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Jun 25th 2012

Winamp Announces New Updates and Album Washer Feature

Winamp unveiled the release of Album Washer, powered by Gracenote®, a new feature in Winamp for Android that allows users to clean-up and organize audio files creating a more seamless user experience for passionate music fans. Album Washer is available as an in-app purchase from the new in-app Store and for a limited time you can get the Album Washer for only $.99.

Winamp also plans to unveil updated offerings for both Mac and PC platforms demonstrating Winamp's continued commitment to innovation as it celebrates its 15th anniversary. To learn more about Album Washer check out the Winamp Blog. To learn more about Winamp's updates for Android, Mac and PC click here.

Jan 27th 2012

Lookout for Winamp at Midem 2012

Winamp will participate in Midem this year, demoing the Winamp suite of products including Winamp, Winamp for Android, Winamp for Mac, and SHOUTcast. Midem is the world's largest music industry trade fair which is held annually at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France. The Winamp booth will be located in the main entrance of the Riviera Level of the Palais des Festivals. Please stop by for questions, product demonstrations or just to meet the team.

Winamp for Android is the largest third party media player in the Android Market with well over 12M installs since launching a little over a year ago.* In October, Winamp for Android 1.2 was released and offers an in-app purchase of premium features. The "Pro Bundle" offers enriched audio, high-end features and customization including a 10-band graphic equalizer, crossfading between tracks, gapless playback and a customizable home screen.

As of Wednesday of this week, user's now have two options for purchasing the Pro features. Either by purchasing the "Pro Bundle" directly from within the free version of Winamp for Android, or by purchasing the "Winamp Pro" app from the Android Market.

Winamp for Mac was release in October of 2011 to high critical acclaim. And it is rapidly being adopted by users who are looking for a solution to sync their Mac desktops to an Android handsets. SHOUTcast is the leading internet radio directory with over 52,000 stations and is used worldwide.

We hope you change the way you listen, watch, manage, and sync your media by trying Winamp!

*Source: Internal Data

Dec 21st 2011

Engadget Distro now available on Android Market and iOS Newsstand!

Since we first launched Engadget Distro on the iPad, we've received endless requests (seriously, we're still counting them) for three things: an Android version, iOS Newsstand integration and a fount from which infinite knowledge pours from. We've promised to work on two of the three, and it's time we delivered. We're pleased to announce that Distro is now available for most Android tablets; a list of minimum supported specifications is after the break, but if you're using Android 3.x or above, you should be golden. And for those of you iPad owners longing to see Distro on Apple's Newsstand, we're there too. So, follow the appropriate link below, and get your download on. And, while we can't guarantee you'll be seeing us on your TouchPad anytime soon, the developments don't stop here.

On a personal note, we're super excited to be expanding Distro, and we can't wait to hear back from the folks who will be diving in now that it's in a few new places. Enjoy!

Distro on the Android Market
Distro APK (for sideloading)
Distro on the iTunes App Store

Source: iTunes, Android Market, Distro APK (for sideloading)

(This post originally ran on Engadget.)

Oct 26th 2011

Winamp for Android Gets an Update

Here's a reason for music lovers to celebrate, Winamp, the #1 free third-party music management app on android*, has now launched an enhanced version, Android 1.2. The latest version of Winamp for Android offers lots of new core features, a premium paid package with enriched audio, features and customization, and for the first time, Mac support, which is launching in beta.

Users can download Winamp for Android 1.2 for free and then upgrade inside the app to the Pro Bundle for $4.99. Since its debut a year ago, Winamp for Android has topped nine million downloads and is now the No. 2 music management application worldwide with more than 45 million monthly users and is the No. 1 free, third-party mobile music management App on Android OS.

To learn more about Android 1.2's exciting new features, visit the Winamp blog.

*source: Android Marketplace

Oct 12th 2011

HuffPost Launches New Mobile Experience

A new version of HuffPost for the mobile Web is up and running! Designed specifically for iPhone and Android devices, the product features a totally touch-driven navigation – even photo galleries are swipe-enabled.

The mobile version features more than 30 sections of The Huffington Post, each broken out by Top News, Most Popular Stories and Featured Posts. Video is also available where supported and users can read and post comments or share articles on Facebook, Twitter and email.

Check it out today! Just go to Huffingtonpost.com on your iPhone or Android device and you'll automatically get redirected to the mobile optimized version.

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