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Jan 11th 2012

VivaKi and AOL "Tech-tails" at CES 2012

During this week's CES festivities, AOL was invited to participate in VivaKi's week of "Bright Lights, Big Ideas."

More than 200 VivaKi employees, clients and guests were treated to a packed content program. The evening was kicked off by Joshua Fruhlinger, editorial director for AOL Tech, who shared his perspectives on the first day of CES. From "LTE everything" to OLED to the age of superlatives: subtablets, superphones, and ultrabooks, Fruhlinger talked about the latest trends at the show. "Everything is mobile, everyone wants to show that what they have can run an app," he observed. "Angry Birds will be on everything from car dashboards to washing machines." Home networking will also be a big trend, as devices connect to the living room TV. For more of what's happening at the show, check out Engadget's complete CES coverage.

Next, Christian Kugel, AOL VP of Consumer Analytics and Research, took the stage. In anticipation of CES, Engadget identified ten trends – from inductive charging to electric motorcycles – that would impact 2012. Kugel's team then surveyed AOL Tech audiences to capture their interest and excitement of those trends. Readers ranked their top 3 game-changers as cloud computing, device convergence and the emergence of tablets as content creation devices. The audience roared at revelations that nearly half of AOL Tech readers would give up their pet rather than sacrifice their favorite gadget.

The evening concluded with lively conversation between Maurice Levy, Global CEO, Publicis Groupe, and AOL CEO Tim Armstrong. Praising Publicis Groupe as "the most game-changing holding company," Armstrong stated that no one else "took more of a risk" on digital media. Levy quipped: "Ah, we didn't know it was a risk." Levy agreed that convergence was one of the most important trends he was seeing at CES, and when Armstrong asked what advice he had for companies struggling with making the right decisions in a swiftly shifting business climate, Levy parried with a quick "Come see us!" They discussed how brands – not just products – need to be differentiators, and how the new digital landscape has the potential to be an "infinite world of possibility and creativity." Levy turned the tables on Armstrong and quizzed him on AOL's ultimate objectives – and where the company was in its journey. "AOL is about building content brands that matter, at scale," Armstrong responded. "I'd say we are in Inning Two on what we want to achieve."

Jan 11th 2012

AOL Teams Up with Videology

Audience-based targeting has been second nature to advertisers for quite some time now, but publishers haven't been as diligent about providing audience data. As a result, publishers may be losing ad dollars, or at the very least, not fully capitalizing on the value of their brand.

Today, AOL Video has signed on as Videology's inaugural publisher platform to expand the potential scope of addressable audience ad market with unprecedented analytic and measurement capabilities. Videology, Inc., formerly known as TidalTV, Inc., today announced the launch of its sell-side platform that complements and mimics the platform capabilities currently offered to media agencies, solving the growing disconnect between video advertisers' buying preferences and digital publishers' audience data.

The VideologyAddressable Audience Platform (videologygroup.com) is a screen-agnostic video advertising technology that works to connect brands with consumers. Videology achieves this through mathematically-driven data analyses that allow them to target precise consumer segments-at scale-by demographics, psychographics, and behavioral segments. This precise targeting permits advertisers to extract increased value from every media impression, and allows our content partners to monetize their audience more effectively.

Working with Videology will vastly increase the audience data available, and AOL Video will gain insight into our total audience, as opposed to the small portion identifiable through a panel-based sampling. More granular audience data would not only allow more scalable audience analysis and targeting, but also greater insight into the consumer purchase cycle, or the ability to track ad exposure to online or offline sales which is so important to brand advertisers.

Read the official press release here.

Jan 10th 2012

AOL Autos Launches Technology of the Year Award

AOL Autos
announced at CES this week the creation of the Technology of the Year Award to recognize the best technological innovations in the auto industry. The winner will be announced at next year's CES.

The technology that auto companies are putting into car and trucks to make them behave like rolling smartphones is becoming the key differentiators on quality – systems like Ford's Sync and Cadillac's new Cue and Hyundai's Blue Link and even GM's well-established OnStar. Throughout the year, AOL Autos, Autoblog and Engadget will report on new systems and significant upgrades like these from automakers and suppliers at autos.aol.com/award.

Editors from AOL Autos, Autoblog and Engadget and a group of industry experts will review the new offerings and select finalists in three categories – telematics, connectivity and active safety – that will be announced at the Los Angeles Auto Show Nov. 30-Dec. 9. Then the public will be invited to vote along with the panel of editors and experts to choose the winner.

We figure we have the best people in the industry to test the systems, grade them and then communicate our findings. I love the fact that we're able to link the expertise of AOL Autos, Autoblog, Engadget and The Huffington Post into one very smart service-oriented award program and content hub for our readers. It's worth noting that we aren't all tech geeks and early adopters – some of us on the judging panel struggle with new applications and interfaces just like anybody else. Heck, I still make a daily to-do-list on an envelope and slip it into my breast pocket...

Check out the official press release here.

Jan 9th 2012

AOL Invades the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show

Continuing the momentum from last year's show AOL will have prominent presence at 2012 International CES®, delivering original demos, up to the minute reporting and exclusives, and for the first time, we will bring the world class AOL Studio to CES.

Here's a preview of what you can expect from AOL at the CES:


The AOL Studio, prominently located in the grand lobby at the front entrance the Las Vegas Convention Center, will play host to real-time video coverage from the event with live broadcasts and interviews by the editors from Engadget (the official online news source of the 2012 International CES®), TechCrunch and AOL Autos. Attendees can see product reviews, demos and exclusive interviews with celebrity and tech luminaries.

This year, AOL is excited to announce AT&T as the exclusive sponsor of Engadget's CES content. Like AOL, CES is an important show for AT&T; it's the venue for the company's annual Developers Summit which attracts thousands of consumer and enterprise application developers who are taking advantage of AT&T's tools, technologies and expertise. As part of its sponsorship, AT&T will work with Engadget to spotlight developers who are collaborating with AT&T to bring compelling new mobile apps to life. AT&T also will display some of its hottest devices in AOL's Studio gadget wall.

David Christopher, Chief Marketing Officer, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets tells us, "We know so many of our customers trust Engadget to wring every last bit of news out of CES – and we're excited to sponsor the site's massive reporting presence and help readers get their gadget fix."


AOL team members taking the stage at Digital Hollywood at CES (located at the Las Vegas Convention Center) include:

Jeff Hochberg, VP, Audience Targeting Sales
Hypertargeting: Ad Networks, Ad Serving and Ad Targeting
January 9, 2012; 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Sol Lipman, Senior Director, Mobile
The Apps - The Smartphone and Tablet - Entertainment, News, Music, Games, Location-Based, Communication and Community
January 9, 2012; 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Mandar Shinde, Director, Mobile Monetization
iPad-Tablet-SmartPhone Advertising - the Premium Advertising Platform
January 10, 2012; Noon - 1:00 PM

Ran Harnevo, SVP AOL Video
Internet Video, Advertising & Marketing: The Next Generation of Consumer Reach
January 11, 2012; 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Be sure to check back throughout the week for the latest news at CES, tweet at us by adding #engadgetCES or #CESCrunch to your tweet, and if you're in Vegas join us at the AOL Studio!

Nov 29th 2011

Engadget: The Official Online News Source of CES 2012 and the CEA!

If you know Engadget, you know we like to really do it up at CES. For us, the Consumer Electronics Show is serious business, and our unmatched coverage has resulted in us being named Official Blog three years in a row. This time, though, we're doing things a little bit differently. We'll be adding far more live video into the mix and, with Distro getting in on the fun as well, it was definitely time to leave that old "Official Blog" moniker behind. So, we're incredibly proud to announce that we're now the Official Online News Source not just of the 2012 International CES, but of the CEA as a whole.

The Consumer Electronics Association is the entity that hosts CES each year, and its President and CEO Gary Shapiro said the following:

Engadget does a terrific job bringing the energy and excitement of the thousands of new products launched each year at the International CES to attendees and consumers. We look forward to this expanded partnership with Engadget as they continue their dynamic coverage and analysis of the products and trends that rivet the world each January at the International CES, as well as their unique coverage of CEA's other events throughout the year.

For CES this year we'll be cranking out the news from our double-wide trailer, just like we always do, but we'll also be adding a full video studio on the floor. Engadget Live from CES will feature exclusive interviews and live product demos throughout the day as well as other regular broadcasts -- like our evening video podcast, where you can watch the whole crew get gradually more giddy as the effects of sleep deprivation sink in.

CES 2012 is going to be bigger and better than ever, and we can't wait to bring it to you -- unfiltered and unadulterated -- live from Las Vegas.

(This post originally ran on Engadget.)To learn more about the partnership you can read the press release here.

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