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Feb 13th 2014

AOL CSR Gets Creative & Employs Triple-Win Effort

Charitybuzz.com is an online auction house where users bid on experiences and luxuries whose proceeds benefit causes. This platform enables individuals and companies to donate items and allot their proceeds to particular organizations. Users then bid on the items or bid "to make a difference." The highest bidder wins the item and the proceeds benefit the designated cause.

In November, AOL supported one of its non-profit partners, She's the First by donating an experiential auction item: a tour of the New York office followed by a round-robin of employee conversations.
Last week, AOL hosted its item's winner. The winning bid of $750 enabled each 20-minute employee conversation to fund a $150 donation to She's the First! Conversations revolved around individuals' roles at AOL and how they contribute to the company as a whole. By tapping this innovative platform, AOL simultaneously supported an AOL consumer (the winner), employee volunteering and She's the First!

According to the winner, the event was a truly phenomenal opportunity to learn about the AOL brand. He commented, "This was incredible exposure! I didn't know how expansive AOL is. Holy cow!" An employee volunteer mentioned, "Our guest told me he's never seen a more creative and genuinely valuable charity event." Another employee described how he deeply appreciated the opportunity to volunteer. In terms of impacting She's the First, the auction item that AOL donated and AOL's guest purchased could fund a year's worth of school supplies and books for 34 Nepali girls.

This event was a win for all three parties and showcased AOL's ability to get creative about being in the business of helping people.

What's next? You'll just have to wait and see.

Oct 7th 2013

International Day of the Girl

Beginning October 7th and culminating on October 11th – the day recognized by the United Nations as International Day of the Girl – several of AOL's brands will feature content to raise awareness for girls' education across the globe.

Photo Credit: A World at School 2013

International Day of the Girl was first formally recognized by the United Nations through partnership with Plan International on October 11th, 2012, to bring an end to child marriage and recognize girls' lack of rights around the world. This year, International Day of the Girl is strategically focusing its efforts on another crucial cause: girls' education. If girls and young women are provided the proper education they deserve, they'll be given the chance to build a better life and the ability to live independently.

AOL's brands have come together to promote one, cohesive message for a global cause. Each brand will offer a unique story in its category that sheds light on the importance of education in girls' lives and draws attention to areas across the world where girls lack the basic right to learn. Today, AOL Travel features several female authors writing letters to their younger selves, showing the power of travel in educating them in the ways of the world.

With each thoughtful story, AOL urges you to Raise Your Hand for girls' education with the goal of supporting Plan International's goal of surpassing one million hands raised.

Tune in to @AOLPR to read content from our various brands throughout the week, as they carry the torch for girls' education.

AOL and its family of brands supports Plan International and International Day of the Girl by Raising Its Hand for Girls' Education. More Information on Plan International and their initiatives here: http://plan-international.org/

Mar 9th 2012

HuffPost Tackles Poverty with "Breakdown: Americans on Edge"

Last week Timothy L. O'Brien, Executive Editor of The Huffington Post, introduced a new series, "Breakdown: Americans on Edge," a year-long exploration and examination of the lives of middle class and poor Americans. The series will cover several subjects surrounding rising poverty in America including health care, education, suburban strife, and violence. A group of about two dozen reporters and editors will be dedicated to the series which has already received positive reviews from the Columbia Journalism Review and the National Review.

The series will continue from now until the election and already includes coverage from Peter Goodman on poverty in the cradle of affluence, Tom Zeller on poverty that defies every cure, and Gerry Smith on the "digital divide," how lack of internet access holds back the poorest Americans.

Learn more about the series by clicking here.

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