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Jan 29th 2013

AOL Artists Announces Their Third Guest Curator

We are thrilled to welcome long-time friend of the program and award-winning filmmaker, Daniel Stedman, to the AOL Artists Guest Curator series! His collection of canvases on the AOL Artists site features work from artists Cate Parr, Dave White, Matt Moore, Megan Whitmarsh and Tim Gough.

In addition to being an AOL Artists guest curator, Daniel Stedman is also the founder of The Northside Media Group, which publishes Brooklyn Magazine, The L Magazine, BAMbill, and organizes the Northside Festival, SummerScreen in McCarren Park, Taste Talks and Northside Creative Group. Daniel can also add award-winning filmmaker to his resume with ten short films under his belt, including "Celebration," which won the Teddy Award at the Berlin International Film Festival.

The AOL Artists Guest Curator program rotates on a monthly basis and invites influencers working in the arts to curate a collection of existing AOL canvases, lend their voice to our Tumblr page and takeover the AOL Artists Twitter account. Past curators have included Annie Werner, Arts Evangelist for Tumblr, and Kathleen Massara, editor for HuffPost Arts.

To view Daniel Stedman's collection and the rest of the guest curator series visit the AOL Artists site!

Sep 7th 2012

AOL Artists Celebrate Fashion Week with New Canvases

It is officially Fashion Week! Get glamourous with four paintings by our newest AOL Artists Cate Parr and NOMOCO. The new canvases debuted on AOL.com today along with a bonus canvas, Rain Cloud, by NOMOCO.

Cate Parr, a Los Angeles-based artist, was born and raised in the UK. Cate's paintings are executed in watercolor and ink, focusing on color, gesture and movement. Her work has been featured in The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and Detour Magazine, to name a few. NOMOCO, a London-based artist, was born and raised in Japan. NOMOCO's work also utilizes ink and paint, deriving inspiration from movement and play. She has worked with clients such as The New York Times, Neiman Marcus and Marc Jacobs. We're thrilled to welcome Cate Parr and NOMOCO into the AOL Artists community.

Want to make one of the new canvases your background on AOL.com? Click for Lady, Rose, Palette, Five Girls, or Rain Cloud.

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