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Mar 26th 2014

ONE by AOL: A Fully Integrated Enterprise Solution for Brands, Agencies and Publishers

There's no question that the advertising industry has gone through enormous change in recent years, fueled by an array of technological and cultural shifts – from innovations in how media is bought and sold to the rise of the smart phone, tablets, online video and social networking. It's an exciting moment: As people consume and share content in more varied ways than ever, marketers have multiple new opportunities to understand, reach and engage with their audiences.

At the same time, however, chaos in the ad-tech landscape has reached an all-time high, creating incredible complexities for brands, agencies and publishers attempting to sort through the sprawl of available choices.

ONE by AOL is about to change that.

Today, we're excited to unveil our plans to build a new, global programmatic advertising platform for brands, agencies and publishers. ONE, which is in early development, will unite the talent, experience and technological innovation behind Adap.tv, AdLearn Open Platform and MARKETPLACE. It will provide a single, unified, enterprise-level platform for driving powerful brand insight and marketing executions across all screens, formats and inventory types. It will fulfill our vision for advertising's future: an open ecosystem where partners and competitors, publishers and marketers, are all beneficiaries of a more seamless and efficiency-focused technology landscape.

As part of today's announcement made at ad:tech San Francisco, IPG Mediabrands announced its plans to be the charter agency network partner for ONE --reinforcing its commitment to fully automating half of its media investments by 2016. AOL shares the vision with IPG Mediabrands around harnessing the power of data and technology to make smarter, faster decisions that drive client business results.

The holy grail of marketing is helping marketers understand how direct response and brand budgets can interact together. ONE ensures that data powers media selection and allocation, pricing and creative. It is the integrator of media across every screen and the automator of decisions that have long not needed human attention. The goal of a platform like ONE – that is open and that doesn't discriminate – is to enable advertisers, agencies and publishers to unlock much greater value from technology innovation and realize efficiencies simply not possible before.

What do we mean by an open, global ecosystem? It means that marketers who have made a commitment to an external partner for a piece of the ad tech stack can integrate and plug that solution into our platform. This gives advertisers and publishers incredible flexibility with elements like data and attribution, enabling them to see and manage all of their investments on a single platform in real-time.

You may also have noticed a change in our name. As AOL continues its push into the global marketing technology business, the segment formerly known as AOL Networks will now be known as AOL Platforms, reflecting the full power of the reach and deep capabilities behind ONE.

Mar 20th 2012

AOL Launches AdLearn Open Platform

Today we launched the beta version of the AdLearn Open Platform (AOP), an extension of Advertising.com's current AdLearn technology that will allow clients to manage, optimize and analyze online marketing campaigns from one central platform.

At AOL we are committed to product innovation in the ever-changing marketplace, and strive to provide the best services and tools available to advertisers. An in-house team of industry veteran sellers, PhDs, business analysts and experts in the non-reserved space built the AOP platform that provides digital marketing professionals with access to the robust AdLearn optimization technology, real-time bidding (RTB) capabilities, massive reach and premium inventory.

AOP is a natural progression for our business and was built with input from our enterprise clients as well as an in-depth understanding of the needs of agency trading desks. The platform was designed to arm and empower marketing professionals with technology that drives the highest and most efficient ROI possible. It delivers tools that marketers need to effectively manage every dollar spent on their brand including scaled performance, transparency, quality inventory, advanced campaign control, access to data and audience insights in one central platform.

Advertising.com has been running the largest and most sophisticated non-reserved inventory marketplace for more than a decade. With the launch of AOP, we are well-positioned to become a strong player in the programmatic buying space.

We expect the full launch of the platform to occur this summer, and we plan to continue to build features within AOP throughout 2012.

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