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Apr 5th 2012

about.me Launches Intern Search Competition

This summer, about.me is giving five lucky college students the chance to win an unforgettable paid internship at The The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, AOL Video, about.me or with the AOL Events team.

Forget coffee runs and data entry – these internships will give students the opportunity to spend their summer in New York City or San Francisco meeting high profile leaders and working closely with some of the best in the business.

To submit, all you need to do is follow these 3 easy steps:
The contest runs through Sunday, April 22, and you can visit the official contest page for all of the details.

Jan 11th 2012

AOL Teams Up with Videology

Audience-based targeting has been second nature to advertisers for quite some time now, but publishers haven't been as diligent about providing audience data. As a result, publishers may be losing ad dollars, or at the very least, not fully capitalizing on the value of their brand.

Today, AOL Video has signed on as Videology's inaugural publisher platform to expand the potential scope of addressable audience ad market with unprecedented analytic and measurement capabilities. Videology, Inc., formerly known as TidalTV, Inc., today announced the launch of its sell-side platform that complements and mimics the platform capabilities currently offered to media agencies, solving the growing disconnect between video advertisers' buying preferences and digital publishers' audience data.

The VideologyAddressable Audience Platform (videologygroup.com) is a screen-agnostic video advertising technology that works to connect brands with consumers. Videology achieves this through mathematically-driven data analyses that allow them to target precise consumer segments-at scale-by demographics, psychographics, and behavioral segments. This precise targeting permits advertisers to extract increased value from every media impression, and allows our content partners to monetize their audience more effectively.

Working with Videology will vastly increase the audience data available, and AOL Video will gain insight into our total audience, as opposed to the small portion identifiable through a panel-based sampling. More granular audience data would not only allow more scalable audience analysis and targeting, but also greater insight into the consumer purchase cycle, or the ability to track ad exposure to online or offline sales which is so important to brand advertisers.

Read the official press release here.

Nov 14th 2011

Advertising.com Takes Over ad:tech NY

Over 5,000 digital marketers gathered at the Jacob Javits Convention Center for the yearly ad:tech NY conference.

This year's ad:tech conference was especially exciting for our team, since it was our first event as Advertising.com Group. This was a great introduction to the industry about Advertising.com Group and successfully showed our unity and commitment to providing and end-to-end solution for publishers, advertisers and agencies. All of our teams from Advertising.com, Advertising.com Sponsored Listings (ASL), ADTECH, AOL Video and Pictela were represented and engaged with clients about the full suite of solutions under Advertising.com Group.

One of the main themes of this year's conference was around innovation and enhancing the user experience. Wendy Clark, Senior Vice President, Integrated Marketing Communications and Capabilities at Coca-Cola, was a keynote speaker and spoke about the importance of understanding your audience and using effective storytelling in the market, "We're moving from an environment about placing messages to movement of stories." I couldn't agree more with Wendy's point. AOL brands are committed to conveying great stories on the web and we continue to evolve with the market.

Conversations centered around video, premium formats, mobile and social. The ever-connected consumer is looking for new ways to engage with content, and as a publisher and advertiser partner it's crucial that we provide these in-demand solutions. Connecting with our current and prospective partners gives us the chance to understand and learn their needs. Conferences like ad:tech are not only a great educational opportunity for the attendees, but for the exhibitors and sponsors as well.

(This post originally ran on the AOL Advertising Blog.)

Nov 9th 2011

AOL Video in the Spotlight at Digiday Conference

AOL Advertising's Karen Cahn (pictured above) conveyed AOL Video's branded entertainment strategy before an audience of digital media and marketing executives this week during the Digiday Video conference in New York.

Speaking on a panel that questioned branded content as entertainment, Karen shared success stories and emphasized AOL Video's reach and distribution capabilities as a differentiator from other premium content producers. Her fellow panelists from Alloy Digital, CJP and Revisions 3 all agreed that branded entertainment productions in 2011 should find tasteful ways to integrate products into quality content that brings value.

Later that afternoon, AOL's Travel category sales director Sean Giancola co-hosted a case study presentation on a client who ran personalized video ads on AOL Video.

AOL Video's East Coast sales and business development teams networked with publishers, agencies and technology providers during the event, handing out AOL Video collateral.

(This post originally ran on the AOL Advertising Blog.)

Oct 27th 2011

Program for the People! AOL Previews Original Video Research at OMMA Video

Yesterday I took the stage at OMMA Video in San Francisco to preview data from a study AOL Video recently did with comScore. With the research we aimed to debunk the myth that one size fits all in terms of video production. There's a prevailing belief that all short form online video should follow the same rubric and fit within a two minute window -- or people will get bored and stop watching. Rather, we're showing brands that we can work with them to create compelling video, utilize our tools and data to monitor viewing trends, then optimize and syndicate those engaging videos across the AOL network.

At AOL, we're hyper focused on what people are watching. We're taking a different approach with our original video research by looking at video categories to see how consumers engage with video, what they watch, and how long they watch, to better understand what makes "good" content for them. For instance, take the style category. We produce a ton of different style videos all around fashion and beauty - from runway reviews, interviews with fashionistas, street style portraits, and beauty basics. We noticed the most-viewed videos were those that showed how to take a trendy look and make it your own-whether on the street or in the salon. Our audience is interested in being fashionable and feeling great about themselves, but like most of us, they like to see how the high-fashion world can be made practical. On the other hand, the most-shared fashion videos were those that featured celebrities. In fact, those videos are 7X more likely to be shared if they featured a celebrity – demonstrating that fashion and celebrities are communal topics and our viewers use as social capital.

We're making it clear to brands that as they think about video content and their marketing goals, AOL can deliver on all their needs through our video platform. One size does not fit all for video campaigns, either. Our end-to-end solution delivers quality video content from our studios and the best partners in the business, a world-class syndication platform, and innovative ad formats. You can see the AOL video solution come to life through our original video slate, which includes series like The Tanning Effect (sponsored by State Farm).

(source: AOL & MarketSight, September 2011)

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