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Sep 10th 2013

CrunchBase Launches Mobile Site

We're pleased to announce the launch of a mobile version of CrunchBase for your smartphone!
Now, you can easily search for startups you're following and view general info, people, acquisitions, investments and competitors – all optimized for your mobile phone. You can also easily go to the desktop view to contribute to the database.

Check it out at m.crunchbase.com.

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Jan 25th 2013

TechCrunch Launches App for Android Users

"Galaxy", "Nexus", "Droid" – if you love those words, you're one of two kinds of geek: the kind that's always looking for little green men from Mars, or the kind that obsesses over a little green guy from Mountain View, CA. Because we fall into the latter category (ok, so there is some overlap in that Venn Diagram), we've been hard at work to bring the best of TechCrunch within a mobile app to your phone for millions of Google's Android users.

Now, all that hard work has paid off and we're proud to announce that there is a new version of TechCrunch available for download on your Android device. If you're a Google aficionado with an Android tablet or phone, you can access all the latest tech news with full CrunchBase integration at your fingertips.
Why is this app so awesome? Because we said so...and you get:

  • Custom designed Android interface for your tablet and phone
  • The hottest news in tech with the Trending List
  • TechTweets showing the latest tech news hitting social media
  • An outstanding mobile experience for the original content on TechCrunch
  • Comprehensive integration with CrunchBase
  • Save articles for offline reading
  • Original video content available right on the home screen
  • Switched to the latest version of Google Maps to display maps quicker than the old version with less memory and network bandwidth!

So prove you're smarter than all your other "tech-expert" friends by getting the latest tech news and gossip a solid 20 minutes (an eternity in Internet speak) before they do.

Go ahead and download it here.

Nov 14th 2012

TechCrunch for iPhone: The Best Tech Research Tool, Now In Your Pocket

If you're a fan of our TechCrunch app, then you're already aware just how awesome it is to have all the latest tech news with full Crunchbase integration at your fingertips. Problem is, no-one wants to lug around a device in their back pocket, not even that brand new iPad Mini you just bought. We have good news. Today, TechCrunch is proud to announce the roll out of the all-in-one tech research tool to iPhone.

'But wait', we hear you say, 'the TechCrunch app is so killer because I can dig up lots of information on trending tech stories and use Crunchbase to check out the companies and key players behind those stories. I can follow the social buzz from other tech writers, cache stories for offline reading later and spend hours of my day down the tech rabbit hole. Even with the 4 inch screen on my iPhone 5, there's just no way you packed all that in.'

Yes, yes we did.

We even added video to the home screen so you can quickly watch the latest videos from TechCrunch TV. It's available for iOS right now. Download it here.

Oh, and one more thing - we have an Android version in the works. Stay tuned.

Sep 6th 2012

Introducing the Mandatory App for Aspiring VC's (Practicing VCs Need it Too)

In Silicon Valley, being a "know it all" isn't an insult, it's just a good start. You have to stay on top of every minute of the latest news and, more than that, you need to know the companies and personalities behind the next big thing in tech. You have a feed reader on your iPad? That's cute. Here's a cookie. To quote Back to the Future II, if you want to hoverboard on water, "you gotta have power!" That's why we've built the Pit Bull of tech news apps: TechCrunch 2.0 for iPad and Android tablets.

What we've built with TechCrunch isn't a feed reader, and it isn't just TechCrunch content either. Thanks to TC's full CrunchBase integration you can, at a glance, get every bit of information on the companies, key players, investors, and technologies that are making waves in tech, and it highlights relevant stories from all kinds of news sites across the Web. Long story short, it's an all-in-one tech research tool available anytime, online and offline, on any iOS or Android tablet.

Yeah, we know "all in one" is as overused as "pivot" or (dare we say) "disruptive," but when we say that TechCrunch is an all-in-one tech research tool, here's what we're talking about:
  • Trending around the Web – TechCrunch follows what tech influencers are sharing to measure the "velocity" of the hottest stories of the day from all kinds of websites. That means you stay ahead of the game, letting you know not only what's hot in the moment, but also what will be hot 5 minutes from now.
  • Full CrunchBase integration – CrunchBase is the essential reference guide for key technology companies, people, and investors in the news. The CrunchBase database is seamlessly layered on top of every news story in the new TechCrunch apps, giving you the ability to do a "deep dive" on any story.
  • Real-time tech event tracking – whether it's TechCrunch Disrupt, Google I/O, or WWDC, so much of the hottest news in tech comes out during big events. TechCrunch 2.0 lets you know what events are coming up and gives you all of the latest news, liveblogs, and more in real-time while it's going down on the ground.
  • Offline reading – For the jet-set among us, TC lets you save all the latest TC news to your iPad or Android tablet so you're never out of the loop, even if you're out of Wi-Fi. If you just want to save a single story for some Wi-Fi free reading, we also built in support for InstaPaper, Evernote, and Pocket (formerly ReadItLater).

Download the apps today for free in the iOS App Store and will be coming to the Android Marketplace this weekend.

May 23rd 2012

AOL Mobile Launches New TechCrunch iPad App at Disrupt NYC 2012

Preparing for post-Disrupt letdown once TechCrunch's conference closes tonight after the awarding of the Disrupt cup? Don't fret, the TechCrunch team has got you covered! Today, on stage, the team unveiled the new TechCrunch iPad app which is now available to download from the iTunes store.

We understand that news is most valuable to readers when they can explore differing perspectives and then put it into broader context. Keeping this idea at front of mind, the team designed the app to be the ultimate research tool – not just a TechCrunch newsfeed.

Integrating TechCrunch articles, Crunchbase profiles and even content from other publishers, the app encapsulate everything going on in the nonstop tech world right in one place. A sidebar built from Crunchbase profiles of the key players mentioned in stories gives readers a better understanding of the relationships at play within a given piece. Meanwhile, content from other authoritative publishers helps provide a holistic view of the story and what it means for the industry as a whole.

Another key feature of the app is our trending news section. Instead of just pulling what's most popular, the feature filters stories by comments, page views and social shares to determine an article's "heat and velocity," giving readers an idea of a topic's potential impact across various social platforms.

Download the app today by clicking here.

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