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Mar 1st 2012

Share Your Cause with AOL Impact

One of our core values at AOL is our commitment as an organization to empower our users to connect and engage with worthy causes. We are thrilled to partner with the Cause Marketing Forum again to demonstrate the power of the AOL Impact platform with the launch of the 'Share Your Cause' Contest. This year, we've expanded visibility for the winner by including a full-page presence on the AOL Mail Sign In Page for a day and a Huffington Post Blog in addition to one day in a premium position on the AOL homepage.

The contest, which is part of AOL Impact's sponsorship of the 9th annual Cause Marketing Forum conference, opens today and runs through March 30, 2012. The winner will be selected by a panel of judges based on the compelling nature of the campaign as described in the essay.

To submit an entry, view official rules and browse frequently asked questions, visit: http://www.CauseMarketingForum.com/aol2012.

The 2012 winner will be announced at the 10th Anniversary Cause Marketing Forum conference taking place on May 30-31, 2012 in Chicago.

AOL Impact reinforces AOL's dedication to "giving back" by dedicating premium placement on AOL.com and AOL Mail to garner exposure for nonprofits at no cost. AOL Impact connects users with charities, making it easy to get involved and spread awareness. Visit http://impact.aol.com/ for more information on AOL Impact.

Nov 30th 2011

AOL Wins in Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and for Leroy Faulks it has nothing to do with the holidays. Faulks just won the Publishers Clearing House Mega Prize- $1 Million and $5,000 a week for the rest of his life! Talk about spreading yuletide cheer!

Watch the video below of the priceless Winning Moment:

Though they arrived in a van instead of a sleigh, the Publisher's Clearing House sure brought some unexpected joy to the winner! Faulks' life has changed forever, and AOL is playing a huge part in this exciting moment.

A crew from AOL Studios captured the moment on camera and today AOL.com is exclusively featuring the video, engaging our users with this exciting moment in time. The editorial piece will continue to live at AOL.com/PCH tomorrow and thereafter.

Be sure to tune in to NBC's Nightly News tonight - you'll see a Publishers Clearing House commercial announcing Faulks as the winner and sending viewers to AOL.com to watch the entire Winning Moment. PCH would normally send their viewers to pchtv.com or their Facebook page to watch the video, but this year AOL holds that honor.

This is an excellent example of AOL partnering with brands to create innovative online experiences for consumers! In July, Publishers Clearing House ran an attention-grabbing ad encouraging users to enter this very contest on our AOL Mail sign-in page. The strong messaging and fun design proved extremely successful in terms of user engagement!

Nov 30th 2011

Giving Good with AOL Mail + AOL Impact

One of our favorite things about the holidays at AOL is the elevated spirit of giving amongst our users and employees. So this year, we are excited to share a unique opportunity for our mail users to give back to their community, Giving Good.

Giving Good is a collaboration between AOL Mail and AOL Impact to give mail users a chance to win a $10,000 grant and free advertising on AOL for their favorite local non-profit.

To get involved, you just need to visit http://impact.aol.com/giving-good/ before December 7th and nominate your favorite local non-profit. 10 finalists will be selected and featured during the week of December 19th and we'll open up voting for you to pick your favorite organization. The final winners will be announced in mid-January.

More information and the latest updates on Giving Good, please check out the AOL Mail Blog or AOL Impact.

We hope you'll take a moment to participate in Giving Good and help us give back to your community.

Oct 28th 2011

A chat with Internet pioneer Charley Kline

On Wednesday, October 29th 1969, a UCLA graduate student named Charley Kline sent the first ever transmissions over the ARPANET – the research network that evolved into the Internet. Ahead of the 42nd anniversary of that momentous day, the AOL Mail Blog spoke to Charley (who is an AOL Mail user) about the origins of the internet, the role of email and the future of online communication".

We asked him a few questions around the future and past of the Internet and here's a small sample of what he said:

What is the future of online communication?

I've been talking about online video chatting for years. You had picture phones in the 60s but they were really expensive and pretty much didn't work. Now you have Skype and AV by AOL, but I think the next step is video mail where you can record a message and send it as an email.

In a world of social networking, is email still relevant?

On social networks everybody sees what you post. Unless it becomes more convenient to change this each time you post a message, email will remain useful when you want to talk directly to people.

Official messages like statements from your bank will still come via email especially as improved security and DomainKeys Identified Mail lets you know that it is a genuine message.

Then there are commercial services like daily deals newsletters. People won't want them cluttering up their Facebook page but email lets you filter them into folders until you're ready to read them.

To read the full interview, check out the AOL Mail Blog.

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