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Apr 9th 2012

MapQuest Makes Adding Maps to Pinterest Easy

If you can dream it, you can pin it. Heck, even if you can't dream it, someone else dreamt it and you can just 're-pin' it. Unless you have been living on a remote island in the south pacific for past six months, you've probably heard about the tremendously popular social platform that enables people to create pin boards of things they love or are inspired by, called Pinterest. Travel, be it a place you've visited or a place you like to go to, is a big part of what people share on Pinterest. We thought we'd make travel 'pinning' even better by giving people the option to create maps that work with Pinterest so each trip has context to followers.

Here are some cool examples of how people on Pinterest use MapQuest to make their travel related pins even cooler.

How does it work? It's super easy, if you just want a map of a location, simply create your map on MapQuest and then click the "Pin It" Button at the top right of the MapQuest page. This will create a map image and link that you can then upload to Pinterest and add to your 'pin board'.
Careful...it's addictive!

Mar 22nd 2012

MapQuest Shares Data Eye Candy

With literally millions of data points pulsing through MapQuest's products each day, we find it easier to visualize and ultimately make use of the information as an infographic, rather than a standard spreadsheet. According to comScore data for February, more than 35 million people each month searched for maps, directions and places such as restaurants, airports, hotels and top brands -- data is something we have a lot of and it tells us a lot about what's interesting to our users.

We even used this MapQuest data about where people like to go to create MapQuest Vibe, our local discovery product. If you haven't had a chance to download one of the top free travel apps in the iPhone store, go to the MapQuest Vibe site or search for mqvibe in the iPhone store to help you find cool neighborhoods and the best restaurants, bars, and shopping wherever you are.

View / download full-size by clicking here.

Feb 2nd 2012

Live Traffic Cameras Now On MapQuest

They say "a picture is worth a thousand words", and we agree. So just in time to help you deal with mid-winter driving, we are happy to announce the arrival of traffic and road condition cameras on MapQuest.com.

To see the cameras, just click on "Live Traffic" in the upper right portion of your map. You'll see toggles for traffic cameras and traffic conditions (our extensive traffic speed and incident info), which you can show together or separately. Hovering on camera icon will show the location, and clicking on it will bring up the images (hint: zoom in closer if there are a lot of cameras in the area).

Our coverage consists of over 11,000 cameras covering 100+ markets in the US and Canada, and we'll be adding more soon. Update frequencies will vary, but most are updated every couple of minutes or so.

Now you can quickly visualize traffic and weather conditions before your morning commute or heading out on that weekend getaway. It's all part of our mission to help you get there safely and efficiently.

Check out MapQuest traffic cameras now.

Nov 10th 2011

Hey Neighbors! MapQuest Vibe is Now Available on Your iPhone

Become a local, anywhere, with the help of the MapQuest Vibe iPhone app. Available today on iTunes, the free new iPhone app includes the Vibe Score rankings that profile 50,000 neighborhoods, 27,000 cities and 50,000 hotspots across the country so you can find the best of what's in your local surroundings. Making it easier than ever to vote up or down places of interests, hotspots and neighborhoods, the new app expedites and enhances exploration of new and familiar places.

Originally launched as a desktop experience in October 2011, the new MapQuest Vibe iPhone app mirrors the desktop and mobile platforms so users can access and enjoy neighborhood insights regardless of device.

Visit iTunes or mqvibe.com to download the free app. To learn more about the app's features and functionalities,read the official press release here.

Oct 27th 2011

Local Guides by MapQuest

If you've been to MapQuest lately, you may have noticed a few changes. A new window pane at the bottom of the map features 3-4 unique local articles created by MapQuest editorial staff such as best viewing spots for fall colors and fun Halloween events.

These articles are targeted to the user's current location or their mapped locations. We selected the article topics based on data driven analysis from our MapQuest user behavior and search patterns. By reading these articles, you can discover new places around your city or along the way to your destination.

AOL has been investing in content for the last few years with good reason. People spend 50 percent of their time online with content, and the other 50 percent on social networking and email – where they're sharing content.1

Through years of search data, we've found that people love reading content about where they live. To that end, the majority of MapQuest searches are for local destinations.2

Now MapQuest is putting content about local areas at the source, and there couldn't be a better time. With the Oct. 13 launch of MapQuest Vibe, we are expanding on the brand users already know and trust to become even more helpful in their daily lives. MapQuest isn't just for finding your way anymore, but for inspiring where you want to go!

Visit MapQuest.com to find out the top places to view fall foliage and the top Halloween events in your area, or go to mqVibe.com for top rankings on neighborhoods, cities, hotspots and places of interest.

1 "Content fuels the Social Web" AOL and Nielsen, June 2011
2 Under 25 miles, internal data, October 2011

(This post originally ran on the AOL Advertising Blog.)

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