes of new properties, most notably, Crimesider, now a leader in true-crime reporting. Prior to CBSNews.com, Katz field produced for CBS television and was a freelance journalist for the New YorkTimes' online video unit, PBS, the Star Ledger and others. He's reported from India, Iran and Vietnam. When he's not orchestrating AOL.com, Neil is passionate about photography and global travel.

What is Katz's vision for AOL.com? "At a time when print and broadcast news outlets are ducking for cover, AOL.com and the Huffington Post are surging ahead. We're pioneering new forms of journalism for a huge audience, and our goal is to bring it to the world. We measure our progress if the readers come tomorrow."

Follow Neil on Twitter at @neilkatz and http://www.neilkatzphoto.com.

Feb 16th 2012

Introducing Our New iPad Site

Today we've unveiled AOL's brand-new iPad site! We've optimized the entire experience to make it super tablet-friendly. Check it out by going to aol.com on your iPad and then tell us what you think.

This new design provides an easy and fun way to browse through more of AOL's best content including top news, local and entertainment headlines.

  • AOL Mail – Tap on the Mail icon at the top of the page to quickly go to your AOL Mail account. Or, sign in to the page itself to get a dedicated mail preview section so that you can see up to 20 previews of your latest unread messages. You can swipe to review your mail, tap on previews to open messages, tap on the compose icon to open compose view, and tap on the header to open your inbox.
  • Apps – Tap on the Apps icon at the top of the page to visit our Mobile Desktop Tablets page and view all available AOL Apps and Mobile Web channels. You'll also find AOL Apps promoted further down the page as well.
  • Top News – View top news headlines with images. Swipe to see all headlines, tap an item to read the full article, and tap on the header to open Huffington Post Front Page to see all articles.
  • Video – Swipe to see featured videos and tap to to play selected videos. Once the video experience is open, you can play that video or tap on additional featured videos below.
  • AOL Music MP3 of the Day – Swipe this section to preview the latest 20 days of AOL Music's MP3 of the Day. Tap play to listen to selection. It will play in-line with continuous play of all 20 MP3s.
  • Moviefone – Swipe see all listings of movies now playing in theaters. If location is set, you will see movie times for nearest theater and movie trailer.

Learn more about the new site and its features by reading the AOL.com Blog.

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