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Jan 11th 2012

AOL Teams Up with Videology

Audience-based targeting has been second nature to advertisers for quite some time now, but publishers haven't been as diligent about providing audience data. As a result, publishers may be losing ad dollars, or at the very least, not fully capitalizing on the value of their brand.

Today, AOL Video has signed on as Videology's inaugural publisher platform to expand the potential scope of addressable audience ad market with unprecedented analytic and measurement capabilities. Videology, Inc., formerly known as TidalTV, Inc., today announced the launch of its sell-side platform that complements and mimics the platform capabilities currently offered to media agencies, solving the growing disconnect between video advertisers' buying preferences and digital publishers' audience data.

The VideologyAddressable Audience Platform (videologygroup.com) is a screen-agnostic video advertising technology that works to connect brands with consumers. Videology achieves this through mathematically-driven data analyses that allow them to target precise consumer segments-at scale-by demographics, psychographics, and behavioral segments. This precise targeting permits advertisers to extract increased value from every media impression, and allows our content partners to monetize their audience more effectively.

Working with Videology will vastly increase the audience data available, and AOL Video will gain insight into our total audience, as opposed to the small portion identifiable through a panel-based sampling. More granular audience data would not only allow more scalable audience analysis and targeting, but also greater insight into the consumer purchase cycle, or the ability to track ad exposure to online or offline sales which is so important to brand advertisers.

Read the official press release here.

Nov 10th 2011

Setting New Standards in Display

AOL kicked off this busy week of conferences by focusing on setting new standards in the online advertising industry.

During OMMA Display, a MediaPost conference focusing on THE rapid market growth of display advertising, we challenged the notion of having to settle for a tradeoff between performance and Quality.

Advertising.com Group, one of the sponsors of the New York conference, kicked off the day with a hosted breakfast session that challenged the conference's theme around the tradeoff between performance and premium quality. Advertising.com's Mike Treon treated attendees to an exciting chat on quality, results and scale and how to have it all. Mike said settling for just two out of three factors will not drive the scalable results advertisers desire: "Technology and audiences won't scale alone. Quality is needed to drive meaningful results." He showed how solutions such as AOL Premium Formats leveraged on the Advertising.com network can produce big results.
Also, ADTECH was named a winner of the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Impression Exchange Solution Implementation Challenge at the IAB's Ad Ops Summit in New York. Read the full release here.

According to the IAB, "IES streamlines the digital advertising industry's business practices by helping publishers and advertisers detect and resolve differences, such as discrepancies in systems used to count impressions and clicks, early in the life cycle of a digital campaign-and avoid the lengthy and costly manual reconciliation and remediation processes that have bedeviled the industry."

An Impression Exchange Solution will create a huge opportunity for ADTECH to help the industry, both the advertiser/agency and publisher sides. Our proprietary analysis indicates that observing an accurate discrepancy rate – as we expect will improve with IES – will dramatically lower the number of campaigns that end in discrepancies, satisfying everyone.

(This post originally ran on the AOL Advertising Blog.)

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