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Jan 16th 2014

Introducing AOL Autos and Autoblog Editor-in-Chief Sharon Carty

On the heels of CES and the Detroit Auto Show, I'm pleased to announce that Sharon Carty is taking over as Editor-in-Chief of AOL Autos and Autoblog. Sharon has written about cars for more than a decade, and now she's moving full steam ahead in her new position with AOL Autos/Autoblog, the biggest automotive publication in the U.S.* with a female Editor-in-Chief.

The coming year is set to bring more original voices and content to AOL Autos and Autoblog. To kick off the year, Sharon shared her top three predictions for the Auto industry in 2014, including:

  • A bigger push toward automated driving
  • A bigger push on the government to get people off their phones while they're driving
  • A lot of cool cars launching in 2014

Check out more on what Sharon had to say below:

*(source: Comscore MediaMetrix, Jan-Dec 2013, compared to individual Automotive Resource sites such as Yahoo! U.S. Autos, and excluding networks of sites such as Jumpstart Automotive)

Jan 9th 2014

AOL Autos Tech of the Year: Tesla Supercharger

We're excited to announce that the Tesla Supercharger was awarded 2013 Technology of the Year from AOL Autos at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

This year marks the second annual Technology of the Year program, with over 44 technologies nominated for the title. Back in November, AOL Autos announced six finalists during the Los Angeles Auto Show where the Tesla Supercharger was joined by Chevrolet MyLink Valet Mode, Infiniti Backup Collision Intervention, Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive, Mopar® In-Vehicle Wireless Charging for Portable Devices and Volvo Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection with Full Auto Brake at an offsite event at LA's Belasco Theater.

The panel of judges, comprised of industry experts from AOL Autos, Autoblog, Engadget and TechCrunch, went through grueling rounds of physical testing and found that the Tesla Supercharger raised the bar the highest when it comes to integrating technology into the world of autos. Giving Tesla owners the ability to charge their vehicles enough to drive 150 miles in about 30 minutes or less for free, the Tesla Supercharger changes the ways EVs are used and diminishes the concern of "range anxiety" among drivers. The infrastructure Tesla is building to support the Tesla Supercharger with fast-charging stations across the U.S. elevates EVs in the automotive industry today.

To help the esteemed board of judges find the best of the best in automotive technology, AOL Autos turned to their consumers in the last stage of deliberation. Readers were asked to vote for which among the six finalists they felt should take the title. With over 14,000 votes received, consumers also agreed that the Tesla Supercharger stood apart from its competitors, garnering 40% of overall public votes. The result of this poll equaled one judges' vote in final deliberation.

Congratulations to Tesla Supercharger on winning 2013 Technology of the Year!

Dec 30th 2013

Autoblog 360 App Launches Test-Drive Feature

We're excited to announce that the at-home test-drive feature for Autoblog 360 is available for iOS and Android users! The new, free tablet app that allows users to virtually shop for any car from the comfort of their home or office, will now also deliver vehicles to your doorstep.

The dealership can be an intimidating experience for many car shoppers. Now, the Autoblog 360 tablet app complements the dealership experience, manning car buyers with the information and vehicle experience they need before they are ready to purchase. Through a simple click, consumers in Dallas and Miami can order any Cadillac car to test drive (the make/model of their choice) that will be delivered to their front door – for free.

Using the new feature is easy: once a test drive order is placed, the user can schedule a date and time they'd like to have the vehicle delivered. When the car arrives, they can take a drive down their neighborhood streets and see how the car looks in their driveway or fits in their garage. Although the test drive feature is only available now in Dallas and Miami, the 360-degree views and Autoblog 360 app experience are available to all Android and iOS users. Autoblog hopes to expand the test drive feature to additional US markets and car brands in the future.

The app also offers a user-controlled 360-view of cars both inside from the driver's seat inside, as well as outside. Users can click on a hotspot or watch a video to learn more about the cars that interest them.

Other features include:

- 360-degree interior and exterior views, now featuring an extended experience with app sponsor Cadillac

- Vehicle stats, best deals and pricing

- Interactive experience in which maneuvers of the tablet screen mimic the driver's eyes inside the vehicle - including the ability to virtually "open" the glove compartment and investigate the storage of the center console

- Desktop version of the app

To download Autoblog 360, visit your iOS or Android app store.

Mar 19th 2013

Autoblog Canada Launches French Language Edition, Autoblog Québec

Good news for gear heads in Québec! AOL Canada just announced the launch of Autoblog Québec, the French language edition of its popular automotive site Autoblog Canada. Autoblog Québec will be led by editor Jean-François Savoie who will combine award-winning content from the international editions of the site, with featured content from key contributors and local journalists from across the province.

With 50 percent of Quebecers (3 million UVs) currently visiting automotive sites, Autoblog Québec will provide a new destination for original automotive news and industry content, car reviews, international auto show coverage and captivating best-in-class photo and video galleries to a highly engaged audience*.

The launch will extend the distinctive and authoritative voice and original content offered by Autoblog Canada to French speaking visitors. The expansion only further supports AOL Canada's commitment to growth for both French language sites and original local content, as Autoblog Québec joins Le Huffington Post Québec in AOL Canada's growing French language portfolio.

For more info on Autoblog, see what it's up to in the U.S: http://www.autoblog.com/

*Source: comScore, Inc., Total Canada, Home and Work, January 2013
**PMB/comScore, 2012 Fall Fusion

Feb 19th 2013

AOL Debuts on the Brand New HTC One®

(Our CEO Tim Armstrong helps debut HTC One® featuring HTC BlinkFeed™)

Today, HTC unveiled the new HTC One®. It will be available globally next month, and feature HTC BlinkFeed™, part of the new HTC Sense experience. AOL will provide thousands of pieces of content every day, in 5 different languages, that people will be able to 'snack' on every time they use their HTC One.

HTC BlinkFeed brings previously hidden content to the home screen, so you can see the things that are most interesting to you at a glance, without having to launch a series of apps.

This is AOL's first global launch with a major smartphone manufacturer, featuring its leading content brands including The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Engadget, Moviefone, Patch, StyleList, Autoblog, TUAW, Joystiq, AOL Music, Spinner, The Boot, The Boombox and NoiseCreep.

We're excited to be a part of this ecosystem and are proud to showcase AOL's vast array of global and local content on this brand new device. To learn more about the HTC One click here.

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