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Jul 26th 2012

AOL Mail Gets a Fresh Look

Our friends on the AOL Mail team today unveiled the new AOL Mail. They've been working all year on this roll out, which provides a cleaner, more modern mail, SMS, and AIM experience, and as of this week, every AOL Mail user is now using the same great new mailbox. The team has posted a great article that will help new and old users find their way around the new look, sharing some tips and tricks to help users get the most from their mailbox.

The new AOL Mail includes a set of "mini-apps" giving users a simple and efficient way to manage AIM, contacts, events, and to-do lists in a single location. AOL Mail also introduced a number of new themes and customization options so users can personalize the look and feel of their inbox.

Learn about these new features and more by reading the AOL Mail Blog. To stay updated with new features and changes, follow the team on Twitter or Like them on Facebook.

Nov 16th 2011

Check Out A Preview of AIM

AOL is rolling out a preview of a brand new version of it's popular product, AIM at preview.aim.com and you can be one of the first people to check it out.

In addition to a completely new look and feel, AIM is now focused on providing a simple, fun way to talk and share with groups of people that matter to you most. Jason Shellen, who joined AOL after his company Thing Labs makers of Brizzly was acquired last year, has been leading the team on the new product so you'll see some fun features from Brizzly here in the new AIM.

Here are some of the features you can expect to see on the desktop, web and mobile versions of the product:

  • An awesome inline media experience (tweets expand, movies play, files upload, oh my!)
  • Group chat (done right)
  • Single click video chat (thanks to AV by AOL)
  • All your social notifications in one place (find out fast if you've been tagged in a photo, received a new email, been retweeted and much more)
  • Conversation syncing on all platforms so your conversations will be shown on all platforms you use the AIM preview on (mobile, desktop or web)
  • News from the Huffington Post Media Group

Check it out today at http://preview.aim.com.

Nov 2nd 2011

Announcing...AV on about.me

Our latest service adds a new contact feature to your about.me page – AV video chat! AV is a simple, fun way to video chat with up to three other people.

We kept the feature lightweight and easy to use. To add video chat to your page, head to the new "Contact" tab in your Edit Profile view. Check the box to "Allow" visitors to send you chat requests via AV.

When checked, anyone who visits your page can request a Video Chat by clicking the button. An email is sent, with a link to access the shared chat, provided by AV by AOL.

No downloads or account creation is necessary – anyone with a video camera enabled can use video chat!

(This post originally ran on the about.me blog.)

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