Feb 12th 2016

Huff Post UK Gets the Royal Treatment

Photo by: KGC-375/STAR MAX/IPx201512/15/15Catherine The Duchess of Cambridge visits the Anna Freud Centre in Islington and attends their annual Christmas party.  The Duchess joined groups of families in festive activities designed to help pupils reflect on the positive progress in their social relationships and communication skills.(London, England, UK)
Things are about to get very royal over at The Huffington Post. Next week, The Huffington Post UK will welcome a very special guest editor: Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge.

On Wednesday, February 17, The Duchess will help HuffPost UK launch Young Minds Matter, an initiative focused on the problems, causes and solutions to the UK's mental health problem among children. According to estimates, approximately 80,000 children in the UK suffer from severe depression, 8,000 of which are below the age of 10.

As part of her continuing work to help highlight the importance of children's mental health, Her Royal Highness has commissioned blog posts, articles and videos from leaders in the mental health sector to be published on The Huffington Post UK. This series aims to inspire families and teachers to begin crucial conversations with children about mental health. In addition to working with the creators of this content, The Duchess has also partnered with charities and organizations that support this important initiative.

For more on this royal guest editorship, click here for a blog from the Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post UK, Stephen Hull. And please join in on the conversation on The Huffington Post UK's blogging platform with the hashtag #youngmindsmatter.

Feb 11th 2016

AOL Celebrates One Year with Ad Council's Love Has No Labels Campaign

AOL and the Ad Council celebrate Valentine's Day with the one-year anniversary of the viral diversity and inclusion campaign, Love Has No Labels. The digital-first campaign was designed to further the understanding and acceptance of all communities regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality, age and ability. As the exclusive digital launch partner and adamant supporter of the campaign's first year, AOL generated nearly 6 billion digital impressions worth an estimated media value of $8.68M championing the campaign's message!
The Love Has No Labels campaign reflects AOL's commitment to embracing diversity and shows our continued interest in moving the needle for these important causes that are very much a part of AOL's DNA and philanthropic focus. Read the Ad Council's press release here and watch one of the original videos below. This Valentine's Day, spread your belief that love has no labels.

Feb 11th 2016

Honoring MLK, AOL Unveils Mural at Local School

AOL employees from the Beverly Hills office volunteered their time to visit King Elementary School in Compton, California. As part of AOL's commitment to helping local communities and inspiring future leaders to reach their full potential, we partnered with Turnaround Arts to donate a massive mural to King Elementary.
Hundreds of AOL employees helped paint the mural one month ago and world renowned artist Mark Paul Deren (Mad Steez) finalized the artwork and installed it at the school. Turnaround Arts uses arts education to turn around struggling U.S. schools. Since 94% of the students involved with Turnaround Arts are from low-income families, the goal of the mural is to boost school pride and infuse positive culture through creativity. The mural dedication ceremony was attended by 120 5th and 6th grade students and spoke about how the vibrant colors and massive image of MLK will inspire them to dream big! They're so proud to have this creative mural prominently displayed on the wall outside the cafeteria.

AOL's very own Justin Orkin, AOL Advertising Head of Finance, Travel and Wellness, gave a very inspirational and authentic speech at the ceremony about the importance of dreaming big and ensuring that all these students can be winners. Justin explained that "giving back is essential to our way of life." After the ribbon-cutting, the artist led a Q&A session for the students and then AOLers volunteered to help the kids paint their own mini-murals.

"It's easy to donate money and resources, but one of my favorite things about #AOLGivesBack is interacting with the kids our projects directly impact. To see their faces light up at the gorgeous mural at their school and sit down for an art project together was an incredible experience and, let's face it -- it's fun to just 'be a kid again' too." - Jenny Depper, AOL.com Entertainment.

Feb 10th 2016

The "I" In Black History - The First Black President

Do you remember where you were when the first black president was elected? That moment had a profound impact on these AOLers. Watch the first installment of our new video series, "The 'I' in Black History."

Feb 8th 2016

AOL Releases Transparency Report for the Second Half of 2015

As has been our practice, AOL is continuing to publish the number of demands for data we have received from government authorities.[1] The first table below includes information on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act ("FISA") orders that AOL has received for non-content and content information.[2] The second table provides information on the National Security Letters ("NSLs") that AOL has received. The third table provides information on the legal demands that AOL has received from federal, state, and local authorities in criminal investigations (outside of the national security context)[3]. It is important to note that AOL vigorously contests on behalf of our users any demands that we believe are ambiguous or legally defective.

As with our previous transparency reports, the tables below indicate that demands for user data impact less than one hundredth of one percent of AOL accounts. In addition, the number of accounts may not equal the number of individuals impacted, as users may have multiple accounts that are the subject of such demands.

[1] This report relates to AOL only. Verizon, which acquired AOL earlier this summer, has issued a separate transparency report.
[2] The U.S. government imposes a six-month delay for reporting Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act ("FISA") orders. Accordingly, this report reflects FISA orders only through June 2015.
[3] AOL has not received any demands from foreign authorities.

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