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Sep 10th 2012

AOL David Shing Featured in Canada's 'Marketing' Magazine

AOL Digital Prophet David Shing delivers the keynote speech at Marketing magazine's inaugural Branded Content Conference this Wednesday in Toronto. In advance of the event, the magazine sat down with David for a Q&A, during which he stressed the importance of "movements" over "moments" in marketing. Here are a few highlights from the interview:

"How can content connect in context and not contribute to clutter?
The key to success starts with a great idea. This foundation allows for the idea to travel across multiple properties with strong storytelling. The key to context is to ensure you are telling the right type of story at the right place at the right time. Too many brands tell the same story across different media and forget that people are using digital properties for different needs.

You've long said that generic advertising needs to evolve to "influence marketing," adding that it's not about size, but influence. What do you mean?
If we can move people beyond liking to actually share-or take other real actions-we can engage the crowd to create movements and not be limited to moments. For example, the concept of "like" is conceptually flawed because there is very little commitment to the action. I believe we can harness the power of "friends of a friend" to make the social experience-especially social-commerce-authentic."

Read the full article click here.

Dec 1st 2011

Start Your Engines: Welcome (back!) AutoBlog Canada

We're proud to reintroduce to you AutoBlog Canada, the site that finds an original story in every car, complete with news, reviews, podcasts, high-quality photography and commentary from Canada and around the world.

Mandated to spark the interest of Toronto's car buffs and create buzz around the redesign of AOL's AutoBlog site, ca.AutoBlog.com, AOL Canada partnered with Toronto creative agency Sid Lee for a one-of-a-kind street installation curated entirely from recycled autoparts. The billboard underwent production on November 14 with very little concept of how long it will take to construct. But that was the point- to get Torontonians talking, tweeting and scratching their heads whilst bringing the character of AutoBlog Canada to life!

The site features improved integration with social networking, advanced commenting system and user-defined custom viewing. Blend that in with faster load times, improved galleries and fresh wallpaper downloads, the new site will outperform all expectations. In an effort to lead the site redesign, AOL Canada sought out the creative expertise of Sid Lee for a unique marketing campaign to reconnect Canadians with AOL Canada site, AutoBlog Canada. Sid Lee recruited Montreal artist, Karim Charlebois-Zariffa to design the installation out of recycled car parts from Montreal and mount it to a billboard at Bloor and Sherbourne. The whole production was documented and can be seen on AutoBlog Canada – pass it around because A. It's really cool! B. We want to spread the word!

We wanted to explore a new, more visual way to re-connect the AutoBlog Canada site with not only our advertisers but our consumers as well. The site, delivers 2.6M Canadian PVs a month and has been redesigned and relaunched to deliver premium content in a new superior user experience while maintaining the same industry applauded height in sleek design and a smooth ride.

AOL Canada pitched an exclusive to Canada's largest trade publication, Marketing Magazine, to capture the story and making of the billboard and sr. editor, Dave Pankew featured the production on AutoBlog Canada.

Nov 8th 2011

AOL Canada Makes 2011 Media Player Shortlist

Just in time for award season- AOL Canada has yet another reason to celebrate! We've been included on the shortlist for the Media Player of the Year 2011 by Marketing Magazine! The shortlist includes a full-page spread in the Nov. 14 Print edition (out now!) focusing on how we've spent 2011 investing in original content and products for consumers and advertisers alike!

Director of Marketing, Laura Pearce, was interviewed (and photographed!) for the submission highlighting AOLC's commitment to "get in front of media agencies and explain value proposition." Additionally, one of AOL's prestigious clients, director of digital solutions, Media Experts: Karel Wegert, toted AOL with: "Their focus is on the delivery of quality content that is relevant to a Canadian audience."

AOL Canada shares the Media Player of the Year 2011 Shortlist with the following contenders: Torstar Corp., Vice Media, Broadband TV, Microsoft, CBC/Radio-Canada, Rogers Media, Facebook, Shaw Media and Bell Media.

Award will be announced in the January 2012 edition- fingers crossed!

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