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Dec 30th 2013

Autoblog 360 App Launches Test-Drive Feature

We're excited to announce that the at-home test-drive feature for Autoblog 360 is available for iOS and Android users! The new, free tablet app that allows users to virtually shop for any car from the comfort of their home or office, will now also deliver vehicles to your doorstep.

The dealership can be an intimidating experience for many car shoppers. Now, the Autoblog 360 tablet app complements the dealership experience, manning car buyers with the information and vehicle experience they need before they are ready to purchase. Through a simple click, consumers in Dallas and Miami can order any Cadillac car to test drive (the make/model of their choice) that will be delivered to their front door – for free.

Using the new feature is easy: once a test drive order is placed, the user can schedule a date and time they'd like to have the vehicle delivered. When the car arrives, they can take a drive down their neighborhood streets and see how the car looks in their driveway or fits in their garage. Although the test drive feature is only available now in Dallas and Miami, the 360-degree views and Autoblog 360 app experience are available to all Android and iOS users. Autoblog hopes to expand the test drive feature to additional US markets and car brands in the future.

The app also offers a user-controlled 360-view of cars both inside from the driver's seat inside, as well as outside. Users can click on a hotspot or watch a video to learn more about the cars that interest them.

Other features include:

- 360-degree interior and exterior views, now featuring an extended experience with app sponsor Cadillac

- Vehicle stats, best deals and pricing

- Interactive experience in which maneuvers of the tablet screen mimic the driver's eyes inside the vehicle - including the ability to virtually "open" the glove compartment and investigate the storage of the center console

- Desktop version of the app

To download Autoblog 360, visit your iOS or Android app store.

Oct 14th 2013

AOL Puts You in the Driver's Seat with Autoblog 360 App

Wish you could experience a luxury vehicle without the hassle of going to the dealership? Faster than you can say 'I-should-be-sitting-in-a-Maserati,' we have the perfect solution.
AOL has just launched Autoblog 360, offering car shoppers an interactive experience on their tablets. Every angle is captured, ensuring the user receives as close to an experience as sitting in the driver's seat as possible. And, if the virtual test drive experience has you excited enough over the car, you'll soon be able to request an in-person test drive. We'll arrange for delivery of the vehicle to your home or office where you can test drive on the roads you take every day – no pressure and hassle-free.

Other features include:
- 360-degree interior and exterior views
- Vehicle stats, best deals pricing & more
- Interactive experience where maneuvers of the tablet screen mimic the driver's eyes inside the vehicle - including the ability to virtually "open" the glove compartment and investigate the storage of the center console

You're a click away from the Autoblog 360 experience: Check out www.Autoblog360.com download now.*

*New car smell not included

Jan 25th 2013

TechCrunch Launches App for Android Users

"Galaxy", "Nexus", "Droid" – if you love those words, you're one of two kinds of geek: the kind that's always looking for little green men from Mars, or the kind that obsesses over a little green guy from Mountain View, CA. Because we fall into the latter category (ok, so there is some overlap in that Venn Diagram), we've been hard at work to bring the best of TechCrunch within a mobile app to your phone for millions of Google's Android users.

Now, all that hard work has paid off and we're proud to announce that there is a new version of TechCrunch available for download on your Android device. If you're a Google aficionado with an Android tablet or phone, you can access all the latest tech news with full CrunchBase integration at your fingertips.
Why is this app so awesome? Because we said so...and you get:

  • Custom designed Android interface for your tablet and phone
  • The hottest news in tech with the Trending List
  • TechTweets showing the latest tech news hitting social media
  • An outstanding mobile experience for the original content on TechCrunch
  • Comprehensive integration with CrunchBase
  • Save articles for offline reading
  • Original video content available right on the home screen
  • Switched to the latest version of Google Maps to display maps quicker than the old version with less memory and network bandwidth!

So prove you're smarter than all your other "tech-expert" friends by getting the latest tech news and gossip a solid 20 minutes (an eternity in Internet speak) before they do.

Go ahead and download it here.

Nov 14th 2012

TechCrunch for iPhone: The Best Tech Research Tool, Now In Your Pocket

If you're a fan of our TechCrunch app, then you're already aware just how awesome it is to have all the latest tech news with full Crunchbase integration at your fingertips. Problem is, no-one wants to lug around a device in their back pocket, not even that brand new iPad Mini you just bought. We have good news. Today, TechCrunch is proud to announce the roll out of the all-in-one tech research tool to iPhone.

'But wait', we hear you say, 'the TechCrunch app is so killer because I can dig up lots of information on trending tech stories and use Crunchbase to check out the companies and key players behind those stories. I can follow the social buzz from other tech writers, cache stories for offline reading later and spend hours of my day down the tech rabbit hole. Even with the 4 inch screen on my iPhone 5, there's just no way you packed all that in.'

Yes, yes we did.

We even added video to the home screen so you can quickly watch the latest videos from TechCrunch TV. It's available for iOS right now. Download it here.

Oh, and one more thing - we have an Android version in the works. Stay tuned.

Oct 4th 2012

The AOL On Network - We're Pretty Much Everywhere

In August The AOL On Network launched version 2.0 of its connected TV app and expanded the app onto three new platforms, making our massive video library available for 10 total connected TV devices. Today, we've announced that a native app is being launched for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets to continue our goal of reaching consumers at every touch point. With the announcement, The AOL On Network's 420,000 short-form videos can now reach over 85 percent all of U.S. consumers. We're everywhere now -- on your desktops, smartphones, tablets and connected TVs.

This announcement further showcases AOL's commitment to video and providing viewers with the top content they need to see at the right time. And, the most recent comScore Video Metrix Report indicates that this strategy is resonating with audiences as we climbed up to more than 61 million viewers and again surpassed the 1B marker for total streams of both video ads and content. Since we're now on more mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad and Android-powered devices from manufacturers like Samsung and HTC, we expect to see our reach continue to climb.

Our viewers will be glad to know that the mobile apps were built with their user experience in mind. Users can search for and "favorite" videos with just one touch as well as share with their social networks. The iOS version is also Airplay enabled, allowing users who have Apple TV to seamlessly display videos from a mobile iOS device onto the television.

And while today's news is great for consumers, it's important to note that this is also a big deal for our content partners and advertisers. They'll benefit not only by taking advantage of the increased exposure, but also because media buyers can now purchase across all of AOL's properties, like Engadget, TechCrunch and HuffPost Live, with just one buy and gain access to all devices.

Lastly, I just want to give a big acknowledgement to Rob Delacruz, our General Manager for Connected TV and Mobile Video, and his entire team for their outstanding work on developing these apps. Rob is just one of many staffers we have at The AOL On Network who works tirelessly everyday to make AOL On the best destination for video!

Check out the AOL On app now by heading to Apple's App store or the Google Play App store.

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