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Feb 2nd 2014

Top 5 Reasons to Personalize Your Content

As part of your friendly neighborhood semantically driven personalization engine, Gravity, I thought it would be fun to share the TOP 5 REASONS TO PERSONALIZE YOUR CONTENT! (Note: you can't see, but I'm making jazz hands while I type this).

  • We are all special snowflakes - Every reader is unique, so why do we give them all the same content experience? The Interest Graph captures and measures our individual tastes and motivations to make content experiences as differentiated as we are (within a finite set of qualified permutations).

  • You have a metric ton of content - We're new to the company, but our initial analysis of the collective AOL content corpus places it somewhere in the "Holy Moly" range. Within the vastness of this sea of content, there is something to address virtually any interest a human might have. Personalization helps each piece of content find the users who will love it.

  • Content promotion is a real estate problem - Whenever we present users with a set of content, we are sadly limited in the number of pixels at our disposal. The proliferation of mobile has only exacerbated this real estate crunch. Personalization is all about making efficient use of the space we have to show readers content they'll love. For example, I'm not much of a sports guy so every sports story promoted to me is a missed opportunity. But swap out Super Bowl stories for more on what the texture of dinosaur skin was and we've got ourselves the beginnings of a party!

  • Personalization works - Interest Graph-based personalization is the most performant mechanism for engaging users bar none. Graphs are fun, here's one:

  • Gravity is fun to work with - There's nothing more exciting to do with your time than applying big data to user experiences (don't judge me).

Jan 23rd 2014

It's Personal - AOL To Acquire Personalization Tech Start-Up, Gravity

Let's face it – it's all about you.

Well, at least online it's going to be, as we see the Internet evolve from an ecosystem driven by search links and social fodder to one where personalized experiences are the norm.

As we usher in this new era, AOL has put itself ahead of the competition by agreeing to acquire Gravity, the leader in Internet personalization. We expect Gravity to make an impact across our entire business for consumers, advertisers and publisher partners.

More details on the announcement can be found here. Enlarge the graphic below to see just how Gravity works:

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