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Jan 15th 2014

AOL On Launches New Series with Hank Azaria, "Fatherhood"

Last year saw the debut of 12 new AOL On original series -- attracting more than 140 million views to date. As we kick-off 2014, we're thrilled to announce another AOL Original: "Fatherhood."

This documentary series with actor-director-comedian Hank Azaria explores his touching, humorous and enlightening journey: from a man who isn't sure he wants to have kids, to expectant father, to father of a premature boy struggling for his life, and finally to a regular dad facing the normal joys, trials and tribulations of being a father. Coinciding with today's premier, Azaria was featured on NBC's Today Show this morning to discuss the series and the lessons he learned along the way:

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Be sure to catch the first two 'Fatherhood' episodes today with Azaria quizzing friends Bryan Cranston, Kevin Bacon and others about how to be a good dad. New episodes will launch every Wednesday through March.

Dec 12th 2013

Miley Cyrus and the Snowden Files engage the public most for 2013

What do Papal intimacy, a screaming goat and candy-deprived children have in common? They all appear in the definitive Scoreboard of Content 2013, compiled by The Huffington Post UK and Ogilvy Public Relations. The Scoreboard of the most impactful online content this year was revealed today following a crowd-sourced appeal to more than 7.7 million* influential consumers and creators.

Over 180 pieces of content were judged by a panel from the worlds of academia, media, marketing, content creation and social networks divided the crowd-sourced favorites into Top Fives across five genres: Sex, Humor, Fame, News and Lifestyle. The panel of judges then decided upon a top five in each category, crowning one overall winner.

The top scoring content in each category, and overall, is as follows:

  • Miley Cyrus' fusion of nudity and shock in the 'Wrecking Ball' video, tops off a year of increasingly sex-fuelled music videos, and puts her at the pinnacle of the sex category, and overall
  • For news, The Guardian's 'NSA Snowden Files' scored highest, leading impactful news sharing online
  • A home-production YouTuber, MrEpicMann, takes the top spot in humor with 'How animals eat their food'
  • Number one in the fame category is another home-generated piece of content, 'Pope Selfie', taken by @FabioMRagona
  • In lifestyle, Dove's 'Real Beauty Sketches' achieved the top grade

Whether fun or serious, the impact of the year's top content is clear: between them, the Scoreboard's Top 25 generated more than 1,113,100,000 views and 5,787,600 shares across social media.

Statistics, celebrity or monetary investment alone, however, did not guarantee impact in the mind of the public or top scores from our judges.

It was a combination of a hot title or headline, surprise and intimacy that our judges revealed as the keys to success.

Dec 13th 2011

HuffPost UK Expands with Culture and Celebrity Launches

We're excited to announce the latest additions to The Huffington Post UK family, HuffPost Culture and HuffPost Celebrity.

Adding to the long list of celebrity bloggers who have voiced their opinion on HuffPost in the past, HuffPost Celebrity will focus on the latest showbiz gossip and photos, as well as news and views from the HuffPost Celebrity team. The site launches today with an exclusive interview with Factor UK winners Little Mix. Bloggers who will be contributing in the coming months include Susan Boyle, Carol Vorderman and Nicola Roberts. To date, The Huffington Post UK has featured blog posts from a wide range of celebrity contributors, including Kelly Rowland, Christopher Biggins, Noel Gallagher and Ricky Gervais.

HuffPost UK Culture complements the site's entertainment coverage and is a destination for all facets of performing, literary, visual and broadcast arts, including dance, opera, music, architecture, film, poetry, TV, photography and more. It is a forum for discussion of arts and culture, and serves as a handy guide for users wanting to stay abreast of cultural news and events. HuffPost UK Culture will also feature original video performances from poets and performance artists including Michelle Madsen (founder, Hammer & Tongues) and performance poet Deanna Rodger. Bloggers include Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt, Scroobius Pip, Tate Liverpool and Barbican.

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