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Jan 26th 2015


Video is one of the fastest growing and most disruptive areas of the industry today. According to eMarketer, over 60% of the US population consumes video on digital devices, a number that is expected to approach 70% over the next few years. Furthermore, the digital video advertising market is expected to grow nearly 20% this year, and hit approximately $5 billion in 2016. Driving this massive growth are the changes in consumer behavior, technological advances in devices including the rise of the connected TV, and innovation in content production.

Video is one of the key pillars of AOL's strategy, and the bets we have made over the last five years have positioned us as a clear leader. At AOL we are naturally curious and we continually strive to push the envelope with innovative new strategies in content and video to delight our audience. We've brought you Emmy-nominated original series like Park Bench with Steve Buscemi and The Future Starts Here with Tiffany Shlain, MAKERS, a global digital video platform for documenting and celebrating the stories of extraordinary women, and HuffPost Live, the first live-streaming digital video network which just surpassed 2 billion video views. We are not finished and in the coming months we will launch Connected, our first foray into long form content in a documentary-reality series.

Today we continue to test, innovate and invest in the future of video consumption, launching AOL RISE, a daily destination that provides snackable video content to inform, inspire and motivate you – first thing in the morning. AOL RISE will be hosted live by Mari White, whose past experience at ESPN, stage shows in New York City and various network TV roles make her perfect for AOL RISE - Mari will make you laugh and make you think. The show will be shot live from AOL's headquarters in New York City at the top of each hour from 6:00-9:00am E.T. and live on rise.aol.com on desktop, mobile and tablets.

AOL RISE was born from the results of a recent AOL Morning Rituals Research study to better understand the morning and content consumption habits of consumers. The study brought to light a strong need to deliver relevant and timely content that let consumers start their days efficiently, as 85% of consumers use their smartphone before leaving bed in the morning and 22% use social media and 12% get the news. AOL RISE is built for the consumer who grabs his or her phone the moment he or she wakes up, who is on a time crunch and wants small digestible pieces of content while multi-tasking. AOL RISE is built for you. Start your day the right way – with AOL RISE.

Dec 16th 2014


At AOL, we're in the business of helping people and making a difference is a core part of our DNA. Today, we have an exciting new chapter to add to our long history of giving back, the launch of the AOL Charitable Foundation focused on improving the lives of women, girls and underserved youth.

Building on AOL's longstanding commitment to strengthening communities and promoting diversity and inclusion, the Foundation will provide its first grants to support the work of four nonprofit organizations focused on fostering young women's leadership, empowerment and access through education and technology across the U.S. We're proud to share that these organizations include:

· The New York City Foundation for Computer Science Education - to support a professional development program for teachers through the New York City Department of Education
· The New York Academy of Sciences - to support the 1,000 Girls - 1,000 Futures Program to provide a pipeline of women professionals in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)
· Girls Who Code - to support the 2015 Summer Immersion Program that pairs girls interested in computer science education with intensive instruction, in Computer Science exploring topics including robotics, web design, and mobile development with engaging, career-focused mentorship
· Step Up - to support their College & Career Connections Conferences and National Mentorship Days in NYC, Chicago, and LA, in - - An effort to propel girls from under-resourced communities to fulfill their potential by empowering them to become confident, college-bound, career-focused, and ready to join the next generation of professional women.

Since the beginning of AOL, we've been rallying our talent and tech behind causes that matter most to us, from mentoring young coders to providing free media space for some of the world's most important causes. Over the past 5 years, AOLers across the globe have volunteered over 50,000 hours in local communities for Monster Help Day and we've donated over 70B impressions of premium internet real estate to non-profits.

The foundation is an exciting extension of the work we're already doing as a company to unleash a better world and empower future leaders in the area of technology and education.

Nov 25th 2013

AOL Named One of the Great Places to Work in D.C.

We're honored that Washingtonian magazine has named AOL one of the 50 Great Places to Work in the D.C. Area!

AOL was selected from more than 13,000 nominations, with criteria that included worker satisfaction, flexibility, work/life balance and workplaces that employees enjoying going to each day. Once the nominations were narrowed down to the top 200, the companies were compared by size and the final 50 were selected.

To celebrate, the Dulles campus enjoyed a drop-by breakfast at three locations.

Sep 17th 2013

AOL is a Working Mother 'Top 100' Company for 2013

What do you get when you combine parenting programs, fitness centers, and the AOL Get Fit program? A place on Working Mother's Top 100 Companies for 2013!

The "100 Best Companies" list – which AOL has been a part of for five years in a row – highlights the top companies in the U.S. offering family-friendly benefits.

But, don't just take our word for why AOL is a great place to work – here's what Working Mother had to say:

"Pregnancy regimens, school volunteering issues, college tuition worries...the Parents Group meetings at this Web services company sure cover a lot of ground-and with 300+ babies born to employees every year, they're a big hit. Videoconferences and webinars led by parenting coach Hazel Osborn further plumb complex subjects, from bullying and gifted children to picking the right summer camp and proper scheduling of afterschool activities. Moms are grateful for the company's ubiquitous lactation rooms, backup dependent care and expansive parenting programs and leaves (used by 15% of the population annually). In 2012, more than 26% of employees worked from home full-time."

As part of the application process, we requested nominations for a Working Mother of the Year. The response was fantastic, and we ultimately selected Kacinda Belk. Kacinda – who's described as "extremely detail-oriented, relentless and sharp" – is an outstanding mom and mentor alike, and her contribution and dedication to AOL is recognition-worthy. We're so proud to have her represent us as Working Mother of the Year 2013!

For updates and the latest news from AOL, follow @AOLPR on Twitter.

Oct 22nd 2012

AOL's Culture Today

In my experience as a recruiter, I've observed that culture is an important aspect in a candidate's decision making process, and I'd guess that more than half of candidates ask me what our culture is like. Many of those candidates stress how important culture will be to them when making a decision on accepting new employment. For me personally, employee culture is very important.

The culture at AOL now could not be more different from when first I joined in 2008. It's not that the 'old AOL' culture was bad, but it was not the open, fun and collaborative culture of the 'new AOL.'

In 2009, the announcement came out that Tim Armstrong would assume the role of CEO. The new leadership recognized the need to change the culture in order to change the company. Early on, a new AOL mission statement was generated using employee input from across the globe, and AOL crafted a corporate values statement that was largely drawn from employee input.

One of our core values is that 'We help people.' AOLers embody this value by participating in company-wide Monster Help Days, where employees have done community service that ranges from creating care packages for deployed troops, selling cupcakes in Grand Central Station to raise money for Cancer Research or renovating a library in a local elementary school. These events not only help us 'Walk our Talk' but they help to shake things up and are often fun. Hard work, but fun.

To take the culture transformation one step further, Culture Clubs have been established in each office. I'm a member of the Culture Club in New York. Our club holds a weekly happy hour and has staged events that range from a Halloween party, a chocolate and beer tasting and a Pride March pep rally. Similarly, offices around the country have held a variety of events that include a golf party, an annual Barbecue Cook Off, Office Olympics and various events, weekly and otherwise, that allow employees to have fun with their colleagues. I think these events, the community service and the existence of Culture Club have served a very important purpose – they have transformed our organization from the inside. Now when candidates ask me what the culture is like, I give them a very long, enthusiastic and sincere answer.

To find out more about working at AOL, visit our Careers pages. For more information on Monster Help Day, check out the video below!

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