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Jan 22nd 2013

Nina Garcia's Original Web Series 'Decoding Style' Launches on AOL On Style!

Nina Garcia is a woman of many titles, Marie Claire Fashion Director, Project Runway judge and New York Times best-selling author. Now she can add host of the AOL On original series, "Decoding Style" to that list.

Starting today, Nina will help transform very deserving women by 'decoding' what her style is communicating to the world. The fashion maven will then update her look to embody what she hopes to express from the inside out. The entire 10-episode series will be available exclusively on the AOL On's Style channel as well as StyleList, HuffPost Style and HuffPost Women.

Get a sneak peek at "Decoding Style" with the video below and visit AOL On to watch the full episode.

Jan 3rd 2013

Say "Goodbye, 2012!" with New AOL Artists Canvases

With the New Year underway, it's time to bid farewell to 2012. AOL Artist Andy Rementer created the new canvas, "Goodbye, 2012," to commemorate and memorialize the past year. Additionally, he created an exclusive canvas for the AOL Artists site, "Hello, 2013!," celebrating what's to come in the new year.
Andy Rementer's colorful quirky illustrations have been featured in numerous publications, including The New York Times, The New Yorker, Apartamento Magazine and Creative Review. We first fell in love with Andy's work at the end of 2011 when he created all of the Kiehl's holiday branding.

We are thrilled to welcome Andy Rementer to the AOL Artists community and his works to our collection. To download these canvases and view other artist's works, visit AOL Artists.

Jul 18th 2012

AOLer Phil Campbell's Life Hits the Big Screen

AOLer Phil Campbell has a lot to celebrate these days. He loves his job as an AOL Senior Collections Representative on our finance team, and he's celebrating his new movie which just hit the big screen at a theater near you. "Grassroots", a film directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal (father of Maggie and Jake, pictured above), recently opened in limited release in theaters across America and to glowing reviews from outlets like The New York Times. Campbell's book, Zioncheck for President, a memoir published in 2005 about an eccentric local political campaign Phil once managed in Seattle for a friend, was the basis for the movie, and as a result, Campbell is now experiencing new fame from the movie's release.

The book chronicles the period from Campbell's sudden firing to how he was able to regain a balance in life and figure out who he was. "I wrote the book because I had a strange experience in 2001 where I was fired from my job at an alternative weekly in Seattle and I was trying to figure out what to do with my life next. I had an identity crisis and ended up jumping on my friend's political campaign for local office."

Zioncheck was adapted into a movie after Gyllenhaal was taken in by a copy of the book provided by Campbell's publisher in 2007. The movie took years to come into focus, but both Campbell and Gyllenhaal wanted to see it through. The process wasn't without some challenges: "You can pack a lot more into a book, but for a movie everything gets boiled down and condensed," said Campbell. "Parts are tossed out wholesale, which was quite a challenge, but suddenly in 2010 it was really happening."

When discussing Jason Biggs, who plays him in the movie, Campbell admits that he didn't know who he was. "I didn't see American Pie, so I didn't really know him," said Campbell. "Everyone told me he was a great choice and when I met him he seemed intent on widening his range as an actor and show that he could do more than just pie jokes. After being on set for four days I was very impressed. He played the role the way it should have been played."

Last year, Phil was featured on You've Got... on AOL.com when he shared the story of the Phil Campbell relief effort in Phil Campbell, Alabama. An off-beat convention of Phil Campbells from around the world, organized by Campbell, was scheduled to take place in that Alabama town when it was devastated by an EF-5 tornado. The convention turned into a volunteer effort that attracted heavy media attention; the Phil Campbells worked together to raise $42,000 in 6 weeks. AOL's Phil Campbell is now working on a documentary about the project called I'm With Phil and credits the event as "one of the most profound experiences I've ever had. Connecting with total strangers to help out a place that we didn't really know very well was incredible."

An AOLer since 2007, Campbell's favorite part about working at AOL is the people. "I love my team and supervisors and I just really love coming into this office because people here are really friendly. Compared to other places I've worked, this is a place you actually want to work at."

On top of the documentary, Campbell is working on a second book, and can't live without the time needed to "think and create and use my mind to try apply creatively to any kind of problem, whether inside or outside of the office." As his list of accomplishments continues to grow, Phil still cites the birth of his son as his single proudest moment. "He's four years old now and he's really smart and just incredibly gregarious. Watching him grow up has been an incredible experience."

Find out where you can see Phil's new film, "Grassroots", by visiting Moviefone. (Bookstore Photo by Robin Hellmold.)

Jun 15th 2012

AOL Artists Celebrate Father's Day with New Canvases

Join us as we welcome Marco Cibola and Christine Berrie to the AOL Artists program with two new canvases, Bicycle and Catch, which celebrate Father's Day. Marco is an Ontario-based artist whose stunning graphic art and portraiture have appeared in publications such as Time Magazine, The New York Times and Nylon. When approached to create a canvas in honor of Father's Day, Marco leapt at the opportunity and created Bicycle, a piece that is both masculine and cheerful.

Christine, a UK-based artist, approached creating the canvas Catch with the same enthusiasm, as the piece is both nostalgic and fun. Christine's beautiful hand-rendered illustrations have been featured in publications such as The Guardian, Esquire, and Time Out. We are thrilled to have such beautiful permanent additions to the AOL Canvas collection.

Want to make one of the new canvases your background on AOL.com? Click here for Bicycle or here for Catch.

Jun 14th 2012

Patch Partners with James Paterson's READKIDDOREAD

Patch has partnered with a website founded by No. 1 best-selling author James Patterson, READKIDDOREAD.com, to encourage children to read. The first program in the partnership, "Patch and James Patterson's/ReadKiddoRead's Summer Reading List," launches this week on all 850+ Patch sites. A video message from Patterson will be featured on the sites that introduces Patch readers to the program and its four age-specific reading lists (ages 2-7, ages 6-9, ages 8-12 and tweens and teens) chosen by Patterson as great summer reads. Kids and parents can share their own recommendations, their responses to the books and their progress with the list on their hometown Patch site.

Patterson has been the number-one selling author in the U.S. for the past three years, with more than 16 million books sold in North America in 2011. He's the first author to have No. 1 new titles simultaneously on The New York Times adult and children's best-seller lists. A champion of reading, Patterson launched READKIDDOREAD.com to help parents and educators connect their children with books that will turn them into lifelong readers. The site, which debuted in 2008, won the National Book Foundation's Innovations in Reading Prize.

In a press release yesterday, Warren Webster, Co-Founder of Patch, said "James Patterson's passion for inspiring children to read made this partnership a perfect fit for Patch, given our commitment to supporting our communities - and by extension, the kids and families in those communities." Patterson said he's "excited to be getting a conversation going this summer with such a lively and active network of families across the country" through Patch.

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