Jun 3rd 2015

AOL's Demand Side Platform (DSP) Named a Leader by Independent Research Firm

Today, Forrester Research, Inc. released its new report entitled "The Forrester Wave™: Demand-Side Platforms, Q2 2015" in which it named AOL as a "leader." Forrester noted ONE by AOL's cross-channel, real-time decisioning with powerful multi-touch attribution data, as well as its strong video offering (which spans all devices, including linear TV). Forrester cited that AOL's key acquisitions Adap.tv and Convertro, "have positioned its platform as a strong ad buying solution in an addressable media future."

The report called out the particular benefits of the Convertro acquisition to marketers: namely, that its integration "provides marketers with a powerful attribution engine that feeds real-time ad buying decisioning." The report explained that this will become "imperative" as multitouch attribution replaces traditional, last-touch attribution models.

While this report focuses specifically on DSPs, we have a differentiating strategy in market with ONE by AOL™, an open, programmatic platform that powers all advertising from Web to TV. Our full stack approach enables marketers to optimize against campaign goals across all screens, formats and inventory types. It delivers a consolidated, holistic view of online and offline marketing spend and performance, and represents our focus on simplifying the ad technology ecosystem for marketers, agencies and publishers.

We are thrilled to be recognized in this report as a leader. Forrester's Wave reports have served as an industry beacon for years, providing thoughtful, well-researched guidance to potential buyers. At AOL, we certainly recognize that a top DSP is of enormous value to advertisers, but we also believe its table stakes. Brands are now gravitating towards technology providers that can provide a truly comprehensive, open platform versus those that offer point solutions or "walled garden" technology. AOL's top DSP is just one critical part of an end-to-end programmatic offering designed to serve the varied and ever-changing needs of advertisers, agencies and publishers today and into the future.

Download the full report here: http://bit.ly/DSPWaveAOL

Jun 1st 2015


Congratulations to our Chief Marketing Officer Allie Kline! Allie was named to Advertising Age's annual list of Women to Watch. The 2015 Women to Watch List highlights accomplished women who have made significant contributions to marketing and advertising industries, which is why it is no surprise that Allie is shining on this year's list.

Over the past year, Allie's accomplishments have spread across the many parts of our business. After her promotion to Chief Marketing Officer in November, Allie and her team went above and beyond for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the launch of ONE by AOL and most recently our 2015 NewFront. All of these events were monumental and Allie's leadership skills were imperative to the great success we saw.

"As CMO of AOL, Allie demonstrates exceptional talent, leadership, poise and determination and we are proud to see her recognized among the industries top female leaders on The 2015 Women to Watch List," said Bob Lord, President of AOL.

Last year, Advertising Age honored women like Blaire Christie (President, Cisco), Patti Clifford (Chief Talent Officer, Havas Creative Group), Kristin Patrick (Senior VP-Global CMO, Pepsi) and Karen Quintos (CMO, Dell), to name a few, and we're thrilled to see Allie join the ranks of these women. Cheers, Allie!

Let's spread the word and congratulate @alliekline on social using the hashtag #w2w2015.

May 15th 2015


We are in the business of helping people. Period.
Strengthening communities around the world is a core part of AOL - - as a company it is in our DNA - - built into our mission of culture and code. One of AOL's core values is about helping people, and to date, AOL has donated more than 70 billion impressions to over 500 nonprofits that our teams, advertisers and consumers care most about.

AOLers in the UK
Monster Help Day is AOL's company wide volunteer day, in which AOLers worldwide take time outside of the office to help their local communities. This year marks AOL's 6th annual Monster Help Day and we expect it to be our most impactful day yet. The following stats are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we're unleashing:

  • 3,000 AOLers volunteering internationally
  • 50 non-profits positively impacted from our service
  • More than 85 projects around the world
  • AOLers in 27 cities across the globe are getting involved

AOLers in Toronto

AOLers have volunteered over 50,000 hours in their respective local communities during AOL's annual Monster Help Day. As a company, employees are given 3 days a year to volunteer outside the office. Get involved by seeing how you can support your local community and follow our impact with #AOLMHD and #AOLGivesBack on monsterhelp.aol.com.

AOLers in NYC

Apr 22nd 2015


Exciting news! On April 24th, we're disrupting the app store with three innovative apps built for the Apple Watch, including Pip, the newly redesigned The Huffington Post app, and the AOL app. Here's what you can look forward to seeing:

Pip App follows AOL's legacy as the creator of online messaging with an all-new messaging experience envisioned from the ground up for the Apple Watch. Pip is an easy to use, fully realized messaging app for the Apple Watch, allowing users to easily send and respond to short, simple messages with a single tap. In just a few taps, tell a friend you're running late, share your location (or ask for theirs), send them the weather, ask them to call you, and more without even having to pull out your phone.
  • Designed from the ground up to be the only messaging app purpose-built for the Apple Watch
  • Instantly receive messages from friends, and respond with a single tap without even having to use your iPhone
  • Create your own custom, pre-programmed messages in any language, and configure their color
  • Available for download in 150+ countries

The Huffington Post App brings you up-to-the-minute articles in a dynamic experience. Navigate, bookmark and share with ease through the real-time updates from The Huffington Post's Pulitzer-prize winning newsroom and international editions including the UK, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Maghreb, Greece and India.

The AOL App keeps you connected, informed and entertained with today's headlines, trending videos and AOL Mail. With its quality, advanced capabilities and easy-to-use interface, the AOL app for Apple Watch will provide users with an experience featuring:
  • Designed with the Apple Watch handoff feature in mind, users can read an email or article on the Apple Watch and pick it back-up on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  • View news and email based on relevance and time using Apple Watch glances feature
  • Email and breaking news notifications
  • Ability to read the full text of the latest unread messages
  • Quick response to emails with pre-written messages
  • Quick actions that allows easy inbox management

A Word from our CTO

"As a media technology company, we are committed to providing the best possible messaging, news, and mail platforms on the Apple Watch," said Bill Pence, AOL Global Chief Technology Officer. "With the Pip app, The Huffington Post app and the AOL app, we believe we're delivering products that will exceed our users expectations and enhance their Apple Watch experience."

Apr 1st 2015

AOL Launches Game-Changing New Ad Technology: Genetic Targeting

Today, we are extremely proud to share the launch of the world's first genetic targeting product for advertising, available immediately and globally.

Marketers can now not only target ads to people based on what they may like or where they live, but also what they are. Forget about old demographic metrics or even "people-based" marketing. AOL's new technology allows you to analyze the most important signal of all – their genes.

AOL determines people's preferences based on their DNA, onboarding massive amounts of information from fingerprints, mobile cameras, wearable devices and medical records and, through machine learning algorithms, determining cell and chromosome structure based on that data. The genetic targeting technology updates in real-time with every breath a user takes and can be used to target ads on all screens, past, present and future.

Marketers can leverage these genetic profiles to dramatically increased ROI of their direct-response and brand advertising campaigns. Rigorous testing of AOL's genetic ad targeting technology found that it increased ad performance by more than 25 percent over regular demographic or geo-location targeted ads.

AOL is committed to its partners and has hundreds of thousands of staffers swabbing empty soda cans for genetic information to make ads work for everyone – marketers, publishers, and, of course, users.

So, don't leave your brand behind. Take it to the next level: genetics.

* Happy April Fools'! We hope you enjoyed the video and that you've figured out by now that this is not a real product or concept by AOL. However, the Relegence team today has made their semantic services publicly available. Check out the new site at relegence.aol.com!

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