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Apr 28th 2016

Take A Child in Need to Work

AOL is committed to developing the next generation of builders and innovators, and this year we will host over 1,400 children across 20 offices for Take Your Child to Work Day, on Thursday, April 28. However, Take Your Child to Work Day isn't just for those with kids. President Barack Obama has asked employers to welcome students who would otherwise not have the opportunity to participate for any reason.

In partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters, we're opening our doors to these students and giving AOLers the opportunity to mentor them for all or part of the day.

Thanks to the leadership of AOLers in three offices, NYC, Dulles and Ashburn, we are working with the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program to host 50 high school youth from underserved communities. Kids will be matched based on interest so they have a meaningful experience.

This year, an estimated 37 million employees at over 3.5 million companies will participate in Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. If just a small portion of these employers also had programs for the youth in their communities, it could generate hands-on, career exploration experiences for many young people throughout the country. Work-based learning experiences help young people to better understand the connection between what they learn in the classroom and future careers.

To follow the fun and educational activities we have planned at the AOL offices, follow @AOL_Inc on Twitter and Instagram on Thursday, April 28th.

Jan 10th 2013

AOLers Build Hope for People in Need

AOL is in the business of helping people, and a bunch of AOLers lent a hand to build gifts for those in need during AOL's Epic Sales Conference in December. Many members of the AOL Sales and Advertising teams took time out of the day to handcraft rocking chairs, wheelchairs, bicycles and more, to give to those in need during the holiday season.

These gifts will benefit both Big Brothers Big Sisters by giving bicycles to children on the waiting list for a proper big brother or sister and the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center by donating wheelchairs to a hospital with a surplus of veterans and a shortage of wheelchairs.

We'd like to take a moment to thank these great organizations for the work that they do and for their help in making this happen.

Take a look at a gallery of AOLers hard at work, and some of the recipients trying out their new gifts below. To learn more AOL's Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, visit the AOL Corporate Site.

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