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Mar 23rd 2012

AOL Celebrates Women's Leadership

For the second year in a row, AOL was named one of NAFE's Top 50 Companies for Executive Women, demonstrating our commitment to cultivating top female talent. By recently partnering with The Levo League, a multimedia website dedicated to guiding female Generation Y talent, AOL is reinforcing this commitment by promoting job opportunities on the site.

For current employees, we lead a number of initiatives dedicated to developing and cultivating leadership among the women at AOL, including:

  • The AOL Women's Network, which is dedicated to fostering the professional development, personal growth and advancement of women at AOL, sponsored a program of learning opportunities for all AOL employees through our award-winning peer-to-peer learning program, UnUniversity. Led by panels of female employees, this month's UnUniversities were programmed in celebration of Women's History Month and discussed a wide variety of topics including the role of women in technology and the challenges surrounding the rise of female executives.
  • The AOL Women's Network leadership committee nominated women from across AOL to attend the Annual Women's Leadership Conference in D.C. last week. This event gave AOL employees a chance to network, attend breakout sessions and hear inspiring words from female business leaders and innovators.
  • To cap off the month long celebration, AOL will partner with the Northern Virginia Family Service in a community service project for women in need on March 30th. Employees will gather together in an effort to bring awareness to women in need, and create Mother's Day Pampering Kits at the AOL campus.

By investing in our talent and providing a culture of support, AOL continues to hire and empower smart people who love what they do. To join AOL's team of talent and passionate innovators, please visit our Careers page or look for our listings on Levo League. We look forward to discovering great new talent, while continuing to support and develop top professionals within AOL.

Mar 8th 2012

AOL's UnUniversity Named Best HR Idea for 2012

AOL's peer-to-peer learning program, UnUniversity was named one of the winners of the Best HR Ideas for 2012 contest by HR Executive Magazine. Rewarding straightforward solutions that address real needs in both organizations and communities, HR Executive Magazine recognized UnUniversity for its unique and original approach to internal knowledge-sharing/training.

Led by Melissa Frescholtz, senior program designer for people development, UnUniversity is unique because it gives all AOLers the opportunity to teach or take a class. All topics are welcome and cover a range of subjects from UnUBusiness which provides the inside scoop on AOL's business and skills for success to UnUTalents, where AOLers share interests and talents -- work-related or not.

The program not only enriches students with new knowledge, but also allows teachers to share personal interests and passions while honing their presentation and communication skills. We're proud to continue to invest in our employees by providing meaningful opportunities for growth while taking fun seriously.

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