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Nov 6th 2012

AOL Covers Election Night in a Whole New Way

After 18 months of campaigning, more than $1 billion in spending, and umpteen stories about Ohio, Florida, Iowa, and New Hampshire, election season ends tonight. We think AOL.com will be the best place to follow all the action.

Our experience live blogging the debates taught us a few things. First and foremost, AOL users love live events and the live blog format, wanting up to the second updates. We also learned our audience will use us both as a primary news source and as a second screen with their TV. Finally, we continue to prove (most recently highlighted by our coverage of Hurricane Sandy) that AOL's powerhouse brands, news gathering assets, and technology platform can deliver local, national, and international coverage of breaking news at an unmatched scale and scope.

So, to take advantage of these trends, we're trying something new tonight on the AOL homepage.

Working with our colleagues at HuffPost, Patch, and the rest of AOL, we're putting a live blog directly on the homepage to bring the best of the company in real time to our audience. Working closely with the extraordinary HuffPost news, analysis, and infographics teams, we'll also have real time state by state election results graphics and results. And we'll have on the spot reports from Patches across the company and links to streaming coverage on HuffPost Live.

Visit aol.com after 6pm. We'll be there till it is over (unless of course, there's a recount).

Nov 8th 2011

The Huffington Post Launches "Reclaim 2012"

Looking for a 24/7 political play-by-play? Preparing for the 2012 election, HuffPost Politics has launched "Reclaim 2012" a multidimensional approach to covering the election that will feature a combination of news, opinion and community. The new dashboard will provide a network of citizen journalists, Pollster and Fundrace tools, and a local perspective with the help of Patch, the nationwide network of community sites.

Focusing on key issues and trends that often get overlooked in the 24-hour news cycle, "Reclaim 2012" will leverage its new media assets to provide a 360 degree view of the candidates and issues that matter most to them.

To learn more about the launch, please read the official press release or check out Politico's coverage.

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