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Aug 8th 2012

Talent Acquisition Hosts University Career Services Professional in New York

Last week AOL welcomed the opportunity to host 35 members of the Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers (EACE) in our New York office for career service personnel to learn more about our recruiting process and internship programs.

The afternoon kicked off with an overview of AOL, presented by former MBA intern and current Director of Business Development, David Burrick. David explained how we make money, and provided an overview of our business strategy, focusing on our in brands and advertising growth.

The group then heard from a diverse panel of 6 interns and 2 interns turned employees who offered insight into how they landed their internships and what made their AOL experiences unique. HuffPost College's Alyssa Creamer emphasized the importance of relationship building while in school; she snagged her current internship by keeping in touch with her boss, Will McGuinness, who she met working on the UMass school newspaper. Former intern, Trista Myers explained that her previous experience wearing many hats working at a small startup prepared her for her internship with Corporate Events last year.

All of the students were particularly passionate about their experience as an intern and made a strong point in differentiating the AOL experience from those at other organizations. HuffPost Live's Front End developer intern, Steven Greenberg, described how feedback he gave on his very first day was immediately incorporated into the site design. The On Network's Marketing Coordinator and former intern Alyssa Marino spoke about the tremendous experience working on a re-brand, and how her internship at AOL was the first job where she wasn't counting down the minutes until 5:00pm.

The day wrapped up with a second interactive panel, featuring campus recruiters, full time recruiters and a few current intern managers. Our aim was to educate the audience about what we look for in a resume and what it takes to succeed in an AOL internship. Campus Recruiter Caitlin Geraghty explained that at The Huffington Post, we look for interns who are active in journalism and media, "obsessed with consuming content," and have had previous related internship experience.

Recruiter Laudine Vallarta explained how our Patch business, looks especially for those who were athletes in college, as their competitive nature and experience transition well to the sales environment. Dan Nelson, who currently manages the AOL Kids page, shared the real-world responsibilities he gives his current interns, as well as the importance AOL places on our Cultural Ambassador Program.

The afternoon spent with EACE was a great opportunity to share the wealth of opportunities at AOL, as well as learn what types of challenges college students face throughout he job search process. We look forward to partnering with them again, and growing our relationships with more universities!

To learn more about working and interning at AOL, visit our careers page.

Jun 21st 2012

AOL NYC Interns Get "Social"

Memorial day has come and gone, signifying that summer has officially begun! Instead of relaxing by the pool or soaking in the sun, approximately 100 interns have joined the bustling AOL team in our NYC offices this summer. Interns from around the nation can be found gaining valuable work experience in a wide variety of ways, whether it's spending time as associate editors at The Huffington Post, contributing to the AOL On Network's Ad Operations & Reporting team, or assisting the AOL Events team with the annual Cannes International Advertising Festival!

On Wednesday, June 13th, to kick off a fun summer of Intern Event Programming, nearly 50 interns gathered to learn more about Social Media from AOL's Director of Social Media & Internal Communications, Matt Knell. Matt and his social media savvy intern, Sarah Cooley, enlightened the crowd on what social media means to a business vs. an individual, as well as how different AOL brands and projects are best utilizing social media. Interns were particularly interested to learn that engagement and interaction numbers (i.e. "Facebook shares" and "retweets") are considered more important in determining social media's value than the number of Facebook "likes" or Twitter followers.

Following Matt's presentation, interns had an opportunity to munch on Baked by Melissa's Cupcakes while meeting fellow interns from teams with whom they might not typically work. AOL On Network's Paul Cooney (Fordham) and fellow intern Ally Shapiro, (Vanderbilt) who works on the Heidi Klum website, swapped stories about their contrasting experiences thus far, while Studio Now's Cooper Rowe (University of Kansas) and Huffington Post Celebrity's Chris Murphy (Princeton) discussed the best things to do in New York City this summer.

Interested in joining the AOL team for a summer or long term? Check out our careers page here.

Jun 18th 2012

New Series "Fetching" Debuts on AOL On

Following the success of Little Women, Big Cars, and to celebrate international "Take Your Dog to Work Day", AOL just launched a new original video series, Fetching, on AOL On Relationships. Set against the backdrop of Los Angeles, Fetching stars Liza, a young woman who quit her job as a lawyer and ended her engagement in the same week, to pursue her dreams of opening her own business - a doggy day care store called "Fetching." The comedy about love, dogs and their owners, was created by Amy Harris, one of the producers of Sex and the City, Gossip Girl and the upcoming prequel to Sex and the City, The Carrie Diaries.

Fetching is the story of Liza, a lawyer who quits and job and calls off her engagement when she realizes that she's not ready to settle down and become the wife and mother her fiancé, Mitch, expects her to be. She starts over by using the money she saved for her wedding to open a new business: a doggy day care store called Fetching. She hires her friends Matt and Daveed, and the loveable Adi, to help out. As the business grows, Liza struggles to juggle challenging clients (and their dogs), the business competition, and her brother's family, all the while trying to find love again. The problem is, her dog Oscar has an opinion on who she dates too.

The cast includes:
  • Liza (Collette Wolfe, Next Caller, HOT TUB TIME MACHINE, Cougar Town)- A newly single thirty-something who has recently quit her job as a lawyer and opens a doggy day care called Fetching
  • Oscar - Liza's adorable mutt rescued from a shelter who is her closest (cuddliest) confidant, and may have better taste in who Liza should date than she does
  • Matt (Levi Fiehler, WOLF TOWN) - A single Princeton Grad who works as Fetching's dog walker and may not be quite living up to his potential
  • Blake (Dave Annable,Brothers & Sisters)- A local bank executive who is charming, devastatingly handsome and extremely allergic to dogs
  • Sheila (Elaine Hendrix, THE PARENT TRAP) - Fetching's biggest client, along with her overly pampered pup Frederick, just may be the shop's biggest pain in the tail
  • Adi (Sandra Vergara,FRIGHT NIGHT)- The sexy and opinionated Latina receptionist at Fetching who gives Liza her sassy but honest advice about love and men
  • David a.k.a. Daveed (Brian Tichnell, STAINED GLASS) - Fetching's gay dog groomer who was once the hottest hairdresser to the stars now only styles dogs because they don't talk back

The series was originally announced at AOL's Digital Content NewFront in April. Watch and share the entire series now: http://on.aol.com/studio/fetching.

May 7th 2012

New Series "Little Women Big Cars" Debuts on AOL On

Today marks the premiere of our new original web series "Little Women Big Cars" on AOL On Parenting. Set in New Jersey, Little Women Big Cars centers around four devoted soccer moms struggling to balance their busy schedules, family lives and sanity. The series is part of a larger slate of original programs ranging from comedy to crime investigation that AOL introduced at our Digital Content NewFront in April.

Meet the Cast
  • Meg (Amy Yasbeck, Wings, Hot in Cleveland), an over achieving people pleaser who, as a stay at home mom, takes on every school project
  • Barbara (Julie Warner, Crash, Nip/Tuck), a recent divorcee, lawyer and reluctant new soccer mom
  • Rocky (Kristy Swanson,Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Psych) a high-maintenance, materialistic diva and kept wife
  • Connie (Romy Rosemont, Glee), a curvaceous and big-hearted mother and Rocky's side-kick
  • Mr. Hughes (Ed Begley Jr., Portlandia, The New Adventures of Old Christine), school Principal with whom Meg is constantly trying to be in good graces
  • A.J. (Antonio Sabato, Jr., Melrose Place, The Bold and the Beautiful), the handsome, recently divorced soccer coach
  • Woody (Alexis Denisof,Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel ) – Meg's husband

When the women set Barbara up on a date with their kids' handsome and recently divorced soccer coach, the blossoming relationship forces the other women to re-examine their own marriages. Their friendship is further tested when it comes time to compete for spots in the school's gifted program. Will the women realize their bond is truly stronger than they ever imagined? From bake sales and soccer games, to gossip and divorce, these four moms will navigate the comedy and drama of suburban life.

Little Women Big Cars is directed by Melanie Mayron and is created by Sherry Coben. Coben is best known for creating the hit 80's sitcom "Kate & Allie."

Check out the premiere episode here and watch new episodes each week on AOL On Parenting.

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