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Apr 5th 2012

Welcome to MapQuest National Parks

Here at MapQuest, our team is a collection of adventure seekers, backcountry hikers, photography enthusiasts and family road trippers. America's national parks hold a dear place in our hearts as an amazing collection of destinations preserving some of our nation's most treasured natural, cultural and historical resources. We want to share that passion with you in MapQuest National Parks.

MapQuest National Parks is a new content feature series spotlighting America's national parks. Each of the 58 parks has its own page complete with guide content and a panoramic cover photo from renowned outdoor and adventure photographer QT Luong. With park rangers as your guide, you can also explore six of the most visited parks by video. We hope this project will bring inspiration as you make your travel plans for summer and beyond. National Parks Week, coming up April 21-29, is a great opportunity to get out and experience the national parks around the country free of charge. We wish you happy and safe travels!

Mar 22nd 2012

MapQuest Shares Data Eye Candy

With literally millions of data points pulsing through MapQuest's products each day, we find it easier to visualize and ultimately make use of the information as an infographic, rather than a standard spreadsheet. According to comScore data for February, more than 35 million people each month searched for maps, directions and places such as restaurants, airports, hotels and top brands -- data is something we have a lot of and it tells us a lot about what's interesting to our users.

We even used this MapQuest data about where people like to go to create MapQuest Vibe, our local discovery product. If you haven't had a chance to download one of the top free travel apps in the iPhone store, go to the MapQuest Vibe site or search for mqvibe in the iPhone store to help you find cool neighborhoods and the best restaurants, bars, and shopping wherever you are.

View / download full-size by clicking here.

Feb 2nd 2012

Live Traffic Cameras Now On MapQuest

They say "a picture is worth a thousand words", and we agree. So just in time to help you deal with mid-winter driving, we are happy to announce the arrival of traffic and road condition cameras on MapQuest.com.

To see the cameras, just click on "Live Traffic" in the upper right portion of your map. You'll see toggles for traffic cameras and traffic conditions (our extensive traffic speed and incident info), which you can show together or separately. Hovering on camera icon will show the location, and clicking on it will bring up the images (hint: zoom in closer if there are a lot of cameras in the area).

Our coverage consists of over 11,000 cameras covering 100+ markets in the US and Canada, and we'll be adding more soon. Update frequencies will vary, but most are updated every couple of minutes or so.

Now you can quickly visualize traffic and weather conditions before your morning commute or heading out on that weekend getaway. It's all part of our mission to help you get there safely and efficiently.

Check out MapQuest traffic cameras now.

Jan 25th 2012

MapQuest Introduces New HTML5 Mobile Browsing Experience

Today, our friends at MapQuest announced a new mobile web experience which has been redesigned from the ground up to take full advantage of the dynamic nature of HTML5. Finding where you are, discovering where to go, and getting directions has never been easier.

We encourage you to learn more about the experience by visiting the MapQuest blog, and, if you're reading this on your mobile browser, which we know many of you are, try it out now by visiting mapquest.com on your Android or iPhone web browser.

And of course, there's nothing wrong if you like apps! The MapQuest apps are pretty great too, and available for free download here for Android and here for iPhone.

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