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Jul 19th 2012

AOL Autos Teams Up with CarWoo!

In the market for a new car? We've got great news for you! We're excited to announce a new partnership with CarWoo! today that will enhance the car buying experience for our consumers. The partnership provides "Best Offer" deals from 10,000+ U.S. dealers arming buyers with the information needed to quickly and easily negotiate great market prices on the car of their dreams while retaining their privacy.

Today's announcement follows the recent launch of "ChooseControl," the online search tool that helps consumers find the perfect car for their lifestyle. ChooseControl allows a potential car buyer to search for automobiles based on the largest range of social demographics currently available.

Before you enter the showroom, get educated by visiting AOL Autos for original and unique content from industry experts, simple and effective shopping tools for new and used vehicles and expert advice for vehicle ownership and repairs.

Learn more about this partnership by reading the full press release here.

Jul 16th 2012

Drivers go from Cruise Control to 'ChooseControl'

As the automotive industry continues to post its highest sales since 2005, AOL Autos and Toyota today announced the launch of a next-generation online search tool that helps consumers find the perfect car for their lifestyle. Whether someone has young children, wants to go green, participate in outdoor sports or has an icy commute in colder months, "ChooseControl" allows a potential car buyer to search for automobiles based on the largest range of social demographics currently available. The tool also incorporates dynamic and customized video into the experience to help the car buyer visualize how the vehicle matches their unique lifestyle.

Read more about this launch by clicking here.

Jun 13th 2012

Drive Away in a MINI Cooper

AOL Autos
is partnering with MINI for their cross-country rally, MINI Takes the States, taking place July 4th – 14th. Joining MINI in celebration of their 10th anniversary in the U.S., members from the AOL Autos team will be participating in the rally and sharing footage from the open road with AOL Autos' readers.

Leading up to the rally, AOL Autos is holding a sweepstakes on Facebook to launch the AOL Autos Giveaway program. The first giveaway will award a brand new 2012 MINI Cooper Countryman to one lucky winner. "Like" AOL Autos on Facebook and fill out a brief entry form here to enter! Entries close on June 30th. Good Luck!

Apr 19th 2012

AOL Autos Announces Winner of CCS Design Challenge

The Final Review of the AOL Autos Technology of the Year Design Challenge took place at the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit on Tuesday, April 17th. As part of this challenge, students were tasked with creating the physical award to be given to the recipient of Technology of the Year at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. Ten students presented their final designs to a panel of judges, including members from AOL Autos marketing, editorial and video production teams. All designs presented were unique and impressive; however, after careful deliberation, the judges awarded first, second and third place scholarships to three lucky students. First place winner, Brenna Dunn, is finishing her second year at CCS. Brenna, 20, is from Holland, Michigan and is one of the youngest students who participated in the challenge. She is a freelance graphic designer and custom muralist, pursuing a career in providing utilitarian design and craft for a wide range of clientele. Congratulations also, to Andie Mellon and Steven Corraliza, our second and third place winners!

AOL Autos is sponsoring the CCS Crafts Department at their 2012 Student Exhibition Open in May, and looks forward to growing their relationship with CCS through future partnerships!

Feb 17th 2012

The AOL Autos Team Recruits Students to Design New Award

The AOL Autos team met with 50 students yesterday at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit to kick off the Technology of the Year Award Design Challenge (http://autos.aol.com/award). CCS was selected as the exclusive partner by AOL Autos VP and General Manager, Chris Eschenburg. These students are tasked with creating the physical award that will be presented to the winner at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

This award will represent both the technology and automotive nature of the competition and should represent quality and expertise in auto technology, placing it easily into a position highly respected and referenced alongside other awards in the automotive field.

The students at CCS are made up of experts in several trades: pottery, glass blowing, fabrics, metals, woodworking and more. The AOL Autos team will be revisiting the students on March 15th to review initial designs, and then the real fun begins. Students will then be provided the supplies and tools they need to make the pieces come to life.

The students have participated in similar design competitions, including the 2009 Chrysler Supplier Pentastar Award, Ford's Model T Design Competition and the 2012 Auto Flow theme creative. We are anxious to see what impressive pieces they come up with!

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