Nov 12th 2014

AOL Launches Connected Experience Lab with Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech

Today, AOL announced a strategic four-year partnership with the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell NYC Tech, which will include the creation of The Connected Experiences Laboratory.

The laboratory will create and explore technologies at the forefront of the digital ecosystem – including analytical techniques that fuse a variety of personal data streams into actionable insights, content personalization that works across delivery platforms and connectivity tools that deepen and sustain engagement within families and communities. The Connected Experiences Laboratory will creatively disrupt the way we live in an increasingly connected world with richer forms of content flowing across diverse devices.

Laboratories are set to launch in NYC at the Cornell Tech campus and in Israel at Technion. Graduate students and support staff will enable AOL employees to develop prototypes and experiments around new data sets, further expanding experimental opportunities for some of the best builders of culture and code.

Nov 3rd 2014

Remaining Films in AOL MAKERS Series Premiere - MAKERS: Women in Business and MAKERS: Women in Politics

Following the premiere of the fifth film in the new MAKERS series, MAKERS: Women in Business last week, the final film MAKERS: Women in Politics will premiere on Tuesday, November 4 at 9pm ET/PT on PBS. The film profiles the long, slow fight for female political representation over the last century, from the first woman elected to Congress in 1916 to a young woman running for Detroit City Council in 2013. The film is narrated by Alfre Woodard.
Trailblazing leaders like Hillary Clinton, Senator Barbara Mikulski,Olympia Snowe, the youngest Republican woman ever elected to the House of Representatives, and Shirley Chisholm, the first African-American woman to serve in Congress, provide a backdrop for younger women like Rashida Tlaib, the first Muslim-American woman elected to the Michigan House. Today's leaders in Washington, including Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), the first female Senator from Massachusetts, Susan Collins (R-ME), who led the Senate in shaping a deal to end the government shutdown, and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), currently the youngest woman serving in Congress, are also represented.

A special screening of the film on will take place on Wednesday, November 5 at 8pm ET. The film will then be available for streaming anytime on
Join the conversation on Twitter with @MAKERSwomen, @PBS and #MAKERSfilm.

Nov 3rd 2014

IAB Helps Push the Growth of Automated Guaranteed Buying with Release of "OpenDirect 1.0"

Today the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) released "OpenDirect 1.0" for public comment. OpenDirect 1.0 is a new automated, guaranteed API standard for the programmatic selling and buying of premium inventory that brings greater efficiencies and reliability in the packaging, pricing and delivering of reserved inventory for publishers.

This initiative and the capabilities it provides align with AOL's open programmatic strategy, which includes an advanced programmatic guaranteed offering available through AOL Platforms. Efficient transactions between multiple publishers and buying platforms have the potential to dramatically accelerate the growth of automated guaranteed buying.

The specs were originally developed by AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yieldex and were brought to the IAB and the Digital Advertising Automation Task Force to be part of their existing automation efforts to gain wider industry participation, and drive adoption across the ecosystem.

To review and or comment on "OpenDirect 1.0," please visit The public comment period is open through Dec. 3, 2014.

Oct 31st 2014

AOL Leads Charge Toward Marketing to How People Engage With Technology

With the explosion of new types of devices and the technological complexity that accompanies them, marketing has had to evolve past simply looking to reach devices. Advertisers want to reach and engage with people – the wires and the screens are just details.

AOL continues to lead in that regard, and today, we are excited to officially announce our cross-device linking technology, empowering advertisers to engage with actual people across screens, and not merely target their devices.

The offering allows advertisers to plan programmatically across the widest array of premium inventory. The technology, enabling "people-centric" marketing, rather than "device-centric" marketing, was validated by comScore in September 2014 at a 93% "match rate." The match rate measures the percentage of sample that AOL and comScore identified as the same person between devices using non-personally identifiable information derived from comScore's census network.

Additionally, AOL announced the availability of location-based marketing, which allows advertisers, in a non-invasive, privacy-friendly manner, to identify the location of and target potential customers that have been in their store, or any other specific location, across any device.

Brands like T-Mobile and Citi are working with AOL Platforms to attain a more complete picture of their target audiences, rather than devices, through a combination of device-linking, location-based marketing, optimization and analytics.

Both cross-device linking and location-based marketing will be integrated into ONE by AOL, which is being designed to be the first platform that empowers brands and agencies with an in-depth look at a consumer's journey through the marketing funnel, in real-time.

Read more in the press announcement:

Oct 28th 2014

AOL Releases Transparency Report & Urges Passage of the USA Freedom Act

This past Sunday, October 26, 2014, marked the 13th anniversary of the signing of the USA Patriot Act. This important date reminds us all that significant surveillance reform legislation still remains to be passed by Congress. AOL is committed to the goals of promoting transparency, ending the bulk collection of internet metadata, and improving oversight and accountability of government surveillance programs. The USA Freedom Act takes important steps towards all of these goals. To that end, we urge Congress to enact meaningful reform, and wholeheartedly support the passage of the USA Freedom Act.

In commemoration of this anniversary, and in furtherance of our commitment to our users to provide as much information as possible about the demands for user information AOL receives from governments and law enforcement, AOL is releasing its transparency report for the first half of 2014.

The following tables detail the number of demands for data we have received from government authorities. The first table includes information on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act ("FISA") orders that AOL has received for non-content and content information. The second table provides information on the National Security Letters ("NSLs") that AOL has received. The third table provides information on the legal demands that AOL has received from federal, state, and local authorities in criminal investigations (outside of the national security context). It is important to note that AOL vigorously contests on behalf of our users any demands that we believe are ambiguous or legally defective.

As with our previous transparency reports, the tables below indicate that demands for user data impact less than one hundredth of one percent of AOL accounts. In addition, the number of accounts may not equal the number of individuals impacted, as users may have multiple accounts that are the subject of such demands.

AOL is a strong advocate for meaningful reform on these issues, as reflected in the principles we announced together with other technology companies in December 2013, and we will continue to push the Administration and Congress to enact reforms that will ensure the privacy and security of our users.

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