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Feb 28th 2013

MapQuest Ecosystem Expands Through Launch of Travel Blogs

MapQuest has always been great at getting people from point A to B. But what we embraced through the launch of MapQuest Discover last fall is the idea that it's not only about the destination, but that the journey counts just as much.

With that in mind, we're excited to announce today the launch of MapQuest Travel Blogs, and a new iPhone app that allows travelers to easily capture the memories and routes taken on all of their trips. With just a few easy clicks, users can now collect all of their photos, reviews and stories to create a digital memory of their journey.

Features of the app include:

  • On and off-line usage for travelers without cell service or those journeying out of the country beyond their mobile coverage; the mobile blog can be sync'd with the web once a user is back online
  • Privacy settings to allow users to share their blogs on their own terms via social channels or through an individually curated distribution list
  • Those that opt to have their content stay public will be featured in the MapQuest Discover content feed and may be featured across AOL's digital network
  • Coming soon: the option to have your blog printed into a beautiful photo book

Travel Blogs is not just a tool to help users document their recent day trip up the coast or two week cross-country excursion. As part of our library of over 24,000 blogs from Everlater, now part of the MapQuest family, our goal is to help give people valuable and authentic stories that inspire them to set out on their own adventure.

Thinking of planning a trip? Check out some of our favorite blogs so far, Maui in One Week, Culinary Adventures Around the World, East Africa with Amsterdam En Route and Runways and Rails, for ideas and tips on where to set your next course. Happy Travels!

Nov 13th 2012

MapQuest Launches New Travel Tool: MapQuest Discover

Today, MapQuest launched MapQuest Discover, one of several upcoming tools focused on the complete travel experience: discovering, planning, exploring and documenting the places where the map meets life.
This beta release of MapQuest Discover focuses on places, encourages destination discovery, and allows users to create and share collections and photos of favorite places from trips they've taken or planned.

Right now, MapQuest Discover has the following features with more to come:

  • Collections: allows users to create and share their favorite places ("favorite bars" or "cool hikes"), trips they've taken, or their travel bucket list. Collections has a leaderboard that shows who's been to the most places in that collection, encouraging some good-natured bragging.
  • Newsfeed: an infinite scroll of interesting places, popular collections and professional travel guides aimed to inspire. Users can quickly Like a place, mark that they have Been to a place, or add a place to one of their own Collections. Popular collections are influenced by user's favorites and are featured higher in the newsfeed.
  • Passport: serves as a user's profile page and shows all the places they've been, collections created and more.
  • Travel Content: access hundreds of travel guides written by travel experts and inspiring articles about top travel destinations to help make planning even easier.
In addition to launching MapQuest Discover, the team is adding reviews, deals, travel guides and related collections from MapQuest Discover to MapQuest Local pages about states, cities, places, and neighborhoods for more convenient trip planning.

For 16 years, MapQuest has played a big role in helping people navigate the world. Now with MapQuest Discover, MapQuest is not only getting users where they want to go with directions and planning, but also inspiring them to go there in the first place.

To explore MapQuest Discover for yourself check it out here!

Oct 12th 2012

Jennifer Kinney Joins MapQuest As Senior Technology Director

The MapQuest family at AOL just got a little bit bigger. On Wednesday, it was announced that Jennifer Kinney has joined the company as senior technology director, leading all MapQuest browser-based solutions for desktop, tablet and mobile platforms.

Jennifer joins MQ, with a distinguished career in technology and product development. Previously she was senior solutions architect and team lead at international energy firm, Encana Corp, responsible for business solutions architecture and design, as well as technical strategy. Prior to Encana Corp., Kinney led strategy, product development, quality assurance and the deployment of a custom portal for the National Renewable Energy Lab commercialization.

She joins MapQuest at a very exciting time. The brand is in growth mode, currently sitting at the 16th most popular mobile brand*, as well as being a top 30 website**, and ushering in a new era of inspiring consumers.

To find out more about MapQuest and its products and services, visit its website here.

*comScore MobiLens, August 2012
**comScore Media Metrix, August 2012

Jul 13th 2012

MapQuest Shares Summer Travel Infographic

MapQuest just released its latest infographic to make it easier to visualize what people are searching for this summer. (Also see the data eye candy we shared in March.) Big data shows us our users love national parks, so we created parks.mapquest.com as a completely devoted resource for information on the 58 U.S. national parks. Many travelers visit these iconic destinations for overnight trips between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and even more stop at them along the way - called via points - the most popular being Yellowstone.

Even if consumers aren't planning a trip across country, MapQuest can help people plan a backyard escape that takes only an afternoon. Last summer, we helped more than 9 million people find a nearby place to get ice cream.

While we can't lower the high gas prices, we can tell people where the least expensive places to fuel up are. Gasprices.mapquest.com shares where to find the cheapest gas nearby, so, if travelers do go to the Grand Canyon, the trip there will be even easier by finding the least expensive gas stations and prices along the way.

Take a look at our Summer Travel infographic for more surprising stats and popular destinations because after all, life's about the journey, right?

Jul 12th 2012

MapQuest Selects TomTom Maps to Power Its Mobile Application

Trying to get somewhere this summer? Download the updated MapQuest smartphone apps, where our free iPhone and Android offerings are now powered with TomTom maps. As the world's leading supplier of in-car location and navigation products and services, TomTom provides coverage for more than 7.5 million miles of roads across North America. That's like going to the moon and back about 16 times. That's like traveling the length of the Great Wall of China over 1,300 times. That's like running well over a quarter of a million marathons. Basically, it's a lot of mapped miles any way you look at it.

With MapQuest and TomTom maps, you could drive virtually anywhere there's a road in the United States with our app as your travel companion. (No need to panic if you forget to print off directions before leaving your house.) Whether you're driving across the county or across the continent this summer, there's never been a better time to ask for directions...just ask us.
Where are you heading this summer? Tell us on Facebook.

(This post originally ran on the MapQuest Blog.)

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