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Oct 17th 2013

AOL breaks U.S. video industry records, tops comScore rankings in September

In just one month since we completed the acquisition of Adap.tv, we're proud to announce that both parties are already reaping the benefits.

Earlier today, comScore released the U.S. Online Video Rankings for September; AOL not only tops the list of online video ad properties for the month, but also served up 3.7 billion (yes, that's with a "b") video ads -- the largest number by a single property ever recorded by comScore*.

This is the first public data combining both Adap.tv and AOL as one unit, and these results reaffirm the significance of the acquisition and speak to the bright future that lies ahead in video. Specifically, Adap.tv is uniquely positioned to accelerate programmatic ad buying across a bevy of premium publishers and brand advertisers -- and indeed, it already has.

We recently highlighted our leadership position in programmatic at our first-ever Programmatic Upfront, where five of the top six media holding companies committed to programmatic ad packages with AOL in 2014. Adap.tv was also named by IPG's MAGNA GLOBAL unit as its preferred video technology platform, accelerating the agency's client successes across digital, mobile and linear television. The belief is that by eliminating the many points of friction and manual processes within advertising transactions, we can explode creativity and spotlight the incredible work being done in video advertising.

We've also consistently maintained our ranking as one of the top three premium video content properties on the Web by making good on our promise to utilize a syndication model that makes the economics of video production work for publishers and content creators. To that end, we've recently announced partnerships with content brands like ESPN, Discovery and The Wall Street Journal, and we've launched immensely popular series that have raked in a combined 23M** views to date.

We're pleased to see tangible results, and we're inspired by the speed at which we've grown our video offerings to be one of the best in the business. We are currently seeing a 32% increase in video views year-over-year, compared to 17% growth for the overall industry***, with all signs pointing to strong continued success for video at AOL.

From investing in video advertising to syndicating short-form premium content to launching original programs with well-known talent, we have built a complete solution that brings together both content and technology, arming every edge of the ecosystem with what is needed for the next generation of video.

With that said, this milestone could not have been reached without the work of our brilliant employees and our visionary partners and clients who understand the power of sight, sound and motion in today's media and tech economy.

Thank you -- we are excited to be on this journey with you and look forward to continuing this momentum in 2014.

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Oct 15th 2012

The Huffington Post - Big News in Canada

We're thrilled to share with you the news that The Huffington Post has just become Canada's largest national news site, with a record 3.9 million monthly unique visitors in Canada, compared to key national news competitors, including The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and National Post*.

In reference to the recent release of the September data from comScore Inc. we could not be more excited with the great news!

Since the site launched in May 2011, Canadian unique visitors to The Huffington Post have grown by 150% and the average visitor spends more than 17 minutes on our sites**.

In Canada, there are 3 regional editions of The Huffington Post, including Le Huffington Post Québec, The Huffington Post Alberta and The Huffington Post British Columbia. We have launched 12 Canadian specific sections, including HuffPost Canada Style, Living, Music, Impact, Art de Vivre, Travel and more! In addition to our traffic growth, we have seen our social community flourish with over 1,400 bloggers, in excess of 2 million social actions per month, over 20,000 weekly comments and have a social following of more than 65,000 fans on Facebook and more than 46,000 Twitter followers – now that is breaking news!

Our blend of unique Canadian programming, original reporting, photo and video galleries on people's favorite topics and stories and our signature mix of blogs and a strong DNA for social news and sharing have quickly propelled us to a leadership position in the Canadian marketplace.

*comScore Inc., Total Canada, Home and Work. Sept 2012. [E] Huffington Post Global compared to [P] The Globe And Mail, [M] Toronto Star, [S] and National Post Sites.
** comScore Inc., Total Canada, Home and Work. June 2011 vs. Sept 2012. [E] Huffington Post Global.

Oct 12th 2012

Jennifer Kinney Joins MapQuest As Senior Technology Director

The MapQuest family at AOL just got a little bit bigger. On Wednesday, it was announced that Jennifer Kinney has joined the company as senior technology director, leading all MapQuest browser-based solutions for desktop, tablet and mobile platforms.

Jennifer joins MQ, with a distinguished career in technology and product development. Previously she was senior solutions architect and team lead at international energy firm, Encana Corp, responsible for business solutions architecture and design, as well as technical strategy. Prior to Encana Corp., Kinney led strategy, product development, quality assurance and the deployment of a custom portal for the National Renewable Energy Lab commercialization.

She joins MapQuest at a very exciting time. The brand is in growth mode, currently sitting at the 16th most popular mobile brand*, as well as being a top 30 website**, and ushering in a new era of inspiring consumers.

To find out more about MapQuest and its products and services, visit its website here.

*comScore MobiLens, August 2012
**comScore Media Metrix, August 2012

Oct 10th 2012

StyleList Tops comScore, Kitchen Daily and Homesessive Gain Momentum

Following the recent relaunches of Kitchen Daily and StyleList, and the launch of Homesessive, AOL's Lifestyle portfolio is already gaining momentum. As reported in today's September comScore Media Metrix, StyleList is now ranked #1 in Style & Beauty. We also moved up six places in the Food category and four places in Home, and moved to #5 in Lifestyle overall.

Today's comScore Media Metrix numbers show our commitment to lifestyle content, and helping people who are looking for real tips and solutions across all areas of the lifestyle space and inspiring their personal style.

The AOL Lifestyle portfolio includes MAKERS, which launched earlier this year, as well as Kitchen Daily, StyleList and Homesessive.

*comScore Media Metrix, September 2012

Sep 21st 2012

AOL Turns Up the Heat on Video in August

It's no secret that at AOL, we think video is a hugely important part of today's web experience. In April of this year, I helped to launch AOL's new video arm, The AOL On Network, a major initiative that put our video strategy front and center. The vision behind AOL On is to bring the best of the TV experience – highly curated programming across a variety of channels – to the web. Since then, we've seen incredible traction across the board – with consumers, advertisers, publishers and content producers. Our video library has increased by more than 30% since launch, from 320,000 to 420,000 videos. And through distribution of this content to some of the most popular destinations online, we're now reaching tens of millions of consumers who are hungry for the best of what's on now.

It's for this reason that we're so excited by comScore's Video Metrix Report for August, which tracks the largest video properties on the web. When looking at video streams, we were ranked second only to Google with 725M streams. On average, these viewers spent more than an hour watching our videos. This is a number that we're especially proud of given that the vast majority of our videos are short form. And for the second month in a row, we've also surpassed the 1B marker for total streams of both video ads and content. Lastly, we've been ranked #1 in the Auto, Business, Style, Home, Health, Travel, Technology and Food categories. Our success in this area validates our channel strategy and speaks to the contextual targeting that media buyers in a recent BrightRoll study say is the most valuable form of targeting.

We think this is just the beginning of a very bright future for our video at AOL, and we encourage you to stay tuned for more.

* Source: comScore Media Metrix, August 2012 Content Videos only

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