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Nov 22nd 2011

Happy Holidays from Heidi Klum!

Just in time for the holiday season, "Heidi's Holiday Gift Guides" have officially launched! Users will now be able to get great gift advice straight from Heidi Klum. The guides are the perfect way to generate ideas for festive (and last minute!) gifts, and will transcend everything from accessories and make-up to lifestyle and sweet treats.

Consisting of 7-10 unique gift guides, the holiday campaign will run from today until January 2nd and is sponsored by Coty, a leading global beauty company. You can find all of the gift guides on http://heidiklum.aol.com/, in the site's "I Love" section, next to Heidi's regular "I Love" updates. The site launches today with "Gifts for Fitness Fanatics" and other examples will include, "Sweet Treats", "Last Minute Gifts", and "Few of Heidi's Favorite Things".

Happy Holidays!

Nov 15th 2011

Put Yourself First and Get Healthy!

Today, The Huffington Post has expanded its Healthy Living content, which now includes more news, information and tools to help you take control of your health. Learn how to put your best foot forward from bloggers that include doctors, lifestyle coaches, psychotherapists, authors and teachers all dedicated to deliver the health resources you need.

Blogging for the site, David Katz, M.D., Director of Yale's Prevention Research Center, discusses why healthy living requires such voluminous and on-going information exchange:

"Living as we now do generally means stressing more than we should, while sleeping less -- exercising less than we should, while eating more. We are still subject to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, of course, in the form of perils we don't control, although generally better shielded from them. But the fact that living itself -- our daily routine -- is unhealthy, that's new.

The cause? Just about every aspect of the modern world that makes it modern. Planes, trains and automobiles. Electronic devices and global commercial markets. Tax forms and Times Square. The World Wide Web and suburban sprawl. We are out of our element. Way out."

Click here to read David Katz's entire blog.

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