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Oct 17th 2013

AOL breaks U.S. video industry records, tops comScore rankings in September

In just one month since we completed the acquisition of Adap.tv, we're proud to announce that both parties are already reaping the benefits.

Earlier today, comScore released the U.S. Online Video Rankings for September; AOL not only tops the list of online video ad properties for the month, but also served up 3.7 billion (yes, that's with a "b") video ads -- the largest number by a single property ever recorded by comScore*.

This is the first public data combining both Adap.tv and AOL as one unit, and these results reaffirm the significance of the acquisition and speak to the bright future that lies ahead in video. Specifically, Adap.tv is uniquely positioned to accelerate programmatic ad buying across a bevy of premium publishers and brand advertisers -- and indeed, it already has.

We recently highlighted our leadership position in programmatic at our first-ever Programmatic Upfront, where five of the top six media holding companies committed to programmatic ad packages with AOL in 2014. Adap.tv was also named by IPG's MAGNA GLOBAL unit as its preferred video technology platform, accelerating the agency's client successes across digital, mobile and linear television. The belief is that by eliminating the many points of friction and manual processes within advertising transactions, we can explode creativity and spotlight the incredible work being done in video advertising.

We've also consistently maintained our ranking as one of the top three premium video content properties on the Web by making good on our promise to utilize a syndication model that makes the economics of video production work for publishers and content creators. To that end, we've recently announced partnerships with content brands like ESPN, Discovery and The Wall Street Journal, and we've launched immensely popular series that have raked in a combined 23M** views to date.

We're pleased to see tangible results, and we're inspired by the speed at which we've grown our video offerings to be one of the best in the business. We are currently seeing a 32% increase in video views year-over-year, compared to 17% growth for the overall industry***, with all signs pointing to strong continued success for video at AOL.

From investing in video advertising to syndicating short-form premium content to launching original programs with well-known talent, we have built a complete solution that brings together both content and technology, arming every edge of the ecosystem with what is needed for the next generation of video.

With that said, this milestone could not have been reached without the work of our brilliant employees and our visionary partners and clients who understand the power of sight, sound and motion in today's media and tech economy.

Thank you -- we are excited to be on this journey with you and look forward to continuing this momentum in 2014.

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**AOL internal analytics, September 2013

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Jul 31st 2012

AOL Sponsors Ad Age Conference

For the third year in a row, AOL was the premier sponsor of the Ad Age Small Agency Conference and Awards in Minneapolis. This one-day conference brings together 100 senior leaders from agencies all around the U.S. to network, share and celebrate their accomplishments over the past year.

During a fireside chat with John Coleman, CEO of last year's Small Agency of the Year, Via, AOL advisor and Chairman Emeritus of IPG, David Bell, shared how technology has leveled the playing field. He described its impact on agencies who no longer need to be big or part of global networks to deliver great work to big brands at home or around the world. A Minneapolis native himself, David has taken small agencies and turned them into major growth engines for global holding companies. Growth is a hot topic for all small business, and David shared his 4 Ps of growth: "People, Position, Projection and Pipeline."

Since David usually asks the questions (see our popular Voices video series spotlighting ad industry thought leaders), it was a real treat to hear him share his insights. He also emphasized the importance of corporate culture and shared some of his favorite new business pitches from his agency days, including having someone dress as General Patton to inform the client they "are going to war." The audience was thrilled to have him, and David acknowledged the special atmosphere in the room arguing, "Running a small agency is the best job in the world."

Following David's chat, AOL Director of Social Media Matt Knell gave a fun and enlightening presentation during lunch on telling brand stories through social media. To engage the audience early on, Matt announced an Instagram contest to win headphones -- attendees simply needed to deliver a creative image and tag it #thingsandpeople. "Things and people," Matt maintains, is what brings us together on the Internet, which is trending away from text and towards images. Online, a picture is not just worth 1,000 words, but 1,000 shares.

The day wrapped up with the annual awards at a nearby jazz club and this year's winner was Baldwin&.

Take a look at Matt's presentation and check out the AOL Advertising Blog for more research and insights.

Jun 27th 2012

Ad Industry Influencers Share their "Voices" with AOL

Maurice Levy, CEO and Chairman of Publicis Groupe, joined David Bell, AOL Advisor and Chairman Emeritus of IPG, for an AOL Voices session live from Cannes Lions last week.

Levy talked to the evolution of the digital space and its impact on the advertising industry, and more specifically to Publicis. He reflected on the influence of technology and how it has forced brands to think about how they approach consumers, and make a difference in their lives. This philosophy is at the root of Publicis' mission to be the #1 human digital agency connecting brands and consumers worldwide. Levy encouraged marketers to listen to their clients, that paying attention to detail is the secret behind delivering great campaigns. Levy's tenure at the world-renown agency has spanned 40+ years, and has been "...a dream, is still a dream."

To learn more about Maurice Levy, including his thoughts on leadership, fighting fires and pursuing one's passion, watch AOL Advertising's AOL Voices interview here. A video series featured on AOL Advertising's trade site, AOL Voices spotlights ad industry thought leaders exploring the state of media and creative and the future of the advertising business.

Nov 14th 2011

AOL Shines at IPG Event

AOL took part in the opening party for the IPG Media Lab in New York last week. IPG is the fourth-largest ad agency holding company in the world and one of our key business partners. The Lab is IPG's latest investment in digital technology, a 5,000 square-foot space in midtown featuring a virtual closet, connected TVs, live social feeds and gadget of all shapes and sizes.

Both AOL's content and technology are featured prominently in the lab, including the oversize art by AOL artist Jason Gnewikow, who attended, featured prominently in the lobby. A post on the wall explains the AOL Artists program and directs people the site.

Another special AOL guest at the party was celebrity chef Sam Talbot, featured on AOL's Kitchen Daily and GMC Trade Secrets. Sam cooked up an appetizer of crab, blueberries and popcorn that surprised and delighted everyone.

Original research by IPG and AOL on the Devil unit is also highlighted on IPG's Engagement Wall, while the 3D BMW ad on Editions by IPG Agency UMWW is featured nearby on the Mobile Wall.
AOL's presence at the Lab is a wonderful example of how great partnerships with agencies are mutually beneficial. We look forward to what's next with IPG and the Lab!

See more photos from the Event here:

Nov 10th 2011

AOL Artists Celebrates New IPG Media Lab with Original Work

In celebration of the new IPG Media Lab, an original work of art from the AOL Artists program – Ink Blot Color, by Jason Gnewikow – has been placed in the new office space in New York City.

Dedicated to supporting creativity, we are delighted that IPG approached us to have an original work of art by an AOL Artist featured in their new office. The goal of the AOL Artists program is to provide amazing opportunities for the artists we work with who are so important to the creativity reflected in our visual brand identity. AOL Artist Jason Gnewikow's piece is a perfect example of the incredible work our artists create.

AOL actively commissions artists from around the world to create original works of art as the visual identity of the AOL brand. The work is showcased globally across AOL's platforms. To explore all of the AOL Artists' work, visit AOLArtists.com.

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