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Sep 5th 2012

Entrance by AOL - The Best Entertainment Hub for Windows Phone

AOL has partnered with Nokia to release a new entertainment app for Windows Phone. The app is called Entrance by AOL and it's an entertainment hub that brings together the best celebrity gossip, movie & TV news, free streaming music and movie trailers, with some amazing augmented reality features in a single mobile app.

Windows Phone owners can, with a single application, read about movie, TV and celebrity news form HuffPost Entertainment and AOL Music; stream 55,000 different radio stations from SHOUTcast radio; listen to entire albums of new music for free on CD Listening Party; see show times and purchase movie tickets right inside the app, and even preview trailers or see movie posters simply by holding up your phone at the theater.

Some more of the amazing features in this app are below, and it's available to download here. For a limited time this app is available only on Nokia Windows Phones, but stay tuned for more news about different devices and platforms.

Features available in Entrance by AOL on Nokia Lumia handsets:

  • Includes a first-of-its-kind Augmented Reality feature enabling users to find cinemas and showtimes playing nearby simply by holding up the Lumia smartphone as theaters, movie posters and showtimes appear overlaid on the world around them
  • Moviefone integration allows users to view trailers, see nearby showtimes, and purchase movie tickets
  • Includes entertainment news about movies, celebrities, music and TV from Huffington Post Entertainment and AOL Music
  • SHOUTcast Radio integration enables streaming from over 55,000 global radio stations
  • AOL Music and CD Listening Party (CDLP) provide free early access to full length albums from up-and-coming bands, with the option to buy and download
  • Interlinked user interface allows users to navigate into and out of specific content topics to explore any movie, celebrity or song

Download the app today by clicking here.

Jul 24th 2012

Who Ever Told You Not to PLAY with Fire?

We recently launched our AOL music app, PLAY, for iPhone and Android with one goal in mind: give people a simple, but killer, music listening experience that lets them discover and share constantly updated new music with friends in fun ways. Since that launch, nearly 1,000,000 rockers, rappers, hippies, hipsters, metal-heads, and jazz-heads (that's a thing, right?) have downloaded PLAY across Android and iOS and we're proud to say that we're now bringing PLAY to the Kindle Fire.

This isn't a repeat of some app built for your Droid. This is 100% designed and built for Kindle Fire. Why? Because our Mobile Ninjas here at AOL love the heck out of the Fire and we love the way PLAY looks and feels on that glorious 7-inch screen.

PLAY has been referred to as the "Swiss Army Knife of music apps." While it doesn't come with a toothpick and scissors, it is a beautiful custom music player that lets you listen to your own MP3 collection via our elegant interface; but it's so much more than that. You want to discover new music? We've got you covered with our CD Listening Party that lets you stream free tracks and albums from our huge and constantly updated AOL Music database. PLAY also gives you access to 55,000+ SHOUTcast radio stations.

And, since many of us learn what to listen to by hearing it from a friend, PLAY shows you a constant feed of what your friends are listening to. Share your favorites to PLAY, Twitter, and Facebook, even customize the album artwork with friends' photos and let your friends and followers stream free previews of your music. For the real music aficionados, PLAY also integrates AOL Music News to keep you current on the latest music industry highlights.

Spiritual guru and AOL Mobile First Senior Director Sol Lipman said, "The Kindle Fire can't get much more awesome, but somehow we made beautiful babies together with PLAY. It's the best social music experience on the Fire, and I say that because I'm only mostly unbiased. Look, just stop reading and go try it."

Mar 13th 2012

mqVibe Adds Contextual Search, Local Influence and Expertise

Late last year, theMapQuest Labs team launched mqVibe, which positioned the neighborhood as the foundational context for local discovery on a national level. By converting MapQuest's 15 years of data including where people are, what they are looking for, and where they are going, theycreated a baseline for a ranking system, which would get further refined in real-time as users voted and interacted with the system.

Given the scale of MapQuest, the team wasable to provide profiles of more than 50,000 neighborhoods, 27,000 cities, and 50,000 hotspots, essentially covering the entire U.S. Each neighborhood page showcases local restaurants, stores and businesses in ranked order by the most popular, which saves you from having to comb through thousands of not-helpful reviews to find the best.

Over the weekend, the teamadded a new batch of functionality to mqVibe including a new contextual search function and local influence and expertise-based algorithms making it more useful for giving you the local expert opinion of where to go and what to do.

As you may have seen, mqVibe is at SXSW showcasing all of these great new functionalities. If you are, too, download the mqVibe iPhone app to find the details on our flash mobs, street-corner giveaways and other cool stuff we're doing in Austin or follow #mqvibe on Twitter! Learn more about the latest mqVibe updates by reading the MapQuest Blog.

Nov 15th 2011

We've Got Your Chance to Win a BMW!

From now until December 9th, you can download Editions by AOL, our beautiful daily iPad magazine, for a chance to win brand new BMW 335d.

Editions by AOL is a free daily magazine for the iPad that delivers a unique and beautiful reading experience customized for each individual user. Every morning, at a time of your choosing, you'll receive a unique 30-to-40-page magazine tailored to your interests from Fashion and Fitness to Technology and Science.

To enter the contest:
1.Download the editions app to your iPad.
2.Open Editions and swipe to page 3 for fullcontest details.
3.Enter the contest and share your tips and how to live a green life.
4.Cross your fingers and hope to win a BMW.

Editions by AOL is available for free from the App Store on iPad.

Follow Editions on Twitter @editions.

Oct 26th 2011

Winamp for Android Gets an Update

Here's a reason for music lovers to celebrate, Winamp, the #1 free third-party music management app on android*, has now launched an enhanced version, Android 1.2. The latest version of Winamp for Android offers lots of new core features, a premium paid package with enriched audio, features and customization, and for the first time, Mac support, which is launching in beta.

Users can download Winamp for Android 1.2 for free and then upgrade inside the app to the Pro Bundle for $4.99. Since its debut a year ago, Winamp for Android has topped nine million downloads and is now the No. 2 music management application worldwide with more than 45 million monthly users and is the No. 1 free, third-party mobile music management App on Android OS.

To learn more about Android 1.2's exciting new features, visit the Winamp blog.

*source: Android Marketplace

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